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On the Lighter Side: What Irritates You?

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Over the past couple of years, I’ve posed questions about life, about family, about important things. This month, I’d like to talk with you about something on the lighter side: complaining and responsibility. What are the few things that people do that really irritate you? I’ll give you my short list: I think people who throw trash on the floor should be fined once, twice, and three times and then perhaps incarcerated for life. The same goes for people who don’t clean up after their dogs, and the folks who don’t put their shopping carts back, leaving them flailing in the wind. They should be fined once, twice and three times and then incarcerated for life. I’m sure you have a long list of things that irritate you. I’d love to hear your stories. 

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  1. Nuisances vs. Crimes

    by Donna
  2. Clueless people

    by Linda
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  1. Nuisances vs. Crimes

    by Donna I just listened to this video. Yes, there are many things that people do to irritate, annoy, and create a nuisance. However, we already have an over-filled criminal system with courts and jails already overloaded and costly. I disagree with placing people into "jail for life" as criminals... for the nuisances discussed in this video regarding littering, shopping cart returns, or dog walking waste. Most people, once caught and fined... like traffic violations... tend to be more careful after paying the fines as a consequence of the violation. Put the focus of life imprisonment where it belongs... on criminals that really need incarceration and not on ordinary nuisances and violations. The taxes and costs are high enough!
  2. Clueless people

    by Linda 1. People that use the acceleration lane to get on the interstate as a Sunday drive. They maintain a slow steady speed of around 45 mph and then expect to merge with the traffic going 75 mph and speed up only after they have gotten onto the interstate. 2. People that are shopping in large stores and think they are the only people around. They leave their cart in the middle of the aisle while they wander around picking up what they need. They are on their phone and blocking everyone behind them. Just basically being blind that there are people all around them trying to get by and get their shopping done also. Courtesy and thoughtfulness has been forgotten! 3. People that are driving and don't use their blinkers. They expect everyone around them to read their mind and figure out where they are going.
  3. Special treatment at work!

    by Linda I recently resigned from my job because I was getting written up for things that other employees did all the time. If I would have given my team lead a piece of my mind, I would have been fired. In the meantime, I am sending copies of my "write-ups" to the HR department in Pittsburgh. It may not do any good or may be a waste of my time, but I need them to know how the so-called "management" treats their employees. I may even bring it up to the EEOC.
  4. People that will not use their indicator lights!

    by Margaret I have to say, the most irritating thing that I run into, and that is fairly often, is people that will not use their turn signals. They act like it is a big hairy secret, and none of anyone else's business where they are going. It is especially angst-creating when I am waiting for them to pass when I am entering the roadway, and they turn in right next to me. That is all. I am done griping. I love your show and have for years. Even my thirty-five year old son thinks you are great.
  5. How to Keep Food Cost Down at the All you Can Eat!

    by Carolyn I have been in the food service business all my life, and I am 56 years old now. I am in charge of an "all you can eat" salad bar in an all you can eat buffet, pizza & desert bars all day every day. I see waste. Useless and reckless waste of food. So naturally, part of my job is keeping down food costs. Thank goodness, my job is controlling the salad bar only waste. I have certain controls of how much to prepare and store safely for a day's needs and planning for expected business so my inventory gets ordered and processed effectively. There are some things out of my control as always is the case. One day as I was restocking the all you can eat salad bar, I noticed a gentleman standing next to me eating what looked like a soup bowl full of 1000 Island dressing. His spoon just kept scooping up dressing and he turns to me and said "wow, I really love this potato soup". I never told him the truth because he would have just thrown it away. More waste. Thanks for listening!
  6. Smoking In Open Doorways

    by Karen I am one of those people who is extremely sensitive to cigarette smoke. So, when people who just have to have a smoke (be they employees or customers), stand right outside the door and puff away, and I'm the one who has to hold their nose as I enter the store, well, smoke comes out of my ears.
  7. Big Bullies Small Victims

    by Francis My biggest pet peeve is when I see someone in power abuse that power. Especially when it is used against someone who is smaller, whether physically or in power or influence. Not long ago, I was studying in the hallway at the college I attend. A professor whom I looked up to called me a nasty name as he walked by. Me, being the "smaller" person (a student) did not say anything. I don't understand why some people have to be so mean to others, especially when the victims are so powerless. That is my biggest pet peeve. As Gerry Spence, one of the greatest trial lawyers in American history once told me, "Remember: The law must ALWAYS be forced to give equal rights to all, including the weak and the small."
  8. Annoying habits!

    by Kay I can't stand it when a person is talking on their cell phone and holding up the line, instead of getting off or telling the person to hold while they place their order. I can't stand to see someone on a cell phone driving who wants to cut into line. I'm sorry, but you don't yield to them because it never fails that they will make you miss the light, or they want to get in the farthest lane and can't, so now you are stuck. And lastly, I can't stand things stored under beds.
  9. Grocery Store Havoc!

    by Laura

    I work at a grocery store, and yes there are many of things that can irritate me, but the one thing that is top of my list is my customer checking out and talking on their cell phones. Ignoring the whole process of me checking out their order. “Hello” can you please pay attention, and pay your bill? Don’t even get me started on the customer who unloads their whole cart, and then runs back to get “one more item” and holds up my whole line, and then comes back with 4 items. Get it together people, there’s people behind you.

    Last but not least, when I’m done checking your groceries out and it’s time to pay, and my hand is clearly held out to accept your money for your bill, and you throw your money down and change and expect me to scavenger it up one penny at a time, (so not cool). Please remember I could easily do the same to you when I give you your change, but I don’t out of consideration. Please have respect for your retail workers. That’s just a few things that irritate me.

  10. Definitely Improper English

    by Sara It's astounding the percentage of people in our country whose native tongue is English who butcher the language. It makes me wonder why schools from elementary to high school throughout college are not emphasizing speaking and writing skills, is English Grammer not a subject in schools anymore? It offends my ear and I cringe every time "was" is used instead "were", basically all past, present and future tenses used incorrectly, the word "ax" instead of "ask" and so forth.
  11. The English Language

    by U.N. Owen We watch the better "judge" programs on tv, almost every day. (We are retired and like to watch tv.) Our favorite dummies are those who "axe" people. Instead of using the word "ask," the mispronunciation "axe" is used. This applies even to people who claim to be in college, for Christ's sake! Instead of "I asked him..." we hear "I axed him..." Those people who constantly start any explanation by saying "Well, basically..." Why the word "basically?" Or the word "like..." it appears everywhere in semi-literate speech like pepper on a fried egg. My favorite dummy was an individual who, after I mentioned to a restauranteer that several words were misspelled on her marquee, piped in"Well, I'm an English teacher, and I don't think spelling is important..." An English teacher who thinks spelling isn't important. No wonder California schools are so poor! (Can YOU find the misspelled words in my comments? Hmmm?
  12. Whiners

    by Kim While people littering drives me crazy, I find whiners to be extremely annoying. Either do something about your situation or accept it and shut up.
  13. Annoying habits

    by Kay I can't stand it when a person is talking on their cell phone and holding up the line, instead of getting off or telling the person to hold why they place tier l their order. Can't stand to see someone on a cell phone driving and wants to get in. Sorry but u don't yield to them because it never fails that they will make you miss the light or they want to get in the farthest lane and can't, so now you are stuck. And last us i can't stand things stored under beds.
  14. Grammar Police!

    by Henry It irritates me when people nitpick or laugh at the small imperfections in speech which we all invariably have. As no person speaks perfectly all the time, I think we should all be a little less critical of each other when it comes to everyday conversation. This is not to say that we should never correct another person's grammar. That is different from being a grammar officer, and you know the difference when you see it.
  15. 65mph to 80mph

    by jjnt Stupid drivers dismay me. I was a mile away from the exit. Turned my signal and there was this driver toying with me. I couldn't merge as he made sure that I couldn't get in the exit lane. In other words, he was always in my blind spots. I missed the turned and he was celebrating it. Where was the cop?
  16. Have hygiene to respect

    by annie One thing as of late that irritates me is when people allow themselves to smell like they have not showered in a month. I'm not speaking of odors after a hot day but the permanent kind... especially annoying when this person isn't a stranger but someone you have to pass at the office, and I have to hold my breath every time ...
  17. The people driving electric carts in Costco.

    by Wendy It concerns me when I see people riding the electric carts in stores. I suspect they have not been taught how to drive them properly. I saw one lady get a significant bloody scrape on her heel from a man who was not paying attention while driving. Thank heaven she did not fall. I wonder who is responsible if an injury occurs. Is it the establishments responsibility to ensure the driver is qualified? I saw a person driving one who I know is legally blind...the person is a patient in the medical office where I worked. Do the operators of the cart have insurance to pay for an injury they may cause? I asked at the service desk at Costco, what are the qualifications to use an electric cart.....none. I can tell you, I steer clear of those carts....this will one day be a real problem for someone who gets run over, those things are quite heavy, not to mention the people driving them!.....
  18. 1 2 3 Strikes you're out-or maybe only 1 strike.

    by Carolyn It makes me crazy when waiters or waitresses look at a table full of women and ask, "What can I get you guys?" Can you imagine approaching a table of men and asking, "What can I get you girls?" Never happen. It makes me crazy when children run riot in a restaurant. I am paying good money for a nice dinner out, not to watch your child do the 50 yard dash past my dinner. Finally, it drives me crazy when people are cruel to animals and pets. Do not get a dog, cat or canary if you are not willing to feed it, clean up after it, and play with it. Argh!!
  19. Easily irritated

    by Dena No story, just a partial list off the top of my head: Junk mail but also the USPS not having enough money to operate Dirty politics and immoral politicians Non-smoking sections (To me that's like having a "non-peeing" section in the pool) People who borrow and don't return or return it broken, dirty, empty... Male chauvinists Not wanting to vote FOR anyone only AGAINST the worst candidate People who can't keep quiet in the church, show or theater. Excuses from restaurant employees about why the food was bad then doing nothing on the bill. Racists The FDA and our whole health care industry People who insist on telling you how they're the expert on God Parking and speed traps People who deliberately deface (including dropped gum) at any national park, monument, museum, or any public library or school. (3 chances is too many) Fans that come to my city for a sporting event then vandalize it before leaving.
  20. Walking Your Dog In Hot Weather On Pavement

    by Kavi I get so upset when I see people walking their dog on the hot pavement in the summer! Do they know that dog feet can burn? Or the owner is riding a bike and running their dog beside them in very hot weather. Living in Las Vegas we can get up to 110-115 degree weather and the street/pavement is triple that. Other things that irritate me are Leaving your dog (or child) in a car in hot weather Not cleaning up after your dog Dogs not on a leash or running loose etc etc
  21. Littering

    by Hayley I am a person with lots of pet peeves; snoring, chewing with your mouth open, having your mouth open in general, ignorance, manners, etc. but the biggest if littering. If I'm out with friends and they drop rubbish, I will literally scream at them and make sure they pick it up. If they don't, I pick it up and go on long rants about how it's hurting us and our environment. Seriously, it's not hard to walk 5 steps to a bin or to bloody hold it until you find a bin!
  22. Office Door Manners

    by Shari It really irritates me when a co-worker sees me two steps behind, with arms full, and let's the door close so that I have to g juggle my things to unlock the door. In the same area, it is annoying when friends call me at home to complain about problems with their account or with questions related to an area that I do not work in.
  23. take responsibility!

    by diana I don't have one experience in mind per say just a huge pet peeve. I cannot understand why it's so hard for someone to simply say " I'm sorry, I made a mistake." We all do it, make mistakes that is. I just don't understand why it's so difficult to " own up".
  24. Shrieking children

    by Sandy One thing strangers do that always irritates me is allowing their children to shriek in high pitched tones in stores, restaurants and other public places. They never even tell the children no or tell them it's wrong. The kids use that as their currency to get what they want - to get picked up and carried, get food, their sippy cup or whatever. People look really ridiculous playing "court jester" to these kids and entertaining their squeals. Crying is one thing. There is a difference between an unhappy or uncomfortable child and one that has learned to shriek.
  25. Missing the mark!

    by Craig The big irritation for me is when men will not wash their hands after going to a public restroom. My wife and I travel because we are retired, and I see this happening all the time. This is one reason my wife and I carry hand sanitizer with us all the time. Another big irritation is having to go through the TSA check points in airports. Some of those employees can be very rude.
  26. People in Disabled Parking

    by Bunny I am disabled and I have found people sitting in their cars waiting for someone in those spaces. I think that if people are waiting for someone they should park in a regular spot and just drive up to pick that person up. They are just taking up space that I could have used.
  27. Walmart Pajama People

    by Subgirl I work in a local Walmart and what irritates me a lot is adults who dont even bother to get dressed. They just wear their pajamas wherever they go...mainly to Walmart to shop. GET DRESSED PEOPLE..TAKE A LITTLE PRIDE IN YOURSELF.
  28. what bugs me.....

    by Frosty What bugs me is people who rent upstairs apartments who have young children. These parents allow their children to run around in the apartment all the time with no consideration for the people who live below them. Another dislike are those who don't pick up after their dogs. They live upstairs so they don't have to deal with the smell or flies. Lastly, dogs that are not on a lease. We have leash laws for a reason. I'm not too fond of dogs that I don't know run up on me. Scary
  29. No respect!

    by Phil I find it most irritating when people have no respect for someone else's property, or when people treat our earth as their trash can. I don't care if a piece of trash was already on the ground, if you choose to pick it up but then throw it back on the ground instead of placing it into any one of a half dozen available trash cans, that's littering and your just as guilty as the person that originally was too lazy to use a trash can. I see this happen more so in areas of low income housing. Kids walk around eating their snacks, food, etc., & the second their done eating they immediately drop their trash on the ground as if it belongs there! I've watched these same kids drop their trash on the ground while literally standing two feet from a trash can! Can they possibly be any more lazy? The last time I walked outside & asked a child to pick up their trash off the ground & place it into a trash can, I got yelled at by the kids mother! How dare I ask their kid to not litter on my property!
  30. Parents that steal Spring Pictures.

    by Amy I am an elementary school teacher. Each spring, portraits are taken and sent home. Parents are supposed to return any pictures they don't want, and send money for the ones they do. Every year, at least 1/3 of the parents never return the pictures. I feel like this is stealing! It's such a terrible example for their kids. It makes me crazy!
  31. Table Manners, who's teaching them?

    by Penny Judge Judy Is anybody paying attention to how kids are holding their table utensils? These days, it seems the norm is to look like a caveman in training. When teaching my kids how to say 'please and thank you', they were being taught how to hold a knife and fork. Now who says my way is the right way? I do! I went through a whole generation of people who were taught how to use table utensils while being taught to eat with their mouths shut. Seems the people teaching these techniques to their children are fewer and fewer. Seeing this lack of training is visible everywhere, people look more like they are protecting their food than trying to eat it. It would be nice if more people would just make the time to do this training for I fear we are slowly turning back into caveman ...lol
  32. Pajamas are for bedtime

    by Liz I see people in the store wearing their pajamas and slippers. I could understand if they were sick or disabled in some way, but the people I'm referring to are just too lazy to get dressed. I find it more embarrassing and shameful than irritating. I feel like they are sending the message that they just don't care. About themselves or anyone else. Ditto for bringing their dirty little dogs into the store and setting them in the cart. Seriously? And checkout is another nightmare. If I can figure out where the line is because people are standing every which way so they can elbow their way to the front, I see young, able bodied adults with fresh tattoos separating their welfare purchases from their booze. It makes me sad. A reflection of our self centered, entitled American society. What ever happened to social skills? I think that would make a nice after school program or summer camp for our kids. Maybe it would rub off on some of their parents too.
  33. cell phones at cash registers!!

    by Lucy I am a cashier at a large department store and get very irratated when a customer comes to my cash and is on the phone. I believe this to be very rude. Of course my reaction is to also ignore this customer and do my best to not make a mistake and charge extra for an item.(oops). 9out of 10 times the customer has not noticed (being too busy talking on the phone) and hence pays more. It just make me feel good to know the customer was just too stupid to know better. Maybe with all these extra charges I will get a raise. hahaha
  34. What irritates me

    by Marcia The older I get, the longer my list becomes. At the top, I think, is rudeness, from littering to "all about me" (my newest) , loud cell phone use, and parking in handicapped spaces using a placard that was meant for your 90-year-old mother-in-law. Today's parenting might be at the top also. Can you tell I'm over 60? Love you and your show.
  35. That cell phone

    by SashaJo I'm invited to lunch with a friend. We have been in the restaurant for half an hour and I have pretty well seen nothing but the top of her head because she is looking at her cell phone. She is checking constantly for messages and carrying on a conversation with someone else on her phone via texting. I really want to say, "If you want to talk to that person why didn't you invite her to lunch instead of me?" But being polite I say nothing and just sit there seething.
  36. On the lighter side: Pet peeve

    by Fran Driving in the left lane on an interstate; and then driving slower than everyone else. The law plainly states that the right hand lane is the "traveling lane". The left hand lane is the "passing lane". So, if you aren't passing, then GET OVER! To me,, it is those people who are just as much at fault for reckless driving and causing accidents. Because what it causes is frustration and impatience. Many times I have come upon bottle neck traffic moving slow and look ahead only to see a slow driver in the "passing lane". If you flash your lights (which I was taught was the courtesy thing to do) or blow your horn, they just drive slower. It's like they MUST control everyone else's driving. They know if you rear-end them it will be your fault. So, what do they do, start tapping their brakes. Then everyone tries to pass in the right hand lane (which technically is illegal). If you want to drive slower than the speed limit that's your purgative, please do it in the right lane.
  37. The shopper you can't get away from!

    by Lynn Hi Judge Judy, Ever go into a grocery store or for that matter a Walmart and there is one annoying person you bump into from the parking lot to the check out counter. Now, you don't know this person, have never seen them before in your life but what ever isle you go down there they are, right in the middle of the isle. So you say to yourself.... Go the other way. Everything seems fine till you check out and who's in front of you....yep, the annoying shopper. Now this same shopper decides not to use cash, not to use a debit card, they are digging for a check book as if they are digging to China.

    by JoAnna For the love of god, why can't drivers just click on their turn signal? It's so simple: "Right, Left, Click!" I'm not psychic! How am I supposed to know where you're going? And these same morons -- you know who you are -- somehow manage to "T-Y-P-E" aka "text" while driving, put on their makeup, drink their Latte, dial and talk on cell phones -- (don't even get me started on texting while driving!) -- but they can't "click!" on their turn signal?! And my all time favorite, people who cut you off, then put on their turn signal! It's beyond, infuriating, it's dangerous, deadly and delusional! Wake up people! You're not driving in bumper cars! You're not going to bounce off me if you cause and accident!
  39. Lack of Respect!

    by Don As soon as I saw the title, I immediately thought, ""littering"! How difficult is it to throw away your own litter?! Why should you leave it up to other people to clean up after you? Do you think you're better than them? You're not! One of the easiest things to make the world a better place, is to simply put trash where it belongs. I'll carry my trash around until I find a receptacle. It's not difficult. I pick up other people's trash all the time. I don't want to, but I can't walk by it with a clear conscience. I moved to the UK 5 years ago and am shocked to find people in general, intentionally litter. It's as if they think it's what it supposed to happen. "You should never pick up after yourself. Others are supposed to do it for you." How did we get to this point? What in society has told us that it's okay to ruin the beauty of the world we live in? Just blatant disrespect and disregard. I agree. Fine them, then jail them. Nothing would make me happier.
  40. Thieves walk away -leaving me to kvetch mightily!

    by Carol What irritates me most is a personal experience, where a 'thief' stole my property and the police would not help. Not only did it cost me legal fees and the cost of a process server to find her to take her to court to get it back, but she didn't show up, walked away with some of my belongings, and didn't pay anything. What kind of legal system allows irresponsible people like this to walk the streets freely, bouncing from one rental property to another without paying rent, accumulating personal liens? When and where does the buck stop? Her community continues to honour her 'contributions to the art world' by inviting her to chair committees and be the guest auctioneer at charity functions. Heaven help me if I try to alert them -- I would be sued. Newspapers will not touch an honest story like this -- so the beat/bitch goes on. I am well and truly irritated!
  41. Non service dogs in restaurantsor stores

    by Luz I live in southern California, life is relaxed and people are friendly however it is becoming popular to bring non service dogs to restaurants and stores. One time I observed a dog doing his business at a popular busy store, the owner just keep pulling the leash and never cleaned up the mess. A store clerk said that it is a common occurrence, if management says anything the owners lie saying they need the animal for emotional support, the same at restaurants some times the dogs are so big you can trip over them they bark or growl at other patrons.
  42. Impolite Drivers

    by Joy After making a left turn I needed to almost immediately get in the right lane to make a right turn. There were cars in the right lane however I was able to change lanes in between two cars. The guy behind me followed me to my destination to swear at me for being to close to his car while I changed lanes in front of him. My response - "Where is your common courtesy to allow me to change lanes to make that turn". He appeared to be stunned by my response as I walked away.
  43. Disabled Parking

    by Mairéad People who drive into disabled parking when they don't need it. I have a disabled disk and when I recently went to park in a spot, the car in front of me drove in, when they 'lady' hopped out, I pointed out to her that I was about to use the spot, her reply 'Ah, I'll only be a few minutes' DUH. Who does she think she is that I should have to wait till she finishes her business!!! My thoughts were that really, although I was very angry, I would hope she would not need that space someday. I never thought I would. My other peeve is people who allow their children to run riot in restaurants, bumping off tables and putting themselves at risk of hot food being spilled on them. Ours were always taught to behave properly when eating out, and be considerate of other people.
  44. Chatty Cathies...

    by Elaine When I treat myself to a spa day, you know, mani-pedi and hair. I go there to relax and unwind and get a little pampering. It is exceedingly annoying to me when the young lady seated across the salon is cackling away on her cell phone. I couldn't care less about your twisted love life. I don't want to hear you whining to FOUR different friends about how you're convinced he's cheating on you. I'm fairly sure he is too because he probably can't stand you either!! Shut up and get off the phone so I can enjoy my foot massage in peace!
  45. What irritates you?

    by Johnnie It amazes me, the people who do things like throwing trash on the ground or leaving their shopping carts flailing in the wind, because they don't understand or just don't care, that someone else will have to clean up the mess or put things back where they go. I absolutely hate people who pick up perishable goods in a grocery and upon deciding that they don't want to purchase them, they leave them where they don't belong. Like raw chicken in the cleaning supplies. Not only does someone else have to put it back, it may spoil rendering it un-sellable for the store. I actually saw a woman the other day, who at the cashier's counter, decided that she didn't want to purchase 20 or more of the items she had brought to the cashier. What? She didn't count her money before she went shopping? She didn't offer to put any of it back. She just left it in an abandoned cart at the end of the cashier lane. They put those items back for you as a convenience...Don't make their job harder.
  46. Private Lives In Public(and You're Not Famous)

    by Lisa Recently I brought my grandchildren to a Dept store where the man in the checkout line was grabbing his girlfriend , trying to make out with her and repeatedly proclaiming with a loud voice how she is the " most beautiful woman in the world"!! On the way out of the store a woman was walking in on her cell phone, yelling her private business at whoever she was talking to.My grandson, who is 8, said "gramma that lady is crazy!" Enough said,except how about keeping your private matters out of the public! Our eyes and ears would appreciate it!!
  47. Tailgaters

    by Elinor First, Judge Judy, I have to say that I couldn't agree more about the items you mentioned especially litterbugs but as a subcategory, smokers who put out their cigarettes on the sidewalk or throw them out of their car windows. Every time I see that I think to myself (or say out loud), "The world is my...ashtray." Disgusting. But, tailgaters, people who don't leave a decent distance between their vehicle and mine, scare me to death. What with speeds of up to 70 miles per hour allowed in my state, Ohio, it terrifies me that I might have to brake and they won't be able to stop in time. Add to that that the driver may be talking on the phone or, God forbid, texting. Sometimes, I'll slow down a bit in the hope that they'll pass me but often the result is that they think they can make me speed up by riding on my bumper. Terrifying!

    by Mike T While waiting in line at the DMV, there was a person in front of me who was talking loudly on the cell phone while in line with other people. I politely suggested that if she wanted to talk on the phone in a more private setting that I would save her place in line. She became very rude and said she was fine where she was ...bothering everyone with her mundane life events. I felt like ripping the phone from her hand and slamming it on the ground. Instead, I asked the person behind me to hold my place in line and I got the on duty officer and reported her. He immediately told her to go outside to talk, that's when everyone clapped. Another time I was in a very long line of cars waiting for the car wash. Several cars started to try and cut ahead. I got out of my vehicle and went to the spot where they were cutting in and stood there and wouldn't let them in. Everyone was happy I took the lead and stopped the vehicles from cutting in line. It is good to be a tall intimidating man.
  49. My Pet Peeves

    by Alan I already wrote to you once about how annoying hearing the b word is. I love when a litigant says the word several times and you just rip into them. I despise chewing gum on the floor, people that use up 2 parking spaces especially in difficult to park areas, any graffiti, smoking in public places where the person keeps the cigarette low so that only people behind them inhale it, people that cut in lines at movie theaters and supermarkets, any sort of bullying,
  50. &*%$#@!

    by Sylvia Things that irritate me: People on a cell phone in a store/restaurant, etc. who think they are the only people in the world; talking loudly - sometimes with profanity. People calling me from their cell phone while driving and every one in the car trying to put their 2 cents in. I don't hear a word they say. But the one that makes me want to go home and put a cold cloth on my head is this: old women who drag their old men with them to the supermarket. While the women are looking at every single can of soup and blocking the aisle on one side with the cart, the old man is standing looking stupid blocking the other side of the aisle. No amount of "Excuse me, please." moves them. And lest you think I am a young person griping about old people - I am 72 myself.
  51. Drive like a bat out of hell to the redlight

    by Lyn You know the one's I'm talking about already! Sitting behind you at the light, laying on the horn the second the light changes, and goes between the lanes until they can edge you out; almost taking off the front bumper. They speed ahead as if they're a salmon swimming up stream to spawn, only to wait for you at the next light. Thing is, this goes on for miles and they never seem to notice their "stupid-head" driving isn't getting them anywhere. They'd rather take out a family of 5 than drive normal. Or is this only in Florida?
  52. Abusive customers at the store

    by Eva I work in Retail as an Assistant Manager, and one of my biggest pet peeves is the customers who yell abuse at the poor 15yo new employee wearing a 'Trainee' badge, for something that isn't even remotely their fault (like the fact that a particular item is sold out). In fact, on one occasion I was at a store (not the one I work at) where this was happening and I got so annoyed that I actually confronted the abusive customer myself and asked if he had any kids. He said yes, and I asked him how he would feel if they got themselves a job and then came home crying on their first day because some jerk was yelling and swearing at them. He shut right up.
  53. At the Movies

    by Dani True story: I was just at the theatre this weekend. Happily nestled into the back row with my popcorn, I was distracted again and again by two young men about 8 seats to my left who were using their phones. Finally, I got up, took my stuff and sidled down to where they sat. I asked if the seat between them was taken. Somewhat dumbfounded, they said that it wasn't, so I sat down between them. Neither one used their phone after that. In fact, after 10 minutes, one of them left and a few minutes later, the other one followed. Apparently, they weren't as interested in the movie as they were in their phones. My other movie peeve is adults who bring their young children to wholly inappropriate movies. If you can afford to buy them a ticket, you can afford a babysitter. It's the height of selfishness for parents to choose a movie they want to see rather than a kids' movie.
  54. Loud cell phone talkers!!

    by Kim J Judge Judy, it irritates me to no end when people are in a public place talking on their cell phone in their loudest voice possible! No one wants to hear your conversation about your marital problems or Aunt Helen's colonoscopy! I was in a quiet card shop reading over several cards to pick out just the right one when a loud talker arrived and circled the entire store repeatedly, seemingly just to converse with the person on the opposite end of the phone. Thank goodness a person slightly more irritated than I was decided to tell the lady that she was rude and was distracting everyone in the store! The obnoxiously loud talking lady gave a snide remark about not being THAT loud and left in a tiff. Several people actually applauded! Loud cell phone talkers are at the top of my list of irritating, inconsiderate people!
  55. Family

    by Jessica I hate when a family member is a different religion then you choose to believe in and they act holier than thou. Because we all have a right to choose what we believe, it should not be forced or pushed on someone. It also says in the bible treat others how you want to be treated. What message are you sending by being rude, not one that I want to be a part of. If you want people to respect what you believe you need to also respect their beliefs. No one is better then anyone we are all imperfect souls in an imperfect world. No matter what you believe its your choice. Remember your all praying to the same God only with different names. Thank You for letting me vent Judy.....You are the best! :-)
  56. General Purpose Irritation

    by Kathy I can certainly relate with all the things that you mentioned, Judge, but with society today, what really irritates me are the people who are "offended" by everything! A Muslim goes into a restaurant or deli and is offended that bacon is sold there. An atheist is offended when a Christmas tree or Menorah is displayed. Someone is offended by a book and wants to ban the book. Schools are offended when a football player makes a touchdown and gives thanks to God. Illegals come to this country and are offended by our laws and flag! The WORSE part is that we condone these people! We give in to them instead of standing our ground. Just because I happen to like square dancing doesn't mean that everyone else has to like it or do it, nor should someone be offended because I dance. It's simple: if you don't like it, you don't have to do it! Bottom line: people who are always "offended" are my greatest irritation!
  57. The Grocery Cart Connection

    by Danielle I am almost 50 years young and have been bothered by folks who don't return their shopping cart to the cart corral or back inside the store after using it. It's REALLY lazy. The fact that the store you shop at provides you with this wheeled tool to assist you in shopping is tool is one of the main reasons you should return it. It is as thoughtful as returning a chair to the table after getting up. It's also as helpful as closing the door of the refrigerator when you open it. Returning your shopping cart also prevents stray carts from denting vehicles, taking up a parking spot, and just gives the lot a uniformed appearance. Hey, I get it if you're elderly, disabled, or with young children but you're not off the hook. If you fall into the aforementioned category, be responsible and ask a patron on their way inside the store to return your cart. I REALLY get irritated when you don't.
  58. The Responsibility Rejector

    by Lauren I just submitted a story but I promptly thought of another. A girl I knew my first year of college had the most cliche irritating habits (slurping, interrupting, messy) and any time someone got annoyed at her behavior (dorms are a small space for irritating behavior) and asked her why she was doing _____, she would say "Nobody ever told me not to" and carry on doing that annoying thing-- louder, longer.
  59. Which Irritants are most Irritating to me!

    by Don People who come up to you and interrupt you, while you're already in conversation with another person. There is a polite way to interrupt, and it better be important! Like, "Excuse me, but did you know your hair is on fire?" What makes people think their new conversation is more important than one going on already? Its called self-obsession. And you get my death stare, while I interrupt YOU and say, "Excuse me. You are interrupting our conversation." I promptly continue talking where I left off. People who don't use turn signals. Hey! I'm not a mind reader! That thing that goes up or down on your steering column tells me which way you are going in advance. Use it! Drivers with head-lock. You are about to cross an intersection; they want to make a right turn in front of you, but their head is ONLY looking to the left for oncoming traffic. They are not even aware of you trying to enter the crosswalk, and you have to yield your right of way. Or get hit.
  60. Automobile turn signals, etc., etc., etc.

    by J. Gamroth Although I'm not Jewish, I just love the word "kvetch", and do it often, especially about drivers who don't use their turn signals! In this "hurry up and get there" day and age we live in, I find that tailgating is on the rise, and the boneheads who don't use their "blinkers" are courting a multi-car pileup! Yes, you might have guessed that tailgating is also a "kvetchable" pet peeve in my book. Shall I go on? Shopping carts set free in parking lots by lazy people who don't want to be bothered to "schlepp" (another favorite word) them safely to the cart cage. Add to the list those odious folk who STILL text while driving. Of course no list of auto atrocities would be complete without mentioning the fools who drink and drive - need I say more?
  61. Things that irritate me!

    by Sheila People who drive through crosswalks without looking for pedestrians! People who have their kids on free and reduced school lunch and have enough money to smoke. Those who choose to bring little children to rated R movies. People who ditch dogs and cats at the pound and then turn around and get another puppy or kitten. Women who leave huge disgusting messes in public restrooms. (Ladies! Please!!!)

  63. A SMALL Irritation from a SENIOR

    by GratefulAmerican What irritates moi is that people "dance around" what irritates them today because it's simply NOT politically correct to say what you think really, other than to your BEST FRIEND DOG? Therefore, I would like to suggest that it's just possible in the year 2014, nearing 2015 and heading toward 9 BILLION HUMANS, all with OPINIONS , of course, that maybe we should start listening to the "Living legend, never-lost-a-case- lawyer, Gerry Spence: "We learn more from our small children and pets than any guru." Gerry Spence
  64. What Irritates You

    by Carol Impatient and angry people. People who call customer service and scream and swear at the employee. My daughter is a customer service representative for a large cable company. But her job is so stressful because of angry people. Their service went out, or they forgot to pay their bill, or a family member added a channel. Suddenly, my daughter is called all kinds of names and treated very poorly. Again, impatient people. I am disabled and do not walk very fast. I could be having a low pain day and slowly be walking toward the check out and someone sees how slow I'm walking and run and push ahead of me, with their carts full. Many times, I have just left the store because the pain will start to increase and I can no longer wait. So, what would Judy say? I'm one of your first fans. I was lucky enough to write you and received an autographed photo, which I cherish. Judy Judy, you're the best.
  65. People completely oblivous to their surroundings

    by Ryan They lollygag around at the self check-out, slowly reading their receipt when there is a huge line of poeple who are waiting. They don't even realize they've parked a foot away from your drivers side door. They slam their doors or open/close their garage doors at midnight. Music at 1am? Why not! They let their little terrors (kids) run like beasts in the store. They get to the bottom of the escalator, ahead of you, and then just stand there. They're on their phone at the movies. "But I'm just texting lol!" They see someone leaving a parking spot, and stop and block the whole lane until the other person finally leaves so they can take it... 2 minutes later. Their text message noise is way too loud and most often some irritating racket of a sound. They chew with their mouth open. Like a cow. They are selfish, inconsiderate, and classless to a disgraceful degree. Don't care about anything! (except that junk they just bought)
  66. One upmanship

    by Joyce I hate when you are speaking to a person and that person has to one up you. For example: Me: I have my first grandchild. I'm so happy. One up: Oh that's nothing I have 4 grandchildren, and they are the best ever! Me: I had a heart attack a few years ago, but I'm fine now and... One Up: You? Hah, that's nothing! I had two heart attacks only last year and I had triple by pass surgery. I almost died! Me: I lost my friend to cancer a few years ago. One Up: Oh listen, I lost my dad, mom, husband and my cousin in a terrible plane accident a year ago. So much for empathy.
  67. do you really need the whole aisle?!

    by Barbara One thing that irritates the stuffing out of me is when I'm in the grocery store, and a customer in front of me is taking up the center half of the aisle. They stand there looking at the shelves, right in the middle so no one can get around either side of them, acting as if they have no idea that anyone is around them. They don't move. They don't look up, or around. I stand there and wait, patiently at first, and then I start to shuffle my feet, trying to draw a little attention to the fact that they're not alone. It rarely works. They eventually look up and move on. How can people be so oblivious?
  68. Why have directional signals on vehicles become op

    by Jennifer I have experienced people in the cars/trucks ahead of me braking and then swooping right or left and then sailing merrily on their way with no indication of their purpose. I do not tailgate and have always been a defensive driver. I believe that this has broader implications for our (USA) society. Self involvement to the exclusion of empathy for others seems to be the reason. Why should I indicate what I'm doing to you? You are anonymous! It's a dangerous habit. If more people followed common sense road rules I would feel safer and I wouldn't hope their mother came out from under the porch and bit them.
  69. clothes??

    by Addie I am really tired of seeing other peoples body parts!! Please look in the mirror before you leave home!! I have seen more cracks, bellies and boobs hanging out in just this pass year, to last me more than a lifetime!! It is very disgusting that I am exposed to this abuse. COVER UP people and wear clothes that fit your body not the body that you think that you have!! Thank you for your free book! I really enjoyed it a lot.! I feel much better getting that off my chest : ) .
  70. every thing

    by Sue customer abuse..I work in retail and they are on cell phones I walk away..then they complain I didn't help them to my boss..well sorry I am too old to worry about that... one year to retire.. but in the usa you have to take that abuse cos you can be fired for no reason..shame on the usa for allowing bad behavior to rule a persons life..it really amounts to slavery unless you can afford to say your freedom of speech that is really not there.. unless you have money
  71. GABBERS!!

    by Shannon This is especially bothersome during the holiday season. When I'm standing in a particularly long check out line and the person ahead of me starts GABBING about NOTHING to the store clerk! It is so frustrating! I don't know (or care) if they're lonely or what, but shut-up! (jk) Sorry, but it's just not the time to carry out a ten minute conversation about your dog's latest trick or aunt Sally's awesome peach pie when there's 15 people waiting behind you!! :)
  72. The Dinner From Hell

    by Linda My friend and I were on a cruise, and having a great time. We decided to try the French restaurant, that costs extra, but the menu looked interesting. The eating area was pretty small, maybe ten tables total. Right away we noticed a large group with two young children, who were much louder than the rest of the room, one was crying and another had a DVD Player turned all the way up. A few minutes after my friend was served, one of the kids threw up and started screaming. The mother sat there and kept eating. They left and the staff came out with some spray stuff in a can, then I was served a cold appetizer. We barely touched the meal and went to passenger services to get our money back. If your kids can't sit through a meal without disturbing others, go to the buffet. And if they get sick LEAVE!!!
  73. Texting

    by Barb Hi, I work in a hospital. I deliver linens to some of the clinics in the hospital. I use a wagon, that has three shelves on it, that hold different linens. So I am walking down the hall, and this lady is coming towards me, TEXTING, she doesn't even look up, she is fifteen feet away....ten feet, nine, eight, seven, and I say, "heads up". She looks at me, and says, I guess I should be watching where I am going, I say yes you should be. Also people who are texting when suppose to be working. The ones you work with, you know their habits, and when you come back from vacation, some of the things that should of been done, are not done....and you know why.......they were not doing their job.......but texting, and the managers do not say anything. Phones should be left at home or in the car, or locker. That is my major irritant. Thanks for listening Judge Judy. You have a great show. Barb.
  74. retail ramble

    by stacey Working in retail for most of my life, specifically restaurants, the thing that irritates me the most is the customer who refuses to get off their cell phone while ordering. I have had customers whisper, to the point where I have to ask them to repeat themselves,. I have had customers tell me to hold on while they finish their conversation. And lastly, I have had not even a word spoken, only a finger raised to signify that I am to wait until they are finished. And as I ramble about deviant cell phone behavior, I too am writing this story this very moment on my phone. In fact I do almost everything on my phone, except when it comes to human interaction, then I put the phone down!
  75. Grocery store pigs

    by Susie 1. I hate it when people take grocery items from refrigerated areas of the store, later on decide not to buy them, and then plunk them down on any shelf even though they need to be refrigerated. As soon as they do that and walk away, that item will have to be discarded. The employee who finds it will have no idea how long it's been there. If you decide you don't want something and you don't want to put it back yourself, just hand it to the cashier. He or she will make sure it gets put back.
  76. Dishonest people..

    by Tammy When I say dishonest I mean it in another way other than lying, I'm talking about when someone does something dishonest and people like myself who are honest pay for their dishonesty. Here's an example of what I mean by that, this is what happened to me. I recently subscribed to go back to school to get my High School Diploma and in the math class we have to use a certain kind of calculator for Algebra, anyways to make a long story short, the teacher said that he would lend me a calculator until I could go buy one, only after finding out that he wasn't allowed to lend them out any more BECAUSE there were people that he had lent them to that never brought them back, in fact they themselves never came back so in the mean time until I can afford to buy one I being an honest person pay for their dishonesty by not being allowed to borrow one.
  77. When People Dissect their Food

    by Lauren It drives me insane when people pick at their food. I grew up in a household where you ate what was in front of you or you didn't eat. I didn't realize this wasn't the norm until I got to college. A girl on my floor would take heaps of something from the dining hall back to the table for "dissection" only to 1) pick out every single red/green pepper (placing it obviously in a "discard" pile) before eating it or 2) discover it tasted too much like peppers and throw the entire plate away. In my house we learned "you touch it, you take it, you eat it." Too many people I've shared meals with were too occupied with their own food issues to realize they were offending everyone else at the table.
  78. Television networks

    by Pat I am so irritated by the truly brain dead programing during prime time television. This is from 7 pm to 10 pm. One network runs nothing but awards shows week after week. Dont stars get tired of faking their surprise when they get an award. One network has half hour sit coms geared for viewers with an IQ of 10. Dumb, dumber, and even dumber. The others just struggle in a quicksand of idiocy, violence and crime. Hello - this is well represented on the evening news but with much less sex, greed, and sinister but obvious plotting. Its sickening at the amount of money spent on these extravaganzes that contribute nothing to current social awareness or education. This is why we have a generation of irresponsible, irritating jerks that cant even put a shopping cart away or parent their children. If you're over 40, you don't exist to network t.v. executives. T.v. use to be really great, now its just irritating!
  79. Lateness

    by Nancy Hello Judge Judy My family and I are huge fans. Thank u for sharing the things that irritate u. (1) I am irritated by habitual latecomers. They are saying in effect "my schedule is more important than ur schedule". We are all periodically late and I don't always live up to my own standards, but I think habitual tardiness is arrogance. (2) When corporations keep u waiting endlessly on the phone while u move up the queue to eventually speak to a human, their recorded messages very often open with "your call is important to us....". Such hypocrisy! If my call and my custom were important to them they would hire 6 more employees to answer the phone so I was not inconvenienced! Kind regards Nancy
  80. Borrowing money

    by Emma Irritates me, when after borrowing money people are proclaiming that it was a "gift" or they act as they gave a great favor by giving it back. Wish Judge Judy would be more confrontational with those weirdos! It never had that experience, but saw it so frequently on Judge Judy.
  81. The Sneaky Line-Cutter (With a Good Reason for Cut

    by Mary-Alice This has happened to me many times, especially in airports. Sometimes I need to ask this quick question: "What line am I supposed to be in???" (for God's sake) So I slink up to the desk, dart in sheepishly under hostile stares of people already in their correct line, and ask my question. Once, someone hollered at me. Several times I have been ignored. All I want is better signs telling me what line to get into. This also happened to me in Walmart when I just needed to ask how to use a certain tax form...and where to go to get an answer. I dislike line cutters as much as the next person, but sometimes you just don't want to miss a flight because you waited for 45 minutes in the wrong line. Or that you waited 45 minutes to find that you needed to go to a supervisor's office to find out how to use the tax form. I don't react to people who holler at me....I'm a grown-up! Ha! So, I just slink away in shame and hope nobody remembers the face of the sneaky line cutter.
  82. Onion's

    by Mary-Alice As a retired teacher, I heave an exasperated sigh in supermarkets...especially the produce department when I see a sign saying, "Onion's"...or worse yet, "strawberry's". I KNOW that I taught the correct use of apostrophes...many times. Oh wait...maybe it was apostrophe's?!?!?!
  83. Liars Liars

    by Charlie Your Honor. I get so irritated when people lie right to my face anyone family, friends, people I just meet, perfect strangers. Since I've been watching your show when I know a person is lying I do the to fingers your eyes to mine, and I now call them out 90% of the time and the respones I get are just incredible 8 to 9 times out of ten I get an apology. And I laugh because the truth is usually the better story or answer. And it is fun now doing that. So thank you. Now wasn't that easier. Lol I always say. Thanks again Charlie.
  84. Parking lot idiots

    by Donna One of my pet peeves is when people are too lazy or in too big of a hurry to drive up and down a parking lot to get to the end of the aisle to leave. Instead they drive across the parking lot, almost at full speed then eventually exit at the end of the aisle. Seriously?!? I almost got T-boned by this person one day and when I honked the horn and gestured like what are you doing? I got the dirty look and an unkind gesture from him. Not too smart people. Like my favorite Judge would say: Take JUST A SECOND, (tap tap tap) JUST A SECOND, BE RESPONSIBLE AND DO THE RIGHT THING…GOOD BYE!
  85. Easy Open Products? I don't think so!

    by Diana Why is it I can never open anything without some problem? From milk cartons to laundry detergent and everything in between ! The little silver tin foil tabs that you can never seem to grasp, and, finally when you do...they end up breaking! ( especially the clear soups in the box).. And what about twist off tops??? Just as bad, the ones you have to squeeze and turn! Ugh...anyway it's truly irritating!
  86. my irritants

    by Jan I agree with what irritates you, especially people who don't clean up after themselves. What irritates me that people do is lose their temper in public, people who are so impatient and don't give others any kind of grace. Sometimes when I let someone in when I'm driving, the person behind is blowing their car horn cause they are in a hurry and mad; I've been dining with people who get made at the waitress for things that aren't their fault...there are so many situations and when people lose it and yell at others because they are in a hurry - I think is soooo disrespecJtful. Jan / Toronto
  87. Lighter indeed

    by Susan Cigarette butts. They are tossed onto lawns, into gardens, and dumped out of car ashtrays into parking lots and ditches. They lie there like abandoned .. um.. things that have lost their strength. They poison animals and plants, and the people who left them there should be required to eat them. People who use my back alley or my garden as a toilet. I'd like them to have to lick it all up and swallow it. Exchanging body fluids in public. So you're gay and want to show the world you're not ashamed. So you're an adult (in your own mind) and think you have the right to act like a porn movie. So you're in love and believe everyone should be delighted to see you sucking each others' body parts in a children's playground. Well, fluff you! oh... that's what you were doing anyway... fuddle duddle
  88. Here's MY list!

    by Kathleen 1. People that don't know how to wash their hands. Especially restaurant employees. When they only do a quick rinse and then go out and serve food. 2. People that leave their shopping carts in parking spaces when the cart thing is right near them and they're too lazy to walk 3 feet. 3. People that blow their noses in public and then look in the tissue after. 4. People that tell their children they are going to punish them in a certain way and then just threaten over and over. 5. People that smoke just outside of a door and you have to walk through the smoke. 6. People that crab about everything and are grateful for nothing in their lives. 7. People that don't respect their children and then expect their children to respect them. That should be my number one.
  89. Traffic Woes Compounded

    by Terri My husband and I retired from NY to a quiet southern community that is also convenient to just about everything. The problem is the heavy traffic beyond our neighborhood. The red lights on the side streets are quite long and the wait is made longer by drivers who aren't paying attention (checking their phones? texting? ). When the light does finally turn green, they do not move. At times we wind up idling through a second light cycle and I want to scream.
  90. Lots of things use to and now nothing

    by Peter I would always manage to find something annoying in most people. Sometimes I would find myself so bothered I could no longer see the good in anything. After a major life changing event, I no longer find the negative in anything. In fact has become almost impossible for me to have a bad day. I now realize things can always be worse and there are people worse off then me. My thought process has changed forever. I refuse to waste my time or energy on other peoples short comings.
  91. You May Love Your Baby, I Do Not

    by Kunal Now, let me preface by saying that I do love babies (for the most part), but on a flight, especially one that is longer than 3 hours, I want to be able to sleep. However, it seems like every time I get on a plane, God decides to laugh at me and put a couple with a loud crying baby either behind or in front of my seat assignment. Till this day, I have yet to understand the point of traveling with a baby. If you are visiting family, they can come and see you instead (and if they don't, take that as a clue...). If you are sightseeing, I really doubt your baby will remember anything. And if you planning to go on a "vacation"... oh sweethearts, you have a baby... there is no vacation for the next 18 years. I firmly believe that it should be a rule that parents who fly with babies must buy earplugs and a cocktail for all surrounding passengers and if not, they must pay a higher fare than other passengers.
  92. Loud-mouths!

    by Andrew One of the things that irritates me is when people feel that their lives are so interesting and that they are so funny that everyone in the vicinity has to hear them. Be it a guy who's talking about his latest 'hilarious' drunken antics, a feminist who is talking about useless men, some lowlife relaying a story on the phone about how he attacked someone who disrespected him, or simply a parent talking about their child's world-class sporting achievements. I've heard all of the above loud mouth tales from across a busy room or public transport vehicle. Each from the same sort of person who speaks at the volume designed not just for the person listening to hear, but for as many people as possible to hear... because they truly believe they are so interesting, people will be quietly watching and listening with awe and respect. Absolute idiots. When I'm an old man and have much less to lose, I'm going to tell these idiots to shut their stupid mouths because nobody wants to hear it.
  93. Costco.....FREE FOOD!!!

    by Maile Don't get me wrong, I love the free food samples at Costco. What I hate is how brain dead free food makes people. They will stop right in the isle and block everyone from passing or, just cut right in front of you to get it first.

    by margie Increasingly irritated by people who show no consideration for other drivers in car parks. Yesterday parked my small Suzuki in supermarket car park. Came out to find big Mercedes parked next to me at an angle. Tempting though it was to clip the back bumper and headlight and teach the arrogant driver a lesson, I could only damage my own car in the process, so just gritted my teeth instead. Also drivers who park so close to you it is obvious that moving out will be very tight for the other driver. Completely selfish. What happened to showing consideration for others!
  95. People who have no consideration for others--espec

    by Kate Just a few of the worst: ~Hotels - Please be considerate of the fact that you are in shared space and be quiet when walking the corridors (no matter what time it is) as someone may be sleeping or trying to rest. ~Children - Please remove your children to the bathroom, car, or home when they cannot behave themselves in public. Having a romantic dinner spoiled by your child (when ours is at home with her Grandmother) because you refuse to control them is aggravating. ~The earth is not your trashcan or ashtray. Please stop throwing your cigarette butts or trash onto the street. Is it really that hard to find a trash can? ~Freedom of speech was meant to protect people from being jailed for speaking their opinions about the government, not so that you can use every four letter word in your vocabulary in mixed company because the barista mixed your latte incorrectly.
  96. Parents who Ignore their Children

    by Kathleen As a 30 year elementary school teacher veteran, and an experienced mother of a 24 yr old, I am continually irritated by parents who are seemingly ignoring their children's needs. Whether it is taking a moment to explain to a whiny child why he can't have gummies at the moment, or comforting the child because he is tired of shopping and just wants to be held instead of being dragged by the arm as he is being told to "walk faster", to something as simple as putting a hat on a baby's head when going out in the cold from the car into the grocery car in winter weather. Parents have sent children to school hungry, inappropriately dressed for inclement weather, and without supplies. I have dealt with that by purchasing items for them. I understand hardship. But I don't understand impatience with little ones who have no other way to communicate their needs except through crying. Adults need to act like adultsif they are going tobe parents.
  97. Strange Irritations

    by Raymond One thing that people, whom I don't know, do that really irritates me is to offer advice when it wasn't asked for, i.e. sticking their nose into my business. One of the last times this happened was this past summer, my wife and I went to the casino in Niagra Falls, N.Y., and I was playing blackjack. I took a hit on a hand total in which I felt the odds were in my favor to not bust the hand. Well, I busted the hand. At the opposite end of the table, another player starts laughing and proceeds to tell me, "You NEVER hit on a 13. NEVER!" Since this was the only hand, out of 18, I had lost, and was up $350 from what I started with, which was $100, I told him to mind his business, I don't need HIS help playing the game as I've played blackjack for many years. People can be really annoying when they think they know it all, when in fact they don't even know their rear end from a hole in the ground.
  98. Whiners irritates me!

    by Mandy When my daughter was a little girl she would throw tantrums and raise her fist in anger because she wanted her way. This bothered me but I could take it. As she got older I notice how she could really pressed on that last nerve with her whining. Have you ever notice that whining people are lazy? "if I whine enough someone will do/get it for me". Parents seem to adapt to their children's whining giving and doing what the whiners want. Irritating part is the kids grow up and start to whine at work (if they work) or with their friends making time drag and the holding of our tongues harder to do. As the whiners get older it doesn't sound like whining as much as it sounds like complaining. My daughter has learned to stop whining when she hears my second sigh and now she listens to my complaining about people that whine.
  99. Blowing one's nose

    by Joyce I was with some friends just standing around and waiting for a tow truck. One of the men that was standing took his hand and promptly blew his nose without a tissue or hankie. I was so angry that I got in my purse and gave him a tissue and told him "Don't you ever do that in front of me again. Carry tissues or a hankie. That was the most disgusting thing that you have ever done." Can't men realize that having good manners is a credit to their intelligence. 
  100. Biggest irritating topic!

    by kimberly I cannot stand when someone spits on the ground, in the store in the floor, or anywhere, those type of people should be put in jail for life because that's just plain nasty. anyone disrespecting a person older than them or anyone really. I am an animal lover so I cannot stand anyone who mistreats an animal.
  101. Irritations

    by Sue Since my husband has a disabled parking card, which he nick named his slow moving sign, we have discovered that in this small town there is a new irritation. You guessed it, someone parked in a handicapped spot without needing it. Most of the time there is the driver sitting in the driver's seat waiting for their passengers. One day, we returned to our car and found a ticket on our windshield because our sign had fallen on the floor. We were surprised because we had never known of anyone getting a ticket in this little rural town. Anyway, we did talk to an officer at the police station and he was understanding of the situation. One more thing that is irritating is having public doorways blocked by people. They stand in doorways and talk or just stand there comatose. It seems so rude and even a possible safety problem.
  102. Inept dog owners!

    by Erin People who let their dogs loose in their unfenced yard really irritate me! If I am taking my leashed dog for a walk, why should I be afraid that their dog will run up to and/or attack my fearful rescue pup?! Do they even care that their dog is also at risk for getting hit by a car?!

  104. Shopping Carts and Big Walking on Small Aisles

    by angie People leaving shopping carts in a parking spot, when the cart return is right next to where they left the cart! Also, people who walk 3 or 4 abreast in a small isle in the store!
  105. Drivers who don't signal

    by Richard Lee My biggest peeve is drivers who don't signal. It seems this is an epidemic. It is so rude as well as dangerous to others. It's almost like the auto manufacturers should leave out turn signaling devices. I always signal. Even when turning in to a parking lot space. Thank you for listening Jusge Judy. Love you much.

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