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New Year's Resolution Time!

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It’s New Year’s resolution time! Whether your resolutions are important or trivial, most of us don’t keep them, but a few of us do. I’d love to hear your best resolution for the New Year.

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  1. I love the law

    by Rebecca
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  1. I love the law

    by Rebecca I record four Judge Judy's a day. After a long day I have my Judge Judy time. I have learned so much about the law now, that family and friends always ask me law questions. It feels good to feel smart. I only wish I started watching 20 years ago. Thanks Judge Judy.
  2. Gave up sugar last new year's and renewed pledge!

    by CeCe My son, who in is in his 50's, decided to take charge of his health and made many changes in his diet over the past year and a half. He looks 10 years younger and added daily exercise. I asked him what was the one change he made which he considered really important. He said eliminating sugar. So I did. In my 80's, I discovered 6 months into my change that I had cancer. After much research, I too made changes but probably the most important was eliminating sugar. Cancer feeds on sugar. My surgery is over and no metastasis so no chemo or radiation. I am grateful. By the way I supported Mike Bloomberg' attempt to eliminate the big gulp. Kids eat way to much sugar. I support Bloomberg in his ran for President. I have been a long time fan of Judge Judy's attempts to curb the abuse of our social welfare and abuse of use of college loans for other than education. Thank you Judge Judy.
  3. Weight!

    by Claudia I am going to lose 50 pounds in the New Year. Now, unlike everyone who always says this and fails, I will succeed because you see, it’s the same as last New Year’s resolution only I did succeed and lost 30 pounds. 50 to go!
  4. Stay tuned!

    by Avanelle My New Year's Resolution is to stay tuned and keep up with Judge Judy episodes!
  5. Brexit Ban

    by Sarah We live in the UK and my husband has a rant about Brexit every time he watches the news, three times daily as well as on the radio in the car! And, he rants the same thing every time, never hearing the actual report and never wavering in his righteous indignation! So as a very long suffering and sensibly silent wife I am imposing a New Years Resolution Brexit Rant Ban, only 1 rant a day will be tolerated until our new EU leave date of 31 Jan 2020 and then he has to shut his mouth on the subject except for once a week, as keeping in all that rage maybe bad for his health!
  6. Bedroom TV!

    by Ian I will be making a New Years resolution to buy a new TV for mine and my wife's bedroom. You see Judge Judy, when we both come in from work, we put on the TV in the living room and immediately switch to CBS Reality to watch your programme. We can't get enough of it. So much so that when we go to bed, which is usually quite early after our meal, we again put on the TV in the bedroom. This TV is so old that various parts of it have started to break down. Firstly, the remote is missing so we have to get out of the bed go change the channel but only the forward channel button works so if TV is on channel 67, to get to 66 which is CBS Reality we have to stand and press the forward channel button about 100 times to get to channel 66 to watch our favourite show which is Judge Judy. So you see, we love Judge Judy so much that we ard prepared to do that to watch her, but come New Year we will be able to watch without the need to stand and change the channels for 10mins before we watch!
  7. New Year's Resolution

    by Gloria My resolution is to pray & read Scriptures every morning before I start my day. So far I've been doing it, and I find my attitude is peaceful. My faith in a higher power allows me to be more accepting of Life's circumstances instead of feeling anxious. I am less controlling, more loving and desirous of enjoying all the day has to offer me whether good or bad. Thanks Judge Judy for expressing your candor, honesty and experiences with your audience. I become a better person when I reflect on the topics you provide. Blessings upon you and your loved ones.
  8. My Love for Judge Judy

    by Shirley Every time Judge Judy is on which is three to 4 times a day if someone should come to the door or phone me at that time I tell them that I will get back to them because my idol is on and I need to learn my law lessons for the day. The people response is different like oh my god or really. Yes Judge Judy is my idol and I am not afraid to admit it that I am a Judge Judy fan or junkie. My new year's resolution is to keep people out and keep watching her.
  9. My Judge Judy Christmas....

    by Deborah I'm 56 years old but yet again it's that time of year when I wish a New Year's resolution was all I needed to think about. Instead I had to face family again. I was raised in a home where my father taught us that you may as well drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes daily because "You could get run over by a bus tomorrow" and where in my teenage years my mother screamed at me most week nights for doing my homework because "Who do you think you are studying? WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE...I never got to do that when I was your age...Who do you think you are?!" I came away from Christmas with family once again feeling hated and so I turned to the person whose home I would love to have grown up in: Judge Judy. I've watched Judge Judy program's endlessly since returning from Christmas with family and am again beginning to feel ok because viewing Judge Judy believing in the things I believe in takes the pain of family away. Thank you Judge Judy for all your words of wisdom and reassurance.
  10. New Years Resolutions

    by Joealope Oh boy, thank you for THIS. You really are great in the most UNEXPECTED way/times! I resolve to STOP putting all over the Internet Newspapers WHAT I am experiencing at my workplace! Thanks, Judy. Will LOVE YOU FOREVER for making us THINK!!
  11. Striving To Break Free From Bullies

    by Polly My New Years Resolution is to find a way to cope emotionally with the bullies in my life. I have let so many people rob me of self-confidence and drag me down into despair. I have given up decades of my life - I am 47 and a failure - by believing the things they say about me, and by letting them abuse and control me...to the point that I have isolated myself from humankind and have shut down as a result of intense suffering. But I am a kind, compassionate, moral person. My greatest desire is to bring healing to the hurting hearts of others, and I can't fulfill that dream if I don't find a way to heal my own heart. So my New Years Resolution is to muster inside myself the strength I need to love who I am, and to break free from the shackles of bullying that are tying my spirit down. Polly
  12. My husband and Judge Judy

    by Debby My husband and I love Judge Judy, though we don't always agree with her decisions. We watch her show all the time, even to the point that any appointments have to be made so we can be home before 4:00 when she comes on here in Miami. Sometimes it is not possible. One day while driving home from an appointment, my husband looks at the clock and said," it's almost 5:00, another day without Judge Judy". Then he got all dramatic and said," A day without Judge Judy is like a day without sunshine"!!! I couldn't help but crack up because he was so serious. So I would say our New Years Resolution would be to not miss Judy Judy !!!
  13. An Automatic Renewed Resolution Every Year

    by Don I will cut to the chase: I don't make New Years Resolutions. Period. None of this, I will stop... I will do this... I won't do that..etc, etc, Never have,,.in over sixty years of life...Never will. BUT! i do have one passionate Resolution I honor EVERY year,,,without stating it, or magically resolving to do so every Jan 1st: I promise myself to go somewhere, or do something...I have never done before. Like the year I drove to Gettysburgh for vacation, Or went to the Herbert Hoover Presidential Library in West Liberty, Iowa. Or the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland,Ohio, Visit Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin Even Hawaii...after I turned 55~! It is a spiritual truth; that inviting new experiences in your life...at least once a year...is not only healthy, invigorating, and knowledgable... it gets one involved in LIFE AND LIVING! Call it a "yearly bucket list". I do not make NY Resolutions... I just "Do it". Every year! Live life to the fullest, and enjoy your dream
  14. My New Year Resolutions 2015

    by Charlene Great day to You from south Florida After all the downs I have experienced since the last few years this year my resolutions are to find the drive for success that I have lost over the years due to the diappointment and challenges I have encountered. And to restore my faith stronger than before. I must have financial freedom through my hard work. This resolution I must keep. I must save my home and my life so keeping my resolution to gain financial freedom is definitely my goal
  15. Finding Myself Again

    by Charlene I woke feeling like I have been in slow mode for too long. Life happens to everyone to bring us to another level. My 2015 resolution is to find the fire for success I once had and have financial strength through my hard word. Today its not a thought it's hard work and realistically achievable.
  16. Enjoy life

    by Vicky My New year's resolution is to stop buying stuff that I don't need and spend money on enjoying experiences with family/friends. Such as trying out a new restaurant I have never been to, taking up a new hobby or travelling to a new place.
  17. Read More in 2015

    by Tom I work a desk job, like many folks, and I do a substantial amount of topical reading as part of the day-to-day requirements of my job; but this pattern doesn't give me the chance to dive deeply into subjects I find interesting -- it's usually a web article here, some search results there. For 2015 I'm going to set a goal to read more long form books -- non-fiction or fiction, whatever I'm in the mood for. I'd like to always have at least one book or two in the active queue. I'm not a very fast reader, but if I could get 2-3 books a month read I'd feel really good about myself. With work and family I know it will be a big challenge, but like all forms of self-improvement I know I'll be proud if myself if I can pull it off. Moreover, I'm hopefully I'll setup a habit that will mean in 2016 I won't have to challenge myself to read more books -- it will just happen. We'll see how it all pans out, I suppose!
  18. Get my High School Diploma (GED)

    by Tammy I woke up one morning in November and said to myself its my turn to now....I raised two beautiful daughters one is 33 and the other is 17, they both have their High School Diplomas and my youngest is in College studying to be a nurse.I never had the chance to finish High School because I had my oldest when I was 17 and being so busy raising both my girls and being their mom, I never gave going back to school a second thought until now...I started in November, sure after not being in school since I was 16 it isn't easy...but who said it would be? When you want something in life you have to work hard for it, and I intend to do just that. Im not the kind of person that's starts something and doesn't finish it..So my New Years Resolution is to continue working hard in school so I can obtain my GED and go to Adult College as well, and make my daughters as proud of me as I am them. Happy New Years Judy!
  19. Take Nothing for Granted

    by Roberta I always made my usual resolutions...lose weight, be happy. I am 62, and I never really stuck to the lose weight part. This coming year, I have new resolutions; never take anything for granted, take care of my body, most specifically, my lungs, and work toward organ donation. I am alive because of one selfless donor and his/her family. I received a double lung transplant last year, and am so grateful to be alive. It isn't always easy, but I am here with my wonderful family, living my life, because someone decided to save a life, and it happened to be mine. Please, be an organ donor, and never take anything or anyone for granted. Thank you, Judge Judy.
  20. The one I kept

    by Susan Year after year, I resolved and messed up. Till this resolution: I WILL NEVER AGAIN MAKE A NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTION. And I never have. From time to time I choose a target, and I work to hit that target and sometimes succeed. A target is a big round thing and you get a point if you even hit the edge. This I can do. Occasionally I hit it right in the middle, a full bulls eye, which is great. Most of the time I hit the target, which is good. Sometimes I don't, but because it's a target and not a goal or a promise, that's okay too. I renew the same resolution every year: I will never again make a New Year's Resolution. I might set up a target, though.
  21. Children and grandchildren

    by Angela This coming year I want to be more available to my children and grandchildren because they are my pride and joy; One of my daughters is a single Mom and it's hard for her with 3 young boys; she is struggling one day at a time. My second daughter has been battling with the fact that her husband at 28 years old had testicular cancer which was operated and then came back 2 years later in the lymph nodes; he just finished chemo therapy for the second time and we're hoping this is the last time...they have 2 young daughters...one is 3 and the other one is only 10 months old...young people should not have to deal with this cancer thing. My youngest daughter is single in a relationship with someone who seems very nice...treats her right and am hoping this relationship lasts...we always want the best for our children, right? I try to help them out in various ways, but am also limited to my salary and I still work so time is short also, but I want to spend more time with them in 2015.Love them.
  22. Changing times changing people

    by Johnny Hi , I am basically going to not let people bother me much anymore and stop comparing them to the past. It's just the way society is now and how the world is crumbling. We now live in a time of less communication directly with one another and having good old style conservation . The new digital age as they call it seems to be destroying old time family values and traditions.
  23. broken promises..

    by Bernadette I've learned that most of the resolutions I make every December 31st, are things I should be doing anyway. Eating healthy, staying clean and sober are my top two. With God's help, I conquer these obstacles every day.
  24. World Changers

    by Bonny I've spent my entire life changing lives one person at a time. It's a passion I can't shut down. I'm very intolerant of those who can't or won't see a need and act on it. From raising money for a bedridden lady over 20 yrs ago to raising money in 2011 for a 27 yr old gal who desperately needed false teeth. She's now healthier @ has confidence to smile. Many smaller projects @ a few projects tht took yrs. But ALL worth the time @ effort to make a person's life better to live. A book teaching people how to do this is desperately needed. Thx for being such a positive role model!
  25. New Year.....New Day!

    by Lynne Hey Judge Judy I have to say I was excited to see the video about you being on TV through 2017.......maybe longer who knows!!! You are the best. I tape you every day, and drink my morning coffee waking up to your show! Thank you for being such a smart, intelligent, brassy lady that tells it like it is! My New Years resolution to try and learn and most of all .......accept ....that I can't help everyone.
  26. My New Years Resolution

    by Arra Hi, I am not sure if I am posting this in the right place but my new year's resolution is to get my poetry anthology published by the end of 2015 :)
  27. New Year's Resolution

    by Jenni Hello Judy, I don't make New Year's Resolution, then I can't break them! But actually, if it's something I should, or shouldn't, be doing, I sort it out then and there. Have a very merry Christmas and a happy new year. Jenni

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