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Current Events: The Knockout Game

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In this video, I discuss a controversial current event: The Knockout Game. In this ‘game’, teenagers viciously prey on innocent people by knocking them out cold. They do this for sport, without provocation and for no other reason than to injure and humiliate. Many people disagree with me, but I think that before we look at the root causes of this kind of outrageous violence, children need to be taught that it’s the wrong thing to do. We’ve played it too soft for too long. What do you think is the appropriate punishment by society for this kind of behavior? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. The Knockout Game

    by J.M.
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  1. The Knockout Game

    by J.M. I would like to refer to Judge Judy's Episode 35. The 'knockout' offender's parents should be fined, with an amount that would seriously get their attention. If more teachings were done in the home, as they were in my era, these assaults, as well as many others would be greatly reduced. In today's world, for whatever the reason(s) such teachings are not part of home life. Perhaps it's due to fast paced living or the unthinkable, parents are not focused on raising their children, which is my guess. A sad thought, today's kids are our future. Certainly a 'knockout' wouldn't be tolerated as a solution in the workplace. Why then, should it be tolerated in adolescent years? It shouldn't be and until these parents are seriously held accountable, such offenses, as well as others, will continue. A final thought: if a kid uses violent behavior what will he use as an adult in society? If you do not like your answer, then begin to advocate for change!
  2. In Two Words...but Probably More

    by Judith Serious consequences: it is assault to do these actions. Charge them with assault and punish them accordingly.
  3. Knockout--Criminal Assault

    by Angela The "knockout game" is not a game...it's a serious crime. People have died. This crime should be treated as nothing less than an aggravated assault with intent of serious harm. At some point in life, even the most oblivious person knows the difference between right and wrong, in general. It is a part of human nature. These young thugs who participate in this behavior already know that what they're doing is wrong. They are participating in thug culture for the sheer thrill of it...the glory of fearless brutality. For them, it is a badge of honor. I believe that criminals convicted of this particularly brutal assault should do prison time with hard labor. If the government would ever allow it, these criminals should be flogged, rather than imprisoned...I guarantee you this "game" would stop instantly.
  4. The King Hit

    by Jackie I am writing from Sydney, Australia, where we are obviously having the same problem as the United States. We have young people (18+) intoxicated and wanting to fight. There have been at least 4 young people "king hit" (as it is called here) where they are punched in the head and when they hit the ground, their heads hit the pavement and they are either killed instantly or put on life support. Our Government here seems helpless to do anything about this as the generation involved seems to think that this kind of behavior is acceptable and they are not about to change their culture. Our government and media are now renaming this act to "coward punch" which it is exactly what it is. One man was found guilty recently and only sentenced to 4 years imprisonment In our court system here, many assailants are given a slap on the wrist rather than a jail term which could possibly deter them from committing such acts if they knew there were more severe consequences to be paid for their actions.
  5. Virtual reality

    by David It is impossible to say what punishment would stop somebody who has the mentality to act this way. What might deter one might not deter another. I do feel however that it may be time to reconsider our attitude to violence on our screens. For decades we have watched our James Bonds knocked senseless and come to with enough strength to overcome the bad guys. The reality of the 'pocketful of mumbles' from head injury even in protected sports like boxing is never portrayed. The same must also be true about gun crime. The hero gets a shot in the chest and ends up hugging the girl with only his arm in a sling. we even allow sales of extremely violent computer games where, if you lose, you get another life. Tell that to some limbless vets and see how they react. Sadly, our ancestors fought and died for our freedom, including the freedom to be evil and stupid. Maybe some of those freedoms, including the right to own an assault rifle are a freedom too far?
  6. The Knockout Game

    by Cyndy Anyone involved in this type of activity should be arrested and tried as an adult with appropriate charges such as assault. No more excuses! Society needs to put its foot down!
  7. Knock out game aka teens who hurt others

    by JJ A call from a nursing supervisor informed me that Pediatrics would transfer a 16 year old male to our surgical unit . He was disrupting their floor so he'd be "dumped" on ours . The patient was arrested with a sawed-off shot gun taped to his leg. His injuries consisted of a gun shot wound(enter/exit site) from a rival gang and a few bruises resisting arrest.He was put in a room( mistake the supervisor made) with an older man awaiting gallbladder surgery. 12 of his fellow gang members came to "visit" him.A nursing assistant said that the pre-op patient was being harassed and started to have chest pain. The punks went thru the man's drawers and closet with his wife present! I moved this man to another room and found if you spoke to the gang as a group ,they were very bold. Individually, they backed down.These kids need positive celebrity types to emulate,mand. education .swift & stern consequences for criminal actions. BTW ,they threatened "to get me"that night,Security no help at all
  8. Enough of it already!

    by shelley Children actually know the difference between right and wrong from a very young age. It is called FEAR. We were born with the instinct. As a child, you understand and fear pain and punishment. The very act of plannng or carrying out such violent acts is not automatic. A child imagines what it takes to hurt themselves, therefore is fully aware when applying that information to someone else. The cheapest and most effective punishment for those children found guilty, would be for the courts to ground them for certain periods of time. Since parents have a hard time getting children to do as they are told, the use of tracking tags is necessary. They should also be forced to attend special bullying annonymous education classes, which should last sufficient time to act as a deterent. Take away their freedoms and their luxuries, it may work. But also educating them on spending time on more positive things is also a good thing.
  9. knockout game

    by Chris When young people feel empowered to act violently, it is simply a lack of morality that starts at home. My parents taught me compassion and respect at young age by example. These idiots find humor in someone else suffering because they have not been on the other side of it. I place 97% of the blame on their rotton disconnected parents who allow xbox and playstation to raise their children. I think maybe if they were knocked out and left in a gutter they might see things a little differently.
  10. Let's Get Real!

    by Jen Obviously, mom and dad didn't do their job. If they had, the kid would not have gotten into this "wrong crowd". If they did, they'd soon run to the cops and beg to be jailed for protection from their parents. Period! But, for these violent offenders, they should be put in solitary confinement and then a strict work program. They can dig elephant graves with a spoon whilst chained to their new found buddies. I've known juvie hall residents. Like any jail bird, they will tell you that lock up is merely a time to recharge and learn new skills. People who act violent often do so because they have no respect, no sense of responsibility, and need a serious reality check. Add to that enabling parents, (who also need a swift kick in the pants), and you have a dangerous problem! Hard physical labor and force them to be responsible for every aspect of their lives is how to deal with it. We live in a free country, but that doesn't mean they're free to be irresponsible!
  11. Give it right back to 'em

    by Lisa Not my experience,just my opinion. These jerks need a taste of their own medicine! Knock them out and see them suffer first from just the anticipation of the impending event.
  12. The Knockout Game

    by Susan My first thought is to make an example of the person who has done this act. If a minor has done this then talk to that child and let them know that with every act we do in life there is a consequence. And then discipline as that person feels best. It has been my experience that kids/ teenagers tend to do things just because they can or to see if they can just get away with it....but they aren't taught that there are consequences and if you commit a crime the consequence is you go to jail if found guilty. So my suggestion here is to train up a child with respect and morals and lead by example, in today's society that may be asking too much. Talk to your children and do it on their level. Teach them right from wrong and if someone hit you how would you feel? Give them examples of real life situations and engage them on solutions to everyday situations.
  13. My story and I'm sticking to it

    by David Personally I think they know it is the wrong thing, anyone with a brain should know it is the wrong thing. If they don't, they should be locked up anyways. I think assaults of that nature, needs a minimum of 10-20 years. Hitting people is wrong, but hitting people without due cause, it's only a matter of time before they kill someone.
  14. Time in Juvie

    by Jennifer I spent three trips to Juvenile Hall in my home state, Florida. For family reasons-nothing criminal. As a neglected, assaulted child I'd built up some serious defiance issues. The last trip, after spending time in solitary (which I don't recommend for children) I came to understand that my actions had consequences. This, after I was told that any more trouble and I would be in the State Home for Girls until I was eighteen. I was thirteen at the time. I started listening, doing what I was asked to do and cooperating. BIG change. I was returned home. My mother took off at sixteen, I got my GED, transferred to a junior college, got into a University and graduated. "Knock Out" is sheer viciousness. There must be consequences to actions or one never learns. BTW-I do volunteer work with female inmates at our County Jail. No preaching, I work with an organisation called Resolana. All sorts of good things, one of the classes is Art (really Art Therapy). To remain Human.
  15. Knockout Punismnet

    by Michelle Young children and teenagers need to understand that because they are not 18 does not mean they do not know right from wrong. If a minor plays the knockout game, under law, it is violence which is punishable. The root of the problem is they were never taught right from wrong so it is left in the hands of the authorities to do so. We are all held to standards some more than others but nonetheless right from wrong. I believe it is a crime and if a minor is doing this he/she should be sent to juvenile detention with a bit of community service and a fine that they pay depending on circumstances. If the person doing the crimes does not know right from wrong than he/she needs to be taught, and a slap on the wrist is not going to do it. These are just my thoughts.
  16. Lessons of Compassion

    by Valerie When I was 24, my husband was killed by a drunk driver. The driver was only 18 and showed no compassion in what she had done. I tried to put myself in her shoes to try to understand what was wrong with her and what would reach her. My attorney was friends with the judge hearing her case and asked if he would consider my idea. My husband had been burned to death from the accident. I thought maybe if she spent some time caring for burn victims in a hospital as a volunteer it might crack her hard shell. I didn't want to see her go to prison as that would only harden her more. I thought she needed to see the other kind of pain that thoughtless, hardened people did to innocent victims. I hope that helps. Valerie, Livonia, MI
  17. Parental failure

    by L. Lane The bad behavior of these children are the responsibility of their parents. We have a generation of spoiled lazy parents raising a generation of spoiled lazy children. The kids are bored and irresponsible and have never been held accountable for their bad behaviors. Their parents either looked the other way or just denied the situation as long as they didn't have to do anything. Our society has both parents out working doing their own thing and no one is watching the kids. More likely than not, these kids are doing poorly in school, have behavior and academic problems in school as well as in other social situations and it is the parents fault. When parents have to do time along with their kids besides pay hefty fines and damages, then you will see a change. Children are blank slates when they are born. It's the ones that teach them that are causing the problems. So look at yourselves parents, here is your handiwork.

    by Sheila You shall love your neighbor as yourself....these perpetrators do neither. They have no moral compass and think no one can really hurt them ie. parents can't spank badly behaved kids now adays because the parents will be charged with child abuse. Maybe the times have changed so badly youngsters need to learn that there are serious consequences for bad and dangerous behavior. I remember thinking I was being funny - when my girlfriend was taking a drink of water at a fountain in a playground near our homes, I pushed her face into the water and as a result, chipped her front tooth. OMG - did my parents give me a call down and thank goodness her parents were understanding and not litigeous. (I don't know what happened - did my parents pay to fix her tooth....I can't remember .....age 70....) but I sure learned about conseq!!!!!!!
  19. Lock 'em up for a year!

    by Bobbi Lock 'em up for a year! If you REALLY want to drive the point home, create a video showing their mothers or fathers or grandparents being knocked out by some kid. Maybe show them lasting brain damage that can result, especially on their parents. Maybe show a kid getting shot by an armed victim. Show them the downside of this stupid "game" in grueling candor. Creating such videos is obviously costly, but I think it would go a long way toward driving home the lesson that this is not a winning game.
  20. Reinstate the draft!

    by David I agree 100% with Judge Judy. ( I always do. ) Kids today have no respect for authority, teachers, police, etc. If I had my way, I would re instate the draft to teach kids what they are not learning at home. I grew up in a strict Catholic first generation Italian house and believe me, my mother and father kept us in line. And all four of us turned out just fine. That does not happen anymore. Kids today get time outs, and say you can't touch me, etc. Bull crap. None of us ever got into any trouble at school because we knew, we'd get in trouble double at home. Judy, I am a huge fan, I have your autographed pictured in my office, and another picture of you on my desk with your finger pointing. It sends a message right off the bat to my tenants signing leases with me, that I, just like Judge Judy, am no nonsense and won't put up with crap.
  21. Juvenile punishment

    by Joan My son had to go to juvenile when he was younger for an unrelated matter. His time there was spent moving rocks from one place to another. School was not offered (or was not credited if they went). All in all, it was not a real punishment. I think the persons convicted of these attacks, juvenile or not, should be made to do community service at either a retirement home or Boys and Girls Club in the area - I mean meaningful service, not just showing up and counting the hours. I also do believe that the home life should be looked into as I could not imagine my son or daughter ever doing something as egregious as this.
  22. Dealing with thugs and bullies

    by david When I was a teenager it was the custom of some young thugs in gangs to pick out some unfortunate guy at a dance who had a pretty girlfriend and tease him in front of her in order to provoke him into a fight....of course if he 'took the bait' he would be set upon by 4 or 5 guys and given a very unfair beating....this seems very similar to the discussion in question....my own belief is that unprovoked physical violence should be met head-on with double the force..this is the only way to teach such people a lesson..'give them some of their own medicine'...as Eisenhower said about D-Day it would be like a 'sledgehammer' crushing a fly....
  23. Kids are just trying to shock us.

    by Pat I think that today's kids are no different than that of any generation. They're doing things that are entirely inappropriate and the difference is that they, many times, don't feel the consequences of their actions. Being banned to home without TV, phones, internet or any means to connect to friends!! Has worked for centuries!!! They really are no different! Basically, just kids trying to shock us! (And succeeding sometimes!!!). Thanks, Judy! You're try an inspiration to other 70 plus women. I was just divorced after a 45 year marriage, and doing well! 70 isn't a sentence to a rocking chair and knitting needles!
  24. We give too much celebrity to violators.

    by R. R. I think we are way too soft and we give too much "celebrity" to people who violate the law. I feel that for anyone who knowingly hurts another person they should feel the full weight of the law for that crime. No breaks. I see that sometimes a person will make a bad choice out of hunger or desperation, I don't condone it, but I understand. But when you make a deliberate choice to cause harm thinking that you are a teenager or the the penalties are light it gives the impression that it is ok. We need to stop giving that impression and start making these kids face the consequences for their behavior.

    by Mike I am a 4th degree black belt instructor with deep roots in the spiritual aspects of martial arts and abhor violence. If it happened to one of my family members I would be torn with feelings of retaliation by causing injury, anger, the positive tenants that come from spiritual thoughts, and ultimately don't know what I would do personally. As for justice, I think prosecution to the full extent of the law, including laws that punish violence against senior citizens and every other law possible. There is no excuse for such action and for a society to do anything less punishment-wise is inexcusable. Examples need to be set. This kind of action is unfortunately indicative of this entitlement society and the politically correct views that have been destroying this country like a plague.
  26. Punish first; look at behavior second!

    by Patricia Dear Judge Judy, As usual, I fully agree with you. To me, this so called "knock out game" is a euphemism for assault and battery at the very least. If you or I engaged in such a behavior, we would be charged as such. Yeah, looking behind the behavior is a good idea too, and I suspect we have a really good idea what it will be. However, people who do this behavior, no matter what age, should be charged and tried and punished in accordance to the laws we already have. THEN we can do some background research. First time writer Judge Judy, but long time watcher and fan. You have taught me many things, and my now adult daughter has learned from your show. Keep up the great work!
  27. What Should Society Do?

    by Toni While I have had no personal experience with this nonsense, I do have an opinion on what should be done. First, where are the parents? There should be repercussions to the parents of these "children" also. Society as a whole has also gotten soft on the parents of children who misbehave. These teenagers should be dealt with like society deals with all criminals, through the justice system. Counseling and detainment in the juvenile justice system or maybe even be treated as adults that have assaulted someone should be the correct course of action. This "game" is flat out assault and should be dealt with as a criminal matter.
  28. Veteran high school teacher speaks out!

    by Monica I am a 37-year veteran high school teacher. Over the years, I've observed the deterioration of 'empathy' and a surge of 'comedy' in teens' behaviors. Students can disrupt class, insult a teacher, berate other students, disparage the country, and disrespect themselves via drugs/alcohol with minimal consequences basking in the protection of their minor status . Not all, but a vast majority lack personal responsibility for another human being who is being assaulted, but instead enjoy the safety and entertainment of a jeering crowd. These teens literally laugh at another's pain. Incarceration would only serve to harden an already crumbling conscience. Instead, the bully should be required to do custodial work 20 hours each week for a year at one of our public service organizations which assist the homeless, the battered, the elderly, or the desperately ill. Timely association with these downtrodden will inspire compassion for others and themselves.
  29. Human Unkindness

    by Paul What would compell a young man, and worse yet, a grown man to hurt an innocent person for fun? If a person calls hurting someone a "game" there is really something wrong with that person. I read a news report of a 27 year old man playing that violent "game" on an old man. The punishments should be slightly different for a young man under 17 and "grown men" 17 and older. For men under 17 they should get a boot camp type of punishment. For men 17 and older they should get jail/prison time. The older the "man" the longer time spent in jail/prison. For example the 27 year old should get 10 years flat in prison. This world is really getting worse day by day and we all need to prepare for worse yet to come.
  30. Humiliation for offenders!

    by velda Let's start with the knockers-outers. Once they are identified - and are going through a court of law - - let's allow them to give their defense. but they should do it completely without clothes. I would like to see how tough they are facing the judge and jury totally naked. They have committed these crimes by sneaking up on unsuspecting people - then they run away. When they are caught, we should be able to see them as they are. Total humiliation might be a good lesson for these cowards.
  31. Throw the book at them!

    by Eva As someone who was physically bullied as a teenager, I honestly feel that anyone callous enough to play such a game, regardless of age or circumstance, should be tried for aggravated assault or whatever the local equivalent would be. And then when they get out of prison, make them do community service in the emergency room for at least a month. If that doesn't sober them up and convince them the behaviour is extremely wrong, I don't think anything will. May seem harsh, but I have no love for such people.
  32. First of all I'd....

    by Laurie First of all I would give each a week in prison so they get a taste of what is in store for them. Then let them out and give them 200 hours of community service at a shelter or food bank. It may give them some appreciation for those less fortunate. I believe these kids have just been raise with no respect and really will only learn a lesson if they are shown what a taste of what it feel like to be the victim(prison) and less fortunate(the shelter).That's just my two cents
  33. Get a job!

    by Todd I have been a Judge Judy fan for years and watch her show almost every day. I wish the advice she gives to the individuals on her show and the ones that watch her show would really stop and think about what she is saying because it is good sound advice. She might be a tough cookie behind the bench but she has a heart of gold and just wants the best for everyone. The Knockout game, I do believe that the ones doing such a un-speaksable act should have to pay medical costs and restituion along with probation or even jail time. Afflicting bodily harm on someone that could cause life time injuries or even disable someone or worse death jusf for wanting a few giggles should be taught a lesson that it's not as funny as they think it is. As Judge Judy would say, find a hobby or get a job that way you wouldn't have so much idle time on your hands to do such stupid stuff.
  34. multi-disciplinary approach to Knockout Game

    by Grandma K 1. Punish to the fullest extent allowable by law 2. Community service that puts the perpetrator in a position to experience the results of such actions such as volunteering (with supervision) to do care-giving activities in a rehab facility for people with head injuries. For example, feeding, helping health care aides with dressing, bathing, etc. 3. Make them watch a video of an interview with a victim and the family of a victim describing how the violent act changed their lives--physically, emotionally, financially, etc. 4. Psychological and Family counseling subsequent to the punishments. 5. Mentorships--set them up with a committed responsible adult partner that is not part of the perpetrator's immediate family.
  35. Lesson of the Day!

    by Ted Dear Judge Judy, I admire you willingness to discuss this and many other hot button issues and have several things to say about it. The first thing is that parents and parenting are the ultimate. They need to teach their kids from young age that compassion, respect, and non-violence are all conducive and 100% necessary in order to become functioning members of society. Additionally, I, like you, believe that assault no matter by whom it is committed should be taken seriously and action should be taken. Why not send these kids to prison? The fear that they learn would correct any misbehavior and certainly would show them that senseless acts of violence are not condoned by our society. Ultimately, the role of our society is to show young kids an example of how to become high-functioning and productive members of our society.
  36. The Knockout Game - Bullying Upmanship

    by Peggy Stories of the "Knockout Game" are becoming all too familiar in our national lore. The idea that one person or persons need to "overcome" or bully an other is not a new thing. The problem with this "game" is just that. It is not a game. It is pressuring another human being into compliance of one's own will. We have experienced, through our lives' experiences as well as the history of our civilization, that this horrible aspect of humankind continues to haunt all of our institutions. Unfortunately the horror seems to dissipate with the action, unless you are on the receiving end. How do we teach our children to not be monsters? How do we punish such behavior? That is a good question. If we could finally teach, and learn, this lesson then the behavior would stop. At last. The only thing that we can do for our children to not tolerate violence is to teach them what violence is. If they begin to understand what they do, then they can stop. "If you do it, you will be punished" is a start.
  37. Really feel the consequences

    by D. Lane I don't believe that incarceration alone solves any problem other than keeping a violent kid off the street. There have to be consequences that they really feel, something they have to do or pay. First of all, we should assume that there are 6 people involved in each act (I bet there are other watching and even recording it with cellphones) and the one that is caught or actually did the act will suffer 6 times the penalty unless he names the other parties who encouraged or condoned the knockout. Then put them to work, dock their pay (and compensate the victim!) or sentence them to years of volunteer work to see if they can learn empathy. If they don't complete their punishment, then put them in jail with no chance of early release. Then a serious look should be given to the environment in which they have been raised, and follow ups made. I know that there are parent(s) out there who are probably incapable of handling an out of control teen, but let's monitor and help if we can.
  38. by Lisa Dear Judge Judy, Firstly, I live in Australia and watch your show everyday! If I am not your biggest fan, who could possibly be? We had a young man who was killed by being hit with what they call a "king hit", however it appears to have been renamed the "coward hit". I think this behaviour is absolutely abhorrent agree, punishment first, work on the perpetrators issues after whilst in prison.
  39. Teacher's Take on Knockout Game

    by Margaret I'm a 5th grade teacher in my 34th year of teaching. I love my noble profession & I love the kids. However I see many kids getting more & more out of control, & parents abandoning their parental duties. So who is the child to learn from? The teachers? That would be wonderful, but we have a myriad of problems, standards, responsibilities, paperwork, & have them for 7 hours per day-190 days per year. These kids need to be taught right from wrong by society as a whole. However this drastic turn-around will take time, in the meantime kids are being bullied & injured by activities like this "knockout game." This needs to be stopped immediately, so the bullies should be arrested & tried for assault. Make an example of them, show parents & society this is intolerable, & get these kids off the streets. It will hopefully make future bullies think twice before throwing that punch. Start with punishment, slow the problem down, then educate kids & parents.

    by Sue There aren't too many people around who can honestly say they had a great childhood, but when teenagers turn round and say " ... I did it because I suffered this or that in my childhood .." as some kind of let out on their behalf, for me it doesn't wash - it's no excuse at all. Most people know the difference between what's right and what's wrong, including those who didn't enjoy the best of childhoods. I think a term of no less than one year at a boot camp designed for this type of behaviour would serve not only as a punishment, but hopefully as a learning tool about how to treat one another and that such actions have consequences. Their training whilst incarcerated could include meeting victims of this type of crime and perhaps go some way to make amends.
  41. Society must step in when parents don't!

    by Susan They should be punished by placing them in jail, no TV, no extras, just time to reflect on what they did. Then community service for several hundred hours to work with people who are disabled, or a soup kitchen, yard work for elderly.....something. They think they are entitled and continue to get away with assaults and even murder in some cases. We need to put a stop to this since their parents were unable to do so the village must step up.
  42. I feel sorry for children today...

    by Frank May be alone here but I feel sorry for children today - living in a world that is so insecure for them and violent that when they go to school, they literally don't know whether they will be shot to death. So, I think MORE parents should have a quiet and serious discussion with their children about the following statement since it could only help them stay "grounded" . "Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. Try to make sense of what you see and wonder about what makes the universe exist. Be curious. And however difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at. It matters that you don't just give up." The brilliant Professor/Astrophysicist/Cosmologist, Stephen Hawking's words to the public last year on his 70th birthday. (Then go out and buy a TELESCOPE together. Couldn't hurt!)
  43. Knockout game

    by Teresa Wow I really agree with JMF, let the perpetrator see what happens to the victim of these injuries. I would even go as far as making the perpetrator and their family pay for all medical bills associated with this act. Make the perpetrator help out in a home for brain damaged people as a volunteer, supervised of course. I think Judge Judy is right, we have been way too soft on young people. Where I live young people drive around in Mercedes and BMWs. I can't even afford those because I am a single mother going to school full time at 40!! These young people wreck these cars, drive fast, cause trouble, and are never punished, it's like the parents reputation is held up by their kid having a fancy car. These used to be cars people thought of getting at retirement, not when they turn 16! We need to make young people accountable for their actions, until then things like this will keep happening.
  44. Treat others how you wish to be treated!

    by Sunshine "Treat others how you wish to be treated"! There's the Answer, maybe not the right one, or maybe they want to be treated as they treat others! I think someone should do it to them once so they feel the humiliation these poor people felt. I don't think the parents should be responsible for their actions. We don't know what our kids are doing if they walk home from school, go to the store or the mall. We cannot monitor them 24/7 unless they know their youth is a problem child. I do think the youths should be held responsible, this country is to lenient on them. I say put them in jail and make them work like in the movies breaking rocks for no reason, digging holes just because. This country needs to be stricter on our youth before they grow up. They should let parents whip their childrens behinds, not beat, but spank, my parents did and we are fine. I think because the youth know we can't touch them they take advantage..
  45. Strongest possible punishment!

    by Jane My comments are not coming from experience but from an ex-police officer's spouse. The teenagers involved in this kind of behavior are no better or worse than any other person committing an assault of this kind of violence on another human being. Whether it's for sport or revenge or for sheer meanness, it still is an assault and should be addressed as such. First time offenders so often get by with a rap on the back of the hand for their bad choices and that gives them the fuel to try again and see if they can go farhter with their bad behavior. The strongest possible punishment for the first time could possibily change the direction of this violence.
  46. Public Humiliation!

    by M. Stephan The root cause of this insanity is a very large problem that should be dealt with. But, in the meantime, what to do to stop the attacks. The punishment must be so severe that it deters others from trying it. I don't really believe that jail is the answer. I think that type of person doesn't mind that at all. They do it to make them selves look "cool" to their friends. So the punishment must be something that makes them appear "uncool". Emptying bed pans at a retirement home was my first thought, but I'd had to subject the patients to the abuse I'm sure they'd get. Some form of public humiliation might work. Say.. making them dress in a three-piece suit all the time, with lengthening sentences for incorrectly tied ties or unpolished shoes. Or, maybe some good old fashioned chain gang work. If nothing else, we might get some roads fixed. What I'd love to see is stockades reintroduced, with a paddle near by so passers by could whack a few behinds.
  47. Punishment for the Knockout game

    by Traci It is assault and battery and they should be charged as such! There should be no parole or second chances, there were none given to the people knocked out. For those victims who died it should be murder one. It was a cold and calculated act that was planned out on the part of the assailant.
  48. Knockout Game

    by Ann By the time these kids commit this atrocity, it is probably too late in their development to punish them. They are folding to peer pressure, lack of respect for another human being and having very little empathy. I do not think these individuals should be let loose in our society. Our prisons are already overcrowded. Other than their parents, there are not enough people in the world willing or able to help these children with their problems. Maybe if everyone in the United States took on a project of making just one kid a healthy member of society, we could clean up many of the problems. I have 'adopted' a couple of children that I help with moral and logical problems. One of them is my granddaughter. I think that is the only solution.

    by J.M.F. Judge Judy, I may not have the ideal or agreeable solution in putting a huge crimp in 'knockout game' participation, but this is my opinion. I'm a retired nurse with over 40 years of experience. I have seen many knockout and sucker punch injuries. Some recovered, some recovered with severe deficients, some died from their injuries. When bodily harm is maliciously inflected on another person, the judicial system should focus on incarceration, yes, but doing just that, doesn't allow the perpetrator a birds-eye view on just what he caused to another human being. Let him/her see those that have to live with the deficits caused by such an act and let them into the morgues and view the autopsies being conducted on these victims. I promise you, they will see the error of their ways, at least the majority will. 
  50. Makes me sick!

    by Sarah This story makes my stomach sick. When I first heard about this on the news, I thought to myself "who does this stuff and why?" A bunch of kids that have nothing better to do than harm innocent people going about their lives minding their business. Where are the parents...not a factor I'm sure. I'd give them the harshest penalty allowed...jail time and a whack on their head if that was allowed. It disgusts me...if my child did that..oh boy, it wouldn't be pretty. I hope they'd give him/her the harshest penalty as well. It's unacceptable that these kids nowadays have no compassion for other people...why is it not being instilled in them? I was always taught to respect my elders and NEVER would dream of hurting one. Unfortunately, the people that need to see t won't. Parents protect their children way too much instead of making them stand up and take responsibility for their actions. Grrr..okay I feel a little better now! Thanks for sharing.
  51. I agree with Judy

    by Sherry This is criminal assault and should be prosecuted as such. It does not matter why they are doing it. And if someone is killed during this assault, the charge becomes murder in the first degree and charged as an adult!
  52. compared to a cracked window...

    by Chad Let's say you are going out to your car one day and you realize that your windshield is shattered! What do you do? Do you replace it? Do you call the police? Do you look for the cause of the break? Well, it is similar with this game...first you have to stop the windshield from cracking anymore and causing anymore damage. Then you can find the root cause and fix it. Like Judge Judy said, we have to let these kids now there is a consequence to their actions! Or else they will continue to behave badly, and more than likely escalate to worse crimes.
  53. Knock-out consequences

    by Sandy I think the person who commits a crime where the victim is knocked out should be charged with attempted murder, juvenile or not. That action could easily kill someone.
  54. knockout

    by Donna I think maybe it should be inflicted upon them to see how it feels one time. If they do it again, jail time. JUDGE Judy you are so right! More harsh jail time for these little ingrates. The parents should also be held accountable for them

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