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Next Door Nightmares

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Growing up in Brooklyn, I remember having lovely neighbors. My parents were friendly and cooperative with all of them, and they treated us in the same considerate way. Today, many of the cases I hear involve neighbors at war with each other. Short of moving, is there any way for these nasty disputes to be resolved? Do you have a story to share that might help someone in this situation?

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  1. Fencing is better than stressing!

    by Georgene

    We live in a house pretty close to others, and one family has two pit bulls. Before the privacy fence was put up, I was always nervous taking my dogs in the backyard. The pits would bark and growl getting my dogs upset. Putting up this barrier saved all from unhappy outdoor activities. They are nice people, and the best thing was done. I get along with all my neighbors, makes living so peaceful. Kindness goes around.

  2. The hell that was my nieghbors!

    by Kristen I had just married my husband. We have no children except for dogs. One day while I was standing in the yard, my dog pushed the front gate open and her and her son got out into the street. Our neighbor claimed she was bitten and so was her dog. The police came but the neighbor said she was so distraught she had to get in her car and go to get coffee. She was not bitten and nor was her dog. Her husband admitted it in front of me and the policeman. I did get a ticket for a dog on the loose which I deserved. From then on we were harassed and talked about like we were the only entertainment in town. I do not have time for such things, so I ignored them and it made the gossip run rampant. I have been through a marriage with a crack addict, so I would just laugh about it. The final straw was how many times the police where called on us for no reason. Never did we receive tickets or warnings. We needed more land so we moved. I wonder who they use for amusement now?
  3. Danger of Akita Dogs!

    by Ron It even tells you in the Westminster Kennel Club that Akitas should NEVER be around little children!!
  4. Neighbor From Hell

    by Raymond Four years ago, we had a new neighbor move in next door to us, a single mom with a 4 year old daughter. She seemed very nice, and we soon became friends. However, the first time her boyfriend was over for an overnight, a physical fight broke out between them, and I wound up calling the police. She became extremely angry over this and told me to mind my own business. They fought constantly, throughout her tenancy, which ended after two years when she was finally evicted. It was two years of living hell, listening to them fight. I continued calling the police. Her final act of revenge, prior to moving out, was to start a rumor that I was a convicted, level three, sex offender. Fortunately, people in our complex knew me and that I was never convicted of any crime, the least of which a sex offense. I was glad to see her leave.
  5. My Nightmare Neighbor!

    by Brenda Five years ago, we would have lunch together. She had a lawn and kept her home and yard clean. Today, she doesn't talk to me. Her lawn is dirt. Leaves are raked underneath the base of existing shrubbery and has trash piled high on the side of her home. Her garage is packed solid with no room for anything else. She has dogs that are never played with or exercised who bark often, howl and push around a stainless steel bowl for entertainment purposes to have something to do. Complaints and letters from other neighbors have done nothing. Two years ago, I told her about a roof tile that was slipping out of place on her second story to be a good neighbor and to hopefully save her a costly roof leak down the road. From my kitchen window, I see that it has crept so far out now that a sneeze could finally release it fully to be free to bounce off the first story and then fly off to knock me out just as I am sweeping up my sidewalk. Death by roof tile is not how I want my obituary to read!
  6. The good, the bad, and the ugly

    by Susan I've had mostly good neighbours, the kind who help each other when there's trouble and greet each other with a smile most of the time. There was someone whose dog barked incessantly, day and night. That lasted a while as there was no local bylaw about barking dogs at that time. There have been loud parties and fights, but these are rare indeed. One neighbour recognizes no boundaries but his own. If you can't enforce your boundaries with physical strength, this neighbour will rule your yard and home. I did call the police on him; they can and will enforce reasonable boundaries. Why is this neighbourhood so nice? It's a family neighbourhood, ages newborn to very old. No one wants their families to be afraid, so the stronger ones protect the weaker. Most of the people work hard for what they have, and they take pride in it and respect others' rights out of empathy. It's not perfect. There are people who detest each other. But.. when the snow is deep, we all help dig cars out!
  7. naughty neighbors

    by Roy Well, I had next door neighbors that fought late into the night. At first, I called the police then I would keep details as you have taught me...never talking to them directly. Then I would forward my info to the landlord and kept them informed about the pattern of the fights and the noise. They gave them a written warning and when it was documented by others around these noisy people, the landlord had enough, and they where evicted...very efficient! Hope this helps.
  8. Nighmare Neighbor

    by Carol We had to move, could not take it anymore, I will say that our neighbors were not the only reason, but it sure made the decision easier. Our neighbor has two large dogs, he started with one, then went out and got a puppy. He feeds them and houses them in small kennels in the back yard, right next to our house. He never walks them or trains them. The old dog is not a problem, but the puppy is a very active bird dog. The puppy barks nonstop; it is bored and wanting exercise. We and several other people have called to report this owner and all we hear is that he meets minimum requirements, therefore nothing gets done. It has led to shouting matches with the people of the neighborhood and the owner. We were the first to complain as the dog wakes us up every morning by 5. After that, he has been rude and his teenage son does little things to get even, such as tearing pieces of our fence apart when we are not looking, so we cant prove it is him, so then again nothing gets done about it. We gave up and moved!
  9. Landlord blows street dirt into open windows

    by Lynda My landlord has been using an industrial size (leaf) blower for approximately five years off and on around 3-5 times per month during warmer weather seasons. My kitchen window is 3 ft. from the parkway/parking lot/street. When he blows, there is fithy dusty debris from this public area, it layers a dust film throughout my entire home, including the furnace ducts, windows and doors it seeps through. I have written him to notify him of my intent to hire a professional cleaning crew and send him the billing jnvoice to pay for this mess; I am no longer able to physically maintain this extra workload. This filth has destroyed any and all of my garden plants to the point that they are uncleanable, not edible. He has cut a huge tree down from the neighbor's yard and had it laying across my entire backyard without cutting it up and removing it for the second year. I still have to keep this yard which I am paying extra $ for.
  10. Leaf burner disaster

    by Jules We had a neighbor who would burn leaves five days out of the week, and his lot was pie shaped, so he purposely placed his burn pile at the very edge of the property line so that all the smoke blew directly into our house. We would come home after a day out, and even with our windows closed there would be a haze of smoke in our house. Our two young kids had asthma, so I tried the neighborly thing, knocked on the door, he would never answer, so I wrote a really calm letter. I explained to him about the health hazard it was causing our kids due to asthma, the smoke haze in house, and I gave him a copy of the law for leaf burning in our township. The burning continued, so I sent two more letters, last one I told him if it continued I would call the sheriff, no change, no response. I turned him in, I felt bad about it, but my kids were doing neb treatments each day. Guess what? He came storming up my driveway w/ticket in his hand for $250 and was furious! What do you think? He continued to burn leaves
  11. Disagreement about Small Pond

    by Lee Every time it rains, a small pond of water accumulates between my neighbor's house and mine. My neighbor approached me about a month after we moved in and told me that we absolutely needed to put a gutter on our garage and angle the water to drain back behind the garage where a corn field is. I stood at the edge of my property for a few moments starring at the land. It goes up hill. Mine and my neighbor's homes are slightly down hill from this field so even if we put a gutter system in, it would do no good. In addition to that, I looked over to his home where his gutters are being drained and the water spout points directly over to where this little pond accumulates! I just shook my head and said "I'll see what I can do" and walked away. We have been neighbors for almost 6 years now, and in Ohio, we see our fair share of rain. The neighbor now mows that part of the lawn (that is mostly mine). He says it keeps the grass low so the water will absorb into the ground.
  12. Neighbors at war over an Inch of land

    by Judi My husband and I saved all our lives, recently retired and purchased a new home on five acres. We moved in ready to spend the rest of our lives enjoying the house and five acres. We did everything right in buying the home including getting a survey to put up a fence. We were enjoying retirement, until a neighbor decided to tear down our new fence, Without a notice, he put a chain to the fence. When asked what he was doing, he stated his survey showed we were less than an inch on his property. NIGHTMARE begins. There is now a court battle on whose survey is right. I stated I would be a the better person and remove my fence. That was not good enough for him, He wants damages for a fence pole that was less than an inch on his property. I put up a camera and recorded him driving on my property; now I want damages. No more enjoying retirement; I now want to move. He can afford attorney fees; I cannot. I am on a fixed income. We are packed and ready to move!
  13. Remedy for Nightmare Neighbors

    by Martin Like the Judge said in her opening, my folks, ourselves, and our neighbors were always, in most cases, mutual in understandings, getting along and for the most part, being civil to one another. However, despite that, when living amongst others, and more so today, as I believe a lot of those "values" I and maybe the Judge grew up to, are very minimal, and or never taught. After all, someone spends a lot of money on advertisements on TV to tell people "to be good to each other". They are warming experiences they show us, but, we were taught those same things when we were children, not only by our parents, but by our Uncles, Aunts, etc. Friends also played a great part in our moral values. In lieu of all that, there is always one or two neighbors that, just find it hard to get along. And, that is only, usually, based upon my experience, misunderstandings; Not knowing people. Easily remedied when I was young. Nothing like a great "Block Party". Barbeque and all. It's now a "social" gathering.
  14. You, Your Neighbor and a Problem are three.

    by Mediator You, your neighbor and a problem are three. If you and your neighbor can "get along" then the problem will go away. If you and your neighbor can NOT "get along" then the problem will not go away. Try to look at the issue from your neighbor's point of view and get an outside mediator should the need arise.
  15. Let's start over

    by Nancy A next door neighbor and I started off on the wrong foot. I had forgotten to put garbage bags I put outside on my porch into the garbage can before going away for the week. The garbage started stinking so badly the neighbor put it into the trash can and left not only nasty note but called reported me to the county. Overkill reaction, I thought. A series of little things started to occur and nasty notes exchanged and it got to be unpleasant. Finally, realizing I had contributed to this unhappy situation, I knocked on the neighbor's door and said "Look, we got off on the wrong foot here. Want to start over again?" I offered my hand. The neighbor was taken aback at first but then smiled and shook my hand and said "Sure." Things have been fine every since.
  16. Do something nice as soon as they move in!

    by Claudia For many long stretches of time, the townhouse next door to me was empty. The newest neighbor provided a very nice letter along with a $20 gift card to come to his sushi restaurant nearby. This was given to at least 6 other families nearby. He had a very large, friendly dog that looked like a polar bear and had a roaring bark and unfortunately was often left home alone, so of course he barked a lot but it's not all the time. Knowing how nice the people were helped me to understand and tolerate the barking where normally I wouldn't. I also understand why they're not home. Each time somebody moves in I make sure that I now introduce myself. It just helps everybody in the long run.
  17. Evil neighbor

    by anonymous When I bought my house in 2005 the seller informed me the day she handed me the keys that the neighbor was a complete psychopath! Thanks for the heads up. Well she was right. This woman definitely had a screw lose! Well her husband and I became good friends which of course drove her mad. I felt so bad for him because she would treat him like trash. The first time I met her, I was out on my porch and a police car pulls in the driveway and I'm thinking Oh man! So the cop leaves and she walks over and says, "had to teach him a lesson!" Really? Anyway they constantly were fighting and arguing, tried counseling, nothing worked. Long story short, he got fed up one day and left her. We started dating shortly after and now I have her husband, her house, and custody of their girls. It doesn't pay to be nasty to people. I have never been happier in my life. I'm kinda glad she treated him like that because I have a wonderful man, children, and life!
  18. Doggone

    by Mary My next door neighbors had a couple of pit bulls. She kept the female tied outdoors all the time, pretty close to my bedroom window. I could not open the window or sit on my front porch because of the smell. This poor dog everytime she came in heat she would have a litter of puppies, 9-10 puppies each and every time. Well, she finally moved and when the owner told me he was going to sell the place I said "sold". I bought the place and now I can control who and what lives there. "There is peace in the valley for me".
  19. Sometimes you gotta take action

    by Nance I have always tried to be a good neighbor. As a mother of two, I hoped neighbors would ignore my kids normal noise as they played and in turn, I could ignore the noise of the younger neighbors who liked to host parties on the weekend. Until the day a new neighbor moved in who was obviously dealing drugs. This not only offended me highly, but it also scared me to have this right next door. What to do? I decided to quietly take action. I began taking notes of car plates, descriptions of people, nicknames or names that I overheard, etc. I took my sheaf of papers to the local police department and turned them over to the narcotics squad. In less than two months, I was awoken at 6 a.m. to the neighbors being raided. I was ecstatic and am so grateful to my local police department for their handling of this problem. Sometimes, you just got to take action.
  20. Finally Moved

    by Sapphire My fiancee and I lived in a trailer park it was going great when I moved in with him. Once we had our daughter, everything was still okay. Then the trailer in the back of us was remodeled and rented. In the first few months the neighbors seemed fine. Then winter hit and we noticed our eletric bill was going up. So, my fiancee and I looked at our power box since our lights flickered a few times. So, I told him look out side at our box sure enough there cable was hooked to our box. Before we called the police I grabbed my camera sneaked over to our box was and took some pictures while my fiancee called the police. The police gave us a case number and printed the pictures and then we waited. The landlord let the use a generator to keep warm. The fumes were strong, and we got sick from them. After many battles, we moved. Since moving, the neighbors were evicted and the landlord gave the job to her late husband's kids. It's going better from what we hear. My fiancee is a contracter for a trailer park company. I'm theie secretary.
  21. Ripped Off

    by John P I am a retired Sheriff in AZ. This is a true story and I wanted to share it with you. I received a "call" one afternoon regarding a "neighbor problem". I scribbled down the location and proceeded to the complainant's residence. As I pulled up, in a marked Sheriff;s unit, this guy is running towards me with something in his hand. I quickly noticed that he had a baggy, that he held out to me. "I am pi@@ed at my neighbor. Does this look like an ounce of weed to you?" This was one of those "Did that really happen?" moments in Law Enforcement. Trying to not laugh and remain professional, I inquired as to where the weed came from. He replied "That a@@hole next door. I took the bag of "green, leafy substance" from him, advised him, with my Miranda card, cuffed and stuffed. Needless to say, he was even more pi@@ed at me than his neighbor. The Narcotics division put the house next door on their "watch list", and ended up busting the neighbor about a month later for trafficking. Ke sera!
  22. Be a good human!

    by Crissie I try to be the best human I can be. We mow the yard. Keep our dogs fenced in. Don't have loud parties at night. We try to be the best people we can be, not just for our neighbors but because that's what being at the top of evolutionary ladder is all about. If some of my neighbors were continuously disrespectful, I wouldn't confront them but I would call the police. If that doesn't work, I would talk to the community action group and try to come up with a plan. I wouldn't directly confront anyone without professional backup!!!
  23. Dog problem

    by Linda A new family moves in across the street. Their back yard is fully fenced in. Everyday, she opens the front door and lets the two dogs out. They run across the street to do their business on my front yard. I tell her to please not let her dogs on my yard. I get cursed at by the husband! He has a volatile temper and is a hunter. You can see the guns in his garage. I put up a fence, five feet high across the front and learn that if you sprinkle chili powder across the front of the driveway, it will repel the dogs, not hurt them, just repel them. I have a Golden Retriever and love dogs.....but this was just too much. So I had to spend a lot of money on the fence but it stopped the problem. We say hello to each other but we will never be friends....so sad as I am a former teacher and really enjoy meeting and being friendly with people. Times have really changed. I too grew in a neighborhood in a small town and everyone looked out for everyone.....
  24. Surprise, the judge is human.

    by Robert We had a dispute with a cranky couple next door that put a fence up years before we moved in. Now their fence is leaning over their garden, in their mind because of our railroad ties lining our yard, which were also there years before we moved in. They took us to court to move the ties so that their fence would be straight. We brought a fence expert and went to small claims. They wanted to charge us with their property survey too. The judge asked them to state their case, they mumbled and stumbled and he raked them over the coals, calling them imbeciles. The judge then turned to me and asked "Mr N, how long would it take to move these ties?"I didn't want to move anything for those nasty neighbors." "10 to  15 minutes" I replied. He recessed the court and wanted us back to affirm the ties were moved. He asked both of us if they were moved and we both replyed yes. Then he looked at me and asked "where did you put them?" "On our driveway," I said. The judge said "I would have tossed them in their yard! Case dismissed!
  25. Your worst nightmare will be on bad terms...

    by Linda When you own a home and moving is not an option, the smartest move you can make is to be on good terms with your neighbors. I moved into a lovely community with four cats and a dog. I fenced a large part of my yard for Lugar, installed a doggie door for him and the cats to go out. Lugar loved it and stayed put. The cats, however, did not. They made a bee line for my next door neighbor's flower beds to do their business. I heard about it through the grapevine and went to apologize, offer to replace their soil and mulch only to get a lashing that rendered me speechless and have them slam the door in my face. Since we have a "peacemaker", I called her for advice and was quickly brought up to speed....no cats running wild...keep them in. So I did. After all was said and done, my 85+year-old neighbors and I are best of friends, so much so we have a pact that unless it's an emergency, we will hang up on each other if Judge Judy is on.
  26. We're the New Neighbors :)

    by Dianne The bad economy put us out of our home of 20 years. We had a garden there to die for with mature fruit trees, raised garden beds and LAND to plant more! OUR alternate residence, being retired/disabled senior, became a 3/2 manufactured home on a lot the size of our old front yard. Property lines in a mobile home park are TIGHT, and undefined. We decided to be diplomatic and put our "starter" garden in pots the first spring. We shared our rewards with our (boundary) neighbors. If there were any complaints, we could move our pots easily...Although we didn't get any. Slowly we figured out our neighbors likes and dislikes. Now we have fruit trees, veggies and flowering plants everyone enjoys and looks forward to. Year three and all is well. Naturally we get first pick because we do the labor..But they know we'll share and they share too! Happiness without a high mortgage is blissful!
  27. Neighbor's Dogs running amok.

    by Angela My self, husband and son have lived in my neighborhood for a little over a year. My next door neighbors moved in shortly after and now has been living in their home for a year. From the first week they moved in, they allowed their two large dogs to run onto my property and also in my garage. This has been going on for a year and I have asked my husband to talk to them before I called the animal control office. This year the problem continued and the dogs pooped in our yard. My husband finally said something, they apologized and got it up. The concern I have is that I have a granddaughter that is over my home often and I didn't want an incident to happen that may cause an accident if the dogs are not supervised (because they were still running in our yard). I got fed up and called the animal control office, they came out and my neighbors received 3 citations. My neighbors were obviously upset but they were not following the basic laws of owning a pet. Licensed and leased laws.
  28. Selfish

    by Janette I was taught to think of others first. Be considerate (or get popped on the head because you are being and inconsiderate brat). I honestly believe those values have gone down the drain in this day and age. Neighbors, friends, families, significant others would all do better if they could think of the other person and how they feel or what they are going through and quit putting themselves first. What happened to common courtesy??? Janette
  29. Up and Down and Up and Down

    by Ella The neighbor across the street took my virginity. I use to mow lawns for some pocket change and they were one of my customers. In hindsight, I really feel he should of spoken to me like a father, being he was twenty years older than me. A gentle man was not his demeanor. I was hungry for affection and he knew it, I called it an affectionate affair; how dumb of me! My mother cleaned their home and was paid something like thirteen dollars, another hurt. One day with little emotion, I told my mom and she replied "worry about your future". Our country needs a Love Bank!
  30. Bark is not only on the tree

    by Espinaca I visit my nephew and his wife from time to time in Burbank California. where they live in the Rancho Equestrian zone and are allowed to have horses. They have 2 horses, 3 dogs, 6 cats and 2 birds in a house on a street that looks like it belongs in a small town in New Jersey. The dogs bark constantly and the horses make banging noises all the time. Talk about living in Jurassic Park! The neighbors complain and I have seen my relatives become argumentative and defensive. They are probably not taken to court by the kindness of their neighbors but if I lived next to them, they would be tied up between animal control and superior court more than they would like. Their opinion is that is one doesn't like the noise, pack up and move. Oy! In addition they take in and feed feral cats in the neighborhood.
  31. Crazy Lady, Bad Language

    by Danielle I live in a middle-class, nice neighborhood in Florida with my in-laws, husband, and two children. Our neighbor (president of the HOA) screams profanities at us every time we leave the house...even in front of my children. She has called the police on us probably 20 times in the last six months, each time ending in unfounded claims. She tells the police we burn her lawn, have devices that block her cell phone, and threaten her with guns. She has cameras outside her house, and refuses to show police any video evidence, BECAUSE THERE IS NONE! My father in law is currently suing her over HOA issues, and things have been getting worse daily. She calls us racist, white trash, and other words that I care not to mention. Every time we leave the house, she is standing outside with a camera taking pictures of us doing yardwork, cleaning the garage, playing with the kids. She has called animal control multiple times, saying our dogs are unleashed and chasing kids, also untrue.
  32. Barking Dog Nightmare!!!

    by Paula My neighbors had a dog that they kept tied out all night long. Unfortunately, my bedroom window was less then 20 feet from him. I actually dreaded going to bed at night because the barking continued all night long. Ten o clock--bark, bark, bark. Eleven o'clock, bark, bark, bark. I could lay in bed and feel my heart beating rapidly. I worked full time, had three children to care for and had to get up at 5:30. It became a nightmare. I tried putting a fan in my window, using earplugs, sleeping on the couch, sleeping in the basement yet the barking continued. My life became one of high blood pressure medication and sleepless nights.I called my neighbors and would ask them to please bring him indoors at night. I was told that "he didn't like being confined." I called the police, sometimes they came, sometimes they didn't. The dog officer would come to their house, fine them $20, they would pay it and put the dog right back out again.
  33. Junky Neighbors

    by Liz We lived in our home for 41 years and always kept it looking beautiful. About 10 people moved in next door and oh my goodness, they are a hot mess: trash bin parked on the street, parking in front of my house, we have collected about 10 baseballs that have been thrown into our yard etc. We had planned to move before but it is no longer a plan, it is a reality. We had to leave and put the house up for sale. We were lucky that the house was on the market for two days, and we wrote a contract. Thank goodness we don't have to put up with them any more.
  34. Don't You Realize That I Can Hear You?

    by Sandy When we moved into our house, many years ago, there was an elderly couple living in the house next door. They were very cordial to us, but it was obvious that they hated each other and made it clear that it was a second marriage for both of them. Every afternoon, the husband would get drunk and say vile things to his wife. I could hear every word, unfortunately, but I didn't feel that it was my place to say anything. He called her such terrible names, and I just wanted to go over there and shake him and tell him to stop. She was very sweet and would just ask him quietly to stop. Of course, he didn't. This went on for many years until they decided to move to Florida. They couldn't see the house at that time, and someone rented it for a while. He was not pleasant to live near either, but that's another story.
  35. Neigjhbors, not that easy.

    by Sylvia I have lived in San Francico all my life. Yes I do remember good neighbors, when I was a child during WW2. Now it is another story. Our next door neighbors were having extensive work done on their house. The construction company did so many things to my property. I just stood my ground, and finally reported them to the building inspectors. They didn't solve it all, but several things were taken care of. I had to pay for an exterminator to rid my home of an invasion of mice. They came several times, and said it was from the construction. I also had trouble with the neighbors on the other side. I had to have them do repairs on my property also, because of their lack of professionalism. There isn't much consideration for neigbors these days, so you have to be on guard for yourself. Don't give up, as there are still good neighbors out there.
  36. Next Door Nightmares

    by Jane We live in a 55+ community with our homes sitting quite close to each other. None of us owns the land our homes sit on so we don't have property lines to worry about. But we do have an "invisible line" that must not be crossed with our neighbor on one side of us. He and his mother are very quiet about their business. But they are quick to get excited if a leaf from our tree or a rose petal from the other adjoining neighbor gets past the "property line" and the son has to clean up the mess. It would be different if it was indeed a mess. It really isn't. He is a fussy, late middle aged, man living with an elderly mother and he doesn't work so he has lots of time to stew about perceived affronts. We have all decided to make a wide berth around him and let him just do what ever he feels he has to do to be happy. He has been confrontational on several occasions but for now we are at peace. Ignoring him and his mother seem to be the best way for our case.
  37. Leaf Me Alone

    by Wendy J No one talks anymore. We all just stay inside, in our air conditioning, in front of the tv or computer, and don't talk out our differences. We peer through our blinds as resentment builds over every stupid little thing. By the time something major happens, we already hate the person, for no reason, so compromise is impossible. For years our neighbor would blow his leaves into a little wooded area behind our house. Look, just because I'm not doing anything with my leaves doesn't mean I want yours, too. It's not that big a deal. I just hate that it makes his yard look immaculate while ours looks careless. We moved, are renting out the house, and have a stellar tenant. She spoke to the neighbor one time about the leaves. It never happened again. I should have said something to the guy 6 years ago!
  38. Stop the fighting before it starts!

    by Nicole B My husband and I are the youngest homeowners in our neighborhood, by at least a decade. "Unfortunately", I got voted to be the Homeowner's Association's President. So, I get to hear the most ridiculous stories of squabbling neighbors. The best advice I can give would be to just act rationally and like an adult. Don't start a war of words with your neighbor over Facebook, and then complain to the HOA. The HOA has nothing to do with your inappropriate Facebook exploits! Also, if you cannot be a responsible dog owner, don't have one. I love dogs, but I know I don't have the time to raise one. It is annoying to your neighbors when they bark, or get out and chase people. I get many complaints about dogs. I usually refer people to animal control. However, since people sometimes lack the foresight to the consequences of their actions, if something does go awry, own your mistakes. Pay the piper. "I'm sorry" goes a long way in cases like these. Life is too short to feud with your neighbor!
  39. drunk neighbor with camera phone

    by tracey I have a nightmare of a neighbor who is always video recording or taking pictures of my dog's mess or me . I find him creepy myself and find it hard to ignore his smart alleck remarks , but I will listen to my Mom. I have complained to my landlord but they don't care and I am not moving because my neighbours a jerk,and my mom is not healthy enough for another move so I will just keep my mouth shut.
  40. The tree must come down!

    by Shawna Our neighbor told us he would pay to have one of our trees taken down because it hung slightly over his driveway and he claimed that the birds in the tree were pooping on his driveway, and therefore his grand-daughter couldn't come to his house and play outside. So my husband and I discussed it and didn't really want to do this, especially because we felt like this neighbor was just being controlling since we had only lived in the house for 3 months. So we gave it some more time before deciding, and after 2 arguments later when the neighbor tried to convince my husband he shouldn't need to discuss the issue with me and he should just make the decision on his own, we both decided to just have him take the tree down and be done with talking to that neighbor anymore. And that's what we did, and thank God we did because after hurricane Sandy hit, we realized that if the same tree had still been there, that it would have more than likely caused us money by damaging one of the houses.

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