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Why All The Road Rage?!

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Many of the cases in my courtroom involve road rage, and when I was younger I didn’t see the same kind of volatile behavior that I’ve witnessed as an adult. Back then, the most egregious behavior was a gesture or a nasty word. Now people are getting out of their cars, brandishing weapons and attacking other motorists. Why do you think this is happening? What’s the reason for the increase in attacks and anger on the road? Do you think it’s a result of a lax justice system or are people just more stressed out? I’d like to know your thoughts.

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  1. Road Rage Brings Out True Self!

    by John

    I've always noticed that the people who get the maddest during a traffic encounter, are the ones who are on the verge of snapping in real life. If folks are on edge during the course of a normal day, then an incident on the road will make them snap. My advice is stay in your car! Don't mess with crazy!

  2. Why all the road rage? I'll Tell You Why!

    by Marcia I believe the increase in road rage is a complicated issue, but we, as a society, have become less kind to each other, have lost the need for consequences for our actions, and are generally very self-absorbed. We are always in a hurry, although I'm not sure why. We feel a sense of entitlement on the road, which can only lead to road rage. Longer commutes contribute to the problem with people feeling pressured to get to work on time. (This could be eliminated by starting out sooner and trying to stop multi-tasking.) Kindness towards others should start in childhood, but it's never too late.
  3. Dr Benjamin Spock..and my two cents!

    by LA I'm of an age to remember him. I think he is single handedly responsible for most of what has happened with the way children are raised today. He had the audacity in his later years to say he had been wrong when he said not to spank the child, but that was passed over and shoved under a rug somewhere. I was raised with manners. I was raised to respect authority and to respect my elders - whether they were right or not was not the point. When correcting a child, whether with a hand or the wood shed, became replaced with "let me reason with him/her" - when corporal punishment was removed from the schools - when we have permitted "no losers" in games - we have eliminated any respect for others or understanding of consequences. Add in GMO's - and add a explosion of "ADD" or "ADHD" and a host of other "illnesses" and you have people sitting in traffic with no sense of or idea of, what the word "restraint" means. We're doomed as a population as it is now.
  4. Road Rage? This explains it all...

    by Sandy "Society has gotten to the point were everyone has a right but nobody has a responsibility!!
  5. Road Rage

    by Joan I think with Road Rage, we need to look at the increase in narcissistic behaviors that were never corrected and become multigenerational. Just one prime example is the narcissistic behaviors we see in hostile aggressive divorce and custodial interference cases. These aggressive individuals were raised in narcissistic environments with control freaks and for them, this is normal and the only thing they know about how to behave. How could they know differently when this is all they ever saw? Unfortunately, these individuals pass these low self-esteem issues on to their children, and it grows exponentially. Now, we see it growing into our public lives. I also feel this has a lot to do with the increase in daily stressors such as financial, family, legal, housing and so much more. People seem to not have been taught the art of forgiveness, peacemaking or even respect for others. We live in a world were morals and values seem to not be anything anymore.
  6. Road Rage Increasing - Check!

    by Lee "And it will just get worse as the population continues to go up"...Democracy cannot survive overpopulation. Human dignity cannot survive it. Convenience and DECENCY cannot survive it. As you put more and more people into the world, the value of life not only declines, it disappears. It doesn't matter if someone dies. The more people there are, the less one individual matters." Scientist Isaac Asimov, on Bill Moyers "World of Ideas", 1988
  7. Life is too fast

    by Anise We all seem to be rushing here and there, using our mobile phones to speak to someone in a hurry, yelling at our computers if they take more than a millisecond to open up. Life is just too fast these days. We don't have time for each other or the common courtesies that used to be second nature. Slow down a little people. Take the time to acknowledge a stranger or smile at your neighbour. Help the World go around with a little less urgency. Anise, UK
  8. It's not me...it has to be you!

    by Tim Roadrage is something that is growing to be bigger and bigger, more violent and more frequent. But with many things, is it really the people on the road, or you who sits behind the wheel? As I have learned many times and in many situations, we as people who have issues with road rage do not truly know how to deal with the things that life throws us. Did I get into a fight with my wife or husband before I left the house? Did I not give myself enough time to account for traffic? Am I a high-strung person to begin with and everything I do tends to set me off? Along with all those things, people have not been taught how to appropriately deal with the curves life throws at them. They do not know that person in the other car, so they just vent their frustration. I have built-up anger from my boss firing me, and I'll take it out on someone else. I have learned that if someone is constantly bickering, angry and upset, it is not the car beside them, but the inner battle they have with themselves.
  9. We all think we're too special!

    by Chad Including myself. I'm one of the Ragers.. I try hard to be as good a driver as I can be. When some fool who is completely in the wrong honks or flips me off, he better be ready to pull over and discuss it so he can learn how wrong he is. If I'm in the wrong, which is rare, I'll immediately concede to the fact... but it ALL stems from our inflated egos. Most every person in every car thinks they are special and consistently right. Including me. But I'm ready to prove it!
  10. Just Keep Your Eyes Open And Your Mouth Shut

    by Joshuah I take my eyes off the road once every 8 seconds to check my mirrors: rear-right-left-road...rear-right-left-road... Well, one time I was approaching a notoriously dangerous intersection and there was a turquoise Cadillac behind me. At the light, I feel my wheel dip into a hole; I'm thinking, "Uh-oh, pothole, I may have blown a tire," and the light turns green. The Cadillac has a crack in its light, and it didn't before. As I pulled over to check my tire, he/she keeps going. Then as I'm checking the other tires, I see some paint damage. It was only then I realized what had happened. Felony hit and run? Maybe. Misdemeanor at best? Probably. But a little paint damage wasn't worth the legal hassle. After seeing this video, maybe he fled because he thought I might pull a crowbar? The incident took place in (what was then) a rather unpleasant corner of town. It wasn't as bad as a blue Ford pickup that almost rear-ended my on I-190, then fled going 85. And for what?! 1st Degree Murder?
  11. Driving in the Bahamas!

    by Natasha Hello Judge Judy, my name is Natasha, and I live in tte Bahamas. I always say to people: if you can drive in tte Bahamas you can drive anywhere. Our people seems to think that when the traffic light is on red, it's time to go and the amber or green light means it's time to stop. Another thing about driving over here is, why is is that everyone thinks they know how to drive on the roundabouts? But really, no one uses them correctly. Judge, almost every time I am on the road, whether I am a driver or passenger, I get angry. And it's just because my people are some of the worst drivers in the world!
  12. Why All the Rage?

    by Elsie I don't have a story per se, but I have a feeling about all the rage; whether it's road, work, school or life. I am 62 years old. I grew up pretty much as you did. During "our time," our religious beliefs were a very important and influential part of our lives...WHATEVER religion you professed! Religious practice calms you, centers you, gives you a more peaceful and giving perspective on life. It made you wise to life's trip-ups and gave you the tools to avoid being sucked up into negative responses and behaviors. Over the years, religion has been vilified, removed, ostracized and demonized. Each generation is less involved, less believing than the previous. The only thing that can fill this void is evil. We must all pray to Whomever Our God we serve to come back and save our children and our children's children from the chaos that is life now and bring us back into a more caring, loving, and peaceful life. Sounds naive? Think about it.
  13. Road Rage Theory

    by Dwight I must confess my theory is going to sound a little out of the box, but really has to do with "staying in the box!" I think people are less themselves and adopt more personas to deal with reality. The true Self always remains hidden beneath anger and sadness, and I've always felt you have to get through anger before you become sad, and with all the pandemics related to identity, I'd say there is a lot of people who are angry out there. How does this have to do wtih road rage? Well I think, again here me out, that your car acts like a second "body layer" and when you are inside by yourself, you can be your "true self" where it's ok to be in touch with your emotions, your real reactions to life, but it's the worst place to be if you happen to be or are the cause of something that contributes to road rage. You are bound to react in the now, with your true self as the car shell acting like a second (but real) body ego/layer. More traffic, more time spent on the road, more true Selves.
  14. Road Rage

    by Carol I recently moved from Iowa to California. I had really never experienced road rage until driving in California. It is perplexing to me since I have found people I meet, such as a clerk or fellow customer in line, are more talkative than anyone was in Iowa. They seem compelled to discuss their day, the weather, or random thoughts with a stranger. So who are these people on the road? If I am traveling slightly over the speed limit, it is as if I am deliberately attempting to delay the driver behind me. Based on my observations from Iowa to California, I would say it has to do with the sheer amount of traffic and driving time. In Iowa, the traffic delay would be a tractor, and no one wants to take on a farmer.
  15. Road rage!

    by Cindy We certainly live in different times. In regard to road rage, I believe it is happening so frequently because people no longer know how to manage their time. Then put them behind the wheel and they are in an all-fire hurry and have no regard for other drivers on the road. It boils down to time management. If they would only leave for work or wherever they are going five minutes earlier!
  16. So Cal Road Rage at its Finest!

    by Ellie in San Diego I am an outside sales rep in So Cal and there is not a day that goes by that I don't encounter some type of road rage around me. Personally, I think it stems from several factors: everyone is in a hurry and feel they are more important than the others around them; the freeways are so crowded and traffic stresses most people out; too many illegal drivers who are not aware they are not obeying the road rules. For me, my biggest frustration are those that are driving too slow in the fast lane. This causes a very unsafe environment and definitely contributes to road rage. That one car that is traveling 50 mph in the #1 lane and congesting all other lanes of travel because no one can pass, is a danger and in viloation of the law. If the highway patrol were as eager to ticket these individuals as they are the speeders, I think our freeways would be a safer place. Love you Judge Judy! I record you when I am traveling and can't wait to watch! Ellie in San Diego
  17. Road Rage Shock!

    by Patricia I drive to and from work everyday and I am shocked by the driving behaviors I witness and how people seem to just not care because it's all about them. So many people drive without any regard of their safety or the safety of others, weaving in and out, speeding and cutting people off...for what? There are not enough police on the roads and I live in Nassau NY and people are not being respectful of others and always in a hurry! I witness so many people texting and talking on their phones. We need more police to enforce the laws and give out steep tickets which may result in people thinking twice before braking the laws! True personality comes out in their bad driving behaviors and I am really tired of it!
  18. Put down the cell phone while driving.

    by Kevin A. One major cause of road rage, is when drivers are not paying attention to what they are doing. In most cases the culprit is the high tech phones they are on. Whether it is chatting, texting, or looking at facebook, when people are trying to multi-task in this manner, problems come up. On a major highway here in Colroado, I have offen seen people paying more attention to their phones than to how fast they are going. 90mph in a 75mph speed limit zone can and will end up in a serious accident if people are paying more attention to their phones than to the road!. Another thing that happens in the city, they don't use turn signals, miss a green light when it changes from red, or weave in and out of there lane. In this new age technoglogical world, people need to act more responsible then ever before.
  19. These Days

    by Lavell I think there is more violent road rage these days because in some ways life is much more stressful and unemployment is astronomical and everything is adding up which causes people to SNAP! by the way i'm not condoning this behavior... im just saying.
  20. The Source of Road Roage

    by Terry Anger and not knowing the other person. People are so quick to jump to anger. I don't like confrontation, but get me in a car and something happens and I'm quick to get angry and words start flying (not when kids are in the car though). Plus here in Hawaii, the horns don't really start honking like in other places. But I've noticed more people getting angry, yelling and gestures flying. So I think tempers are getting shorter and people are just more angry now.
  21. Road rage, music and television...

    by Taylor One of the contributing factors to physical road rage is all the music out there and violence on television that tells people that the answer to beat someone up when a problem arises. There really is something to using your words.
  22. reason

    by gary the reason for the road rage and behavior of people in our society today is because parenting is not as disciplined as it should be,discipline is crucial in life to teach you respect for others around you in this society today. and here in the u.k. punishment doesn't fit the crime another reason for individuals to say whatever !!!!!!! answer to this is at a certain age all should do time in the forces to teach them this word of respect,world would be a better place
  23. Pro Active Solution for Road Rage

    by Donna Yes I, like Judge Judy, do remember when road rage did not exist  and if it did it was more than likely 2% of the total road traffic back when I was young and driving. Respect, you will not find it on the road anymore. I moved to a place where I thought people would be considerate boy was I wrong. Orlando to date and its surrounding area as the most disrespectful drivers I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I flat refuse to drive into Orlando or its surrounding communities anymore. I have at time have had to take a ½ panic pill just to get through these towns. You would think the vacation spot would be where people would relax. But no that is not the case here. Mostly young people I have found to be aggressive drivers a figure here a figure there or such loud music that it shake my car and I can hear that subwoofer through my car windows. So yes, where are the police and again I feel the courts have been too lenient on fines for this type of aggressive driving.
  24. My theory of why we have so much road rage.

    by Melani It appears to me that slight things are setting people off. People in America are territorial. Don't invade my space. People desire and are willing to die for violence as much as their desire for food or sex. People thrive on negative actions b/c it gets more reaction than positive actions. Put it all together and it equals road rage. Don't invade my space and if you do I'm going to hurt you, feeding the desire for violence & negative reactions.
  25. Anti-rage

    by christie It's certainly easy to see those in a hurry these days. I leave for work early enough to be able to stay just under speed limit. Most drivers do get annoyed, calling me a "goody," however my job requires a perfect driving record with no points on my license. With this understanding, its no doubt that there are times when I can be a target for road rage. The most recent was a rainy day while I was on my way to work. A man in a blue Accord pulls up on me and begins tailgating me. He begins honking and quickly pulls along beside me, cursing and yelling. I immediately began thinking on the most recent episode of Judy and i smile and wave. He gestures for me to roll my window down. I comply by rolling it down a little, remembering the soda being thrown on the episode. As he is calling me names, I smile and tell him I hope his day gets better. I think he was confused by my lack of involvement and sped away. 2 miles later, he was the one being rewarded with a ticket.
  26. Road Rage

    by Patti Try driving in Costa Rica -- if you have road rage issues you would so get over them. Everyone drives crazy, you get cut off, passed in no passing zones, tailgated and beeped at for not turning out fast enough and that's in the country. You so learn patiences and to watch for everything.
  27. Most mistakes are just that...mistakes

    by Dani I was at a gas station, waiting for my turn at the pump when the lane next to me became available. It was dark and even though I checked my rearview before backing up, I heard honking behind me and stopped. In another mirror I could see truck behind me. He had pulled in from the street behind me. After I pulled forward and was pumping my gas, I stepped over to the driver and apologized and shook his hand. After he left, another patron approached me to say he'd never seen anyone apologize for a near miss. I really believe that most people just make a mistake. It's not personal! If you cut off a car, and someone calls you on it, apologize and learn from it. I will confess to feeling anger when other drivers change lanes without looking and I pass them later to see them on their cellphones. I ride a motorcycle and I'm very careful about riding in someone's blind spot, but if they are distracted on a phone, they are compounding the danger they put us in.
  28. Why all the Road Rage?

    by CARMEN I think there is so much road rage because people are now living more on edge There are more demands in life and a lot more stress and people just tend to snap instead of taking things in stride.
  29. How I Handle Road Rage

    by Norma I have had many encounters with road rage. The worst for myself was when I was followed by the rageous other driver for several miles. I did not want this person to follow me home, so I drove to the police station. It's funny how the hint of the law getting involved can be like an ice bath. The enraged man just took off. I still don't know what I did wrong that day. I merely signalled to get around a slower driver and checked my mirrors before moving into the lane on my left. The traffic was traveling at a fairly moderate speed, about 47 mph. The posted limit was 45 mph. There was plenty of room for me to move over, about 5 car lengths. The man sped up to me and tailgatied until we finally separated at the police station. Anyway, I don't think the rager should have done what he did. It was scary. I think people need to grow up. Also, what i Think is that people should apologize more often. Whether right or wrong, an apology can calm a road rage situation.

    by Fran I think it's a lack of respect for each other. More people are only concered about their own life and not that of another. 
  31. Why all the road rage:

    by Brendan Firstly, I love your show Judge Judy. The common sense ,wisdom, logic and humour you display in classic! Why all the road rage?: I think it's down to a number of thing... a. Breakdown in basic manners, reserve and appropriate behaviour. Parenting/schooling failing miserably..that's another issue. b. Internet: Everyone thinks they're a 'big guy' capable to doing anything, smarter, funnier than the next. Exposure to what's available on the internet (the bad stuff) also instils anger and aggression in people. c. Stress: Life is more stressful than ever. Coping mechanisms are being tested to the limit. Escaping from work, home life, often involves getting in the car and going for a drive. When people get behind the wheel they feel cocooned from their environment. When anyone infringes on the 'safe place' watch out! d. No consequence: Someone hoots their horn for no reason , someone gets too close to your vehicle.. they see no consequence to this. e. Just plain dumb, yep they're out there
  32. Not being accountable

    by Briggie Today, it's always someone else's fault. People do not take ownership over their actions. They look for someone else to blame. They do not fear punishment or retribution because someone in their lives has always smoothed things over for them. I am not saying it is always bad parenting that leads them down this path, but it plays a large part of it. I feel like the time-out generation plays a big part as well. Parents afraid or not willing to discipline their children opened the door to children dictating to parents what is right and wrong rather than vice versa.
  33. road rage + new technology

    by Sheila I think a lot of it is due to people living their lives with all the new technology we have access to now days, and being so caught up that we forget other people matter and that everything isn't always the way we wan't things to be and we have become selfish about what's best for anyone but ourselves.
  34. Road Rage

    by Charlene I agree with you Judge Judy, I think people in general don't have any morals at all. I'm 64 and was raised in foster homes and a Baptist Children's Home. I thank God I was taught a lot about respect, and manners. My husband is one of those idiots that honk if you don't move fast enough, he hates people that littler too! I don't like litter's either but I don't honk. I keep telling him he's going to get shot one of these days. We were behind some guys that threw trash out the window and of course he honks and then acts like he's writing down their license. The guy gets out, big guy, and I told my husband the time has come, you'd better start praying. The guy acts like he's going to come to the car, I said "Well now you've done it!". The guy goes over to the passenger side of his car, picks up the trash and throws it in his car. Tells us his stupid passenger threw it out. Has my husband learned? NO! He has anxiety, to me that's no excuse!! Love your show.
  35. Lack of Self-control

    by Linda Judy, in your courtroom I see that the majority of your cases involve people who have shown a total lack of self-control....whether in a relationship, spending habits, after drinking, and certainly on the road. I believe this has occurred more in recent years due to an increased sense of entitlement fostered in the younger generation ("I'm the only one on the road") through parents and teachers who have bought into the idea that every kid is so "special", so "unique", and should be rewarded for even mediocre work and behavior. This results in immaturity, anger, and aggression when the last 2-3 generations can't have their own way or have what they want when they want it. In other words, a bunch of overgrown babies are on the road. What makes me the most angry is the tailgating - when this happens I have to remember that "someone here has to be the adult", and I simply pull off to the side and let the infants pass me. Otherwise I'd be just another baby throwing a dangerous tantrum.
  36. No one cares anymore !

    by Ken Nowadays there is no respect there once was. It seems that the kids today that have grown up were spared the rod and have become spoiled. There is no respect for the elderly, and those youngsters MIGHT become one, one day. Politeness has gone out the window. This all then translates over to driving. You act a fool, you act a fool behind the wheel. Bottom line is, there is just no respect anymore and that is a sad state of affairs. Judge Judy would say, pull over and call the cops, don't take the law into your own hands. You never know if that person who you "tick off" is carrying a gun . Why risk your life on something so silly? Give respect and you will get respect.
  37. Because we feel anonymous in a car

    by Marin It's my experience that when we feel anonymous we become somewhat less than the person we think we are and our behavior deteriorates. I find myself doing dumb, childish things in a car that I would never do face to face (like speeding up so that jerk that is passing me on the right can't get ahead of me before he boxes himself in or tailgating the too slow driver). When I'm not driving and think about it later, it's clear how stupid, rude, childish and dangerous such actions are, and I vow to not do them anymore. The temptation still comes, but if I continue to be aware of how I/we get behind the wheel and make a commitment to chill out and mind my own business and drive defensively, I don't act out and don't get in "rage" situations. Maybe everyone should be required to take a classroom driving course every two years that points out the stupidity of this "instant reaction" behavior and it's consequences, and gets people to commit to being self aware and rational while driving.
  38. Too many people with less and less patience.

    by Bradley If I were too narrow it down to three general causes I would say that it has too do with, A. More people with more cars/trucks than before, B. Lots more stresses in life with a lot less outlets as well as time to de-stress and C. People seem to generally expect more... they expect to be able to whip around town and when something deters that then people have almost no patience for it. We live in a digital age and people feel like life in the streets should be as immediate as life online.
  39. road rage

    by Linda I think people are stressed out and are at the edge. If I make a "mistakes" while I am driving, I make eye contact and give the peace sign.
  40. Road Rage

    by Rachelle I believe road rage can be caused by inconsiderate people..always in a hurry. Poor time management.. They don't plan their trips: shopping, road trips, going to work etc. Immature drivers.
  41. Road Rage

    by Shelly I agree with you. I also believe that a lot people these days have bad tempers and also that people believe that violence is their way of getting the peace that they are looking for. They also have their own happiness when they only have the drugs they want. If they don't, their real tempers come out. Thank you
  42. Consequences

    by Jamie If a child touches a hot stove and burns their fingers, they will never touch that stove again! Children, in today's world, pay little or no consequence for their bad behavior so it continues!
  43. It is all in the BEEP

    by Ella Remember when the bell rings and the boxers start to fight each other with gloves. well, I believe when a motorist has unresolved bitterness and someone sets them off with the honk of a horn, they RAGE. When I drove, and someone beeped at me, I would just wave and think they must of know me. Driving a car is such a wonderful thing, and it should be relaxing and very conscious of what is going on around them. Thinking of only the road and the motor that is moving along, The rager or one who rages may be thinking of negative thoughts and someone driving in his or her direction might react to the sound of the beep. My mother would say "people get their s--- hot too fast", and that applies to a lot of situations.
  44. Dangerous

    by Eileen While I get enraged many, many times on the roads with distracted driving etc, I never never have participated in any retribution or pointing finger. Too many people have very bad tempers and you never know what will tip them over the edge. I have seen too many people carrying weapons in their cars or using automobiles as weapons. Just drive away.
  45. Mine is bigger than yours!

    by Betsy While taking my pregnant daughter to the doctor, I passed a small car going slow. For some reason this enraged the driver of the small car. He then stepped on the gas and got within a foot of my bumper. I had a V8 engine so I went a little faster but he persisted and did it again. I then really stepped on it and left him in the dust of the gravel road. No more road rage could follow me because mine was an old Georgia police car. I still don't know what set him off but I wasn't sticking around to see why! LOL
  46. Cell Phones & Anger & Road Rage

    by Carol I live in a rural area in NH & I find one of the biggest problems behind Road Rage is the use of Cell Phones while driving. It seems like every other vehicle has a driver on the cell phone not paying attention to driving. When we were younger, there was a TV add for safe driving which said "Watch out for the Other Guy". I'm sure Judge Judy will remember this. That message is even more important today. You can be the best driver in the world & still be struck by a careless driver. Also we live in a stress filled society where people are just snapping for the littlest thing. Tail gating is another reason for Road Rage today along with being cut off. People have to learn how to drive with safety & caution to get to where they are going in one piece & not as fast as they can.
  47. Worst case of road rage

    by Sharon The other day, I was travelling at the posted speed limit up one of our mountain accesses. There was another car beside me doing the same. An older woman was driving. Up behind me comes this cream coloured bigger, but older car and he gets in behind me so close I couldn't see his headlights. I kept my position not wanting to speed going up this access. The driver gets the hint and gets out from behind me to get in behind the car beside me. After about a minute, and to my horror, this idiot cuts out into oncoming traffic, speeds to get around the lady, passes her on the left and just before a collision, swerves back in front of her, and then fishtails in front of me. Two young people in the car - male driving. He continued to speed up the mountain access at a high rate of speed. Only by the grace of God did he not hit the car in the oncoming lane. I called the local police but do not know if they got him!
  48. Instilled

    by Debbie Yes, I had/have/had road rage but the doctor said it was my hormones making the change. That excuse would work for females, but males? I think there is so much violence all around us, going into that rage stage, I believe, is a persons way of self protection. When I had it, I'd ride on someone's bumper, or lay on the horn if they were driving too slow. I could feel my fuse lighting each episode. Although I don't have road rage very often nowadays, I find myself exploding my thoughts via FB. For example, recently posted was a picture of a dead bull elephant that a wealthy family hired a hunter to make a kill. Then they had the nerve to pose behind it. This elephant was 50 years old, large tusks, and was minding his own business. He still had the grass he was eating still in his mouth. Well, my rage is kicking into high gear, and I think I've said enough to understanding my perspective. Thank you.
  49. Lack of Respect, Not paying attention

    by CJ Every time I turn the key in the ignition and pull onto a public roadway I'm taking my life in my hands. People ignore stop signs, cut across lanes of traffic with no signals only to cut back across the same lanes and head off an exit ramp. I practically drive in the ditch to avoid oncoming, left of center drivers. And winter weather in NY brings out the ghost cars, those who don't clean the snow off their cars and can't find the headlight switch before barreling towards me out of a white out. Fear of these idiots brings out the road rage in me. When I was younger and encountered some of these drivers I would follow them, sometimes to their destination and confront them in parking lots screaming at them and calling them names. Driving use to be a pleasure but their are too many other drivers who think they are entitled to the whole road.
  50. Road Rage personal experience

    by Delece Road rage comes from the same area as all violence comes from. Lack of discipline with children, lack of respect to each other. My personal experience of a few, here in Australia, is a semitrailer blocked me on a round about. I could not move forward as he had blocked me, and cars were behind me. He got out of his truck and came to my car screaming and yelling punching his hands as he came to me. I am five foot and one inch tall, 57 year old woman. I was terrified, so I got out of my car, stood as tall as I could, with my hands on my hips. I have no idea what I thought I was going to do. As he came to me, he looked at me, turned around and walked away. I don't know why, but I was so glad as I could not stop shaking and continued to shake for about an hour later. I don't know why I stood like that as I am not a person to fight, I am a social worker who assists people to negotiate their way out of situations.
  51. Road rage - Too easily offended...

    by Jane I have not been in a position to experience road rage directed at me but I have seen it with several people I have ridden with over the last few years. I think people are much quicker to be offended by things than they once were. Now days, it seems everything we do or say or don't do or say is offensive to someone. The offended people are much quicker to react and I think that comes from wanting to be right and wanting to right what they feel is a wrong. No matter what it takes. Being justified to take that immediate action is more important than realizing the outcome of such a reaction. Tempers flare and then the trouble seems to escalate from being annoyed with the other driver, to getting even. Living on the edge of nerves is common today. More reasons to be offended but sadly we are guilty of overreacting so many times.
  52. road rage

    by Rebecca I think more people feel like thy can do whatever they want in their car. They can use their car like a weapon or a bully. Like yesterday my son was backed into while walking his bike home from school by a high school driver who decided he wanted to be a bully using his car. He pulled into reverse trying to scare my son and his friend and then hit my sons bike knocking him over and making him fall. Of course when police came he said it was accidental but the neighbor lady who called the police said it was intentional. I believe if it wasnt for his car he may not felt so powerful. Behaviors of people today are more harmful and irresponsible due to lack of respect for other people and selfishness. Only thinking about themselves and not about consequences of how their actions affect other people.
  53. Road Rage = Self-Focused People!

    by Paula I believe society now is very rude and self-focused. People haven't been taught how to deal properly with problems and don't really care about anyone else but themselves. Secondly, our culture now is overworked, underpaid and in a hurry. We are trying to do 20 things at a time, and when they encounter a problem with traffic, they are so overwhelmed, they snap.
  54. Road Rage - Internet doesn't help!

    by CeeGee4 Whether it's lack of discipline at home or inability of schools to apply strict discipline, children seem more likely and able to "express themselves" -that includes anger. Daily - from peers, elders, TV, movies,video games - anger, rage, and violent behavior are the norm. They 'get off' on it, laugh inappropriately at gruesome and bloody scenes. Taking life in the media makes little or no impression on them, because they are used to it. Difficult to apply a double standard when people are encouraged to get in touch with inner selves and express feelings, then told to curb t anger- a lot of individuals cannot separate mixed messages nor have been taught to apply inner brakes - they have no idea what is appropriate. How many people I'm going to be "perfectly frank with you", using that phrase to be cruelly and unnecessarily critical of others? Internet blogs provide the distance and anonymity needed to cultivate and encourage rage and anger and allows people to get away with
  55. Road Rage- it's out of control!

    by Julie Hi Judge Judy, we are huge fans, so is my brother. So, road rage...it's out of control! I was born in 1972, so I'm still trying to get used to this ridiculous escalation of violence over such a trivial event. Our oldest is 18, and we have taught her that no matter how ridiculous someone else is driving, or if they are trying to engage her in a road rage incident, don't reply and if it's really over the top, then get to a safe place and report them to 911. I think today, sadly, due to glorified violence in the media and video games, people don't think it through to the end , they just react in the moment. We all get mad, I roll my windows up & if I need to I may vent my thoughts out loud in the safety of my car. (Maybe even use one of your phrases, "What a Yutz!!" Lol Keep going Judge Judy, you're awesome!! Jules in Cary, IL
  56. In a Hurry!

    by Barry I have always tried to drive according to the rules of the road. But when the gas prices really started skyrocketing, which we pay to people that hate us, I vowed I would pay as little as possible for their fuel. And I started noticing that the people racing from red light to red light are just spinning their wheels. I am at the same red light, but a few cars behind. And I also only have about a ten mile ride to work, but the people I see that speed by me on the freeway many times are at the same red light when I get off the freeway! They are ignorant to the fact that a lot of the time, it does not matter how fast you go, you're still stuck at the same red light as someone who drives smarter. And the moral to the story is, I went from 17 miles per gallon driving like "they" do, and now I enjoy 26 miles per gallon driving responsibly.
  57. bumper sticker

    by Susan My dear friend from New York gave me this bumper sticker that read "happiness is 10,000 Canadians heading north with a new yorker under each arm" we both laughed. However, while driving on I-4 in Fl a New Yorker obviously took offense and ran me off the road into the median at 65mph. Totally unnecessary and I had my 3 year old daughter in backseat. I had to stay there for sometime to regain my composure and console my child before resuming my drive. What a true road rage event
  58. Road rage? generation gap, Big one!

    by Mark The people of this generation were not taught the same values that we were. I think it's all instant gratification in a microwave heated world. It's now not about the other person, but always me, me, me. You seldom see a polite act in traffic. Always a rude gesture.
  59. Road Rage - entitlement...

    by Jeanne I had a work friend that told me she was driving and ahead of her was another elderly person that was stopped at a stop light. She was being berated by a young man she apparently cut off. He was screaming at her and running around her car beating it with his fist. Not only was that elderly lady in fear for her life but my friend, who is also elderly was in fear. Neither woman had a cell phone to dial Police and nobody came to their rescue. Probably of fear of this man going so crazy. It is very scary to go out for a ride now a days. When I was young we would all pile into my dad's car and go for a ride In the Country. Nice leisurely ride. Not today. There is a generation out there that feels they are entitled, entitled to any and everything. It is sad, but I have seen very bad manners and rude comments coming from young people. Seniors now aren't given the respect we all deserve. My Mother raised me to treat people how I would like to be treated, I raised my kids the same.
  60. Road Rage

    by Janet I think it is because people are too busy with their own needs to be able to notice or care about another driver. Way too many times, people are on their phones or texting and get mad when they have to allow you to stop them because you are in their way.

    by Patience Dear Judge Judy.... I am the same age as you are and share the same thought patterns as you have expressed. The explanation to my mind is that everyone (a) has a sense of entitlement these days - i.e., what's yours is mine and what's mine is my own - (b) no-one is taught basic manners anymore (on the road or anywhere else for that matter) - (c) no respect and (d) no consideration for anyone but themselves. What this all adds up to is pure undiluted selfishness and arrogance. I've been carved up countless times on the freeways and how there aren't more fatal accidents beats me. A car will swerve right across your bows narrowly missing you and with no please or thank-you. It's just "That's where I want to go. Move over!" type attitude. Also, the police are too busy arresting easier targets than patrolling freeways for dreadful behaviour - and as for the law disallowing texting and/or use of cell 'phones whilst driving - NO-ONE takes a blind bit of notice!
  62. Lack Of Respect

    by Helen G I live in the U.K and have noticed a real increase in bad behaviour on the roads in the last few years. I think a combination of stress, ignorance and a lack of respect contributes hugely to incidents related to road rage. My last job involved a lot of driving and some of the behaviour I witnessed out on the roads was terrifying. I also think that when we are in our vehicles, we feel secure, especially with the advances in vehicle technology. I think this has led to real complacency in drivers. I also have to regularly remind myself that whilst I take a huge pride in driving well, many others see using a vehicle purely as a means of getting from A to B as quickly as possible. My approach? Stay back, stay calm and forgive others for their mistakes. Failing that - get the bus!
  63. Too Much Id

    by Liz It's part of what I call the Celebration of Stupidity in our culture. People are not valued for being calm and quiet and circumspect. They are valued for yelling the loudest and being the most threatening. It's a form of entertainment to see how obnoxious you can be. I don't know if Jerry Springer is a symptom or a cause, but the fact that he has an audience is quite a statement about our moral compass. I go out of my way to be considerate to other drivers. Most of the time I get a wave and a 'thank you.' Sometimes people around me honk, or passengers will tell me that I am a wimp. Driving has somehow become a competition, to a certain type of person, and he AIN'T GONNA LOSE.
  64. Ignorance

    by Eileen A car reversed from a drive right in front of me without looking. Then as I filtered into the lane to turn left he pulled across and nearly ran into the side of my car. We then pulled up side by side at the next junction where he opened his window (mine were closed) and bellowed "YOU STUPID F*****G BITCH". I thought it best to ignore him and luckily he went the opposite way. Best way to deal with these idiots is to get away from them. He was in the wrong but probably too thick to see it. Eileen. (England)
  65. Lack of connection

    by Susan With all of our social media, there is less human interaction all the time. People used to go to the bank and deposit their paycheques and talk to the others in the line and also to the tellers; now the pay is direct deposited from their employers' bank accounts. Shopping online is common: no going to the store and talking with a salesclerk. Social media allows a list of thousands of "friends" who will never meet. We are isolated in the midst of communication devices. We work in "cubicles" with machines. We spend our evenings at computers. We don't know people because we have very little real contact with anyone, including our own children who are in sports, arts, or trouble where professionals handle them. Many parents know almost nothing about their children, and vice versa. News reports only the bad and we believe every word because we have no one to talk it over with. Humans are meant to be social and to work together. We are frustrated and afraid, and attack to connect
  66. Why All The Road Rage?!

    by Fran In my opinion, the root of road rage is: Our population has gotten a lot bigger than "in the good ole' days". No matter the person's religious beliefs we have forgotten the Golden Rule. "Do unto others, as you would want done unto you". We are currently in a society of people who feel entitled. Entitled to what I am confused at. It doesn't matter the judicial system or the punishment. We have set aside our personal responsibility of discipline. We are a society of technology so much so that we have lost our humanity. We have forgotten the simple things that really make us happy. One being that of simple mutual respect, regard, and good manners. I would be interested if just one city, town, state, etc. were to take an hour and in unity choose just be nice how we all would feel at the end of that hour...hmmmm?
  67. Manufactured Fear

    by Andrea Road rage is because we live in a time where people feel they have no control over their own lives. I work from home, so it's rare I drive in L.A. When I do, I find myself enjoying the sunshine and see driving as an "outing". I am not in a hurry most of the time, but it feels like people are frantic, like "get out of my way" frantic. "Reality" TV has replaced reality, & gossip rags have replaced newspapers, We pay attention & participate in nonsense because we don't feel in control. Consumed by insignificance, we have lost the will to believe in ourselves and to find a way to matter in our own lives. We believe all we have is what we see in the mirror because we can't feel the earth beneath our feet. Rage is manufactured fear. If we cried instead, are we afraid no one would hear or hold us? People respond to the world in the way they feel treated in the world. "Be kinder." & "Are you happy?" my mother would say and ask. I return to her words when I feel that manufactured fear.
  68. My thoughts on road rage...

    by Anita I have experienced the gestures from time to time, but I don't drive right now and it's because people are inconsiderate. When I got my license when I was 16, you had to use the turn signal, you had to use the 2 second rule, etc, etc. Nowadays, people, I think, see it as an inconvenience to do those extra steps to be considerate to those that are driving around you. I think we need to be more strict when it comes to obtaining your driver's license and instead of just filling out a form and getting your license renewed because you haven't had a ticket in the last 4-5 years, I think there should be more actual driving tests given. If they fail to use the turn signal, or follow too close, or make an improper lane change, they should fail the test. Once they are made to do something that is the law, maybe they might think differently when it comes to the rules of the road. People are too quick to anger these days, and I think this is one way to slow that anger down some.
  69. It all comes back to manners .. or lack of them

    by Isobel Road rage ... similar to 'telephone rage' .. or 'supermarket rage' ... or just 'modern living rage', is all about everyone believing that their rights are being in someway compromised. How dare someone cut you up on the road? How dare somebody not answer you telephone call within three rings? How dare somebody queue jump in the supermarket? Don't they know who you are? I truly believe that everyone these days has an inflated opinion of how important they are and that their life and goals are the most important. No one considers anyone else these days. Politeness, good manners, kindness, generosity ... these are rare gifts today. Once upon a time to give up a seat on the bus for an older person or pregnant woman would be the norm ... now? Not so much. We all believe that we have to fight for everything these days ... we dare not give an inch or someone will take advantage. But - how true is that? Not very in my experience. Give a little .. get some back. Politeness that is!
  70. Road Rage's Anonymous Victims

    by Jennifer I worked as an advertising executive for the local newspaper for a number of years and my job was to drive from client to client and sell them advertising for their business. I was very aware that at any time I might be seen by a client or potential client and/or my managers and coworkers so I monitored my public behavior constantly. BUT... what I felt was something else. Life is crazy these days and I think we're all looking for that anonymous punching bag for release. It's sad that we are so driven in our daily lives that the slightest affront will push us over the edge to a point of "rage." But, it does and if it's someone we don't know, don't care about and upon whom we can unleash without consequence it seems to be fair game. Towns used to be smaller and the likelihood of seeing someone you know was greater. Today - not so much and we feel freer to do the unthinkable.
  71. Road rage UK

    by Chrissie We have had road rage over here in UK for quite some time . Two big cases of murder caused by road rage I feel that most is caused by bad drivers and bad road training I don't know what happens in USA but feel some drivers should have another sign on there cars saying 'just learned' and road signs done so people can understand them as you need a dipolima to understand them especial at junctions.
  72. Road Rage theory

    by Mary There was a video going around the web of a man calling in to work who witnessed three old ladies beating up a guy who clipped them. They were using a BIBLE! This may seem funny and on the surface, it is if you hear the man calling. But, I think it is something more serious. It is my theory that people are becoming more violent in general because we ALL are so frustrated and angry with the government, the economy and the general outlook for our country. We are so unhappy; we take it out on each other.
  73. No easy answers

    by Don I think that as a society we live in a much more frantic, cutthroat world. I think the MTV generation and so forth, has been taught that life is "fast". Thanks to hyper-fast editing, we get a sense that everything has to happen "now". Quick! Fast! We're less naive as a society and we have become a self-important one. Newer generations have a sense of entitlement, not experienced in past generations. Parents teach their offspring that the world reveolves around them. Thus, "How could ___ cut me off? ! Don't they know I'm important and I have to ___!?" Or lousy, hormone/chemical filled diets can't help. We're not as healthy as we used to be. With terminal illness, obesity, diabetes, and life-threatening disease cases growing in number all the time. Worsening our mental health. We have every issue under the sun coming in and invading our living rooms daily. Terrorism, murder, child molestation, war cases-it's no wonder we're more stressed out!!
  74. Hate their personal life

    by Stacia I have always been a safe, courteous driver - BUT in my youth - stay out of my way if you want to challenge me on the road. One day, I was at a light - two lanes went into one. I thought I was so clever to get into the right lane and try and get ahead of the guy next to me. We both gunned it and he ran me off the road. That snapped me out of my arrogance for sure. I sat on the side of the road and blasted myself for being so stupid. From that moment on - I just get out of the way of other stupid drivers. I truly believe, myself included, the road rage comes from your own anger in your life. You are not happy with home, work, anything and take it out on the road. In your own silly mind - you think you are something when you get the better of a stupid driver - this attitude will hurt you - it almost hurt me.
  75. Stress = Road Rage

    by Diane I think people are living more on edge as you say. I see and hear about people that are extremely stressed out and just put too much on their plates. As a result they are rushing around like chickens without heads!
  76. Carfree & Carefree

    by Joanne I have always hated cars. I hate everything about traffic, accidents and drunken drivers! People are experiencing great fears today about things they feel they have no control over, so they immaturely take their inner rage and blow their stacks on the road. A car is a weapon in itself; powerful and capable of killing. I am amazed at how violent drivers are today, though it does not surprise me. They who are fearful need a psychological assessment as well as the driving license before they get behind the wheel. When fears are not expressed and dealt with, they always surface as anger and develop into raging fits. I also think that if a person is of sound mind they ought to be given a break on their auto insurance. Sound minded humans are not given to road rage or any other form of violence towards humanity. As a pedestrian, I say a silent prayer as I cross an intersection as I have the awareness that some psychotic episode in one of these drivers may kill me!
  77. Why All The Road Rage

    by Carol I believe it is a combination of both plus the lack of respect and consideration for others. Everyone is in too big of a hurry to get somewhere. I am a pedestrian. Fortunately, I have not experienced the rage you are referring to, but I have had many people upset because I am crossing at an intersection where I am crossing with the light but someone who should be stopping is looking to the left to see if they can make the right on red so they do not see me. Police have done this as well. I also live near a hospital. I wish I had $1.00 for every time an ambulance or fire truck with their sirens going had to wait for cars to go through the light so they could proceed safely. I asked a police officer one day why these people never get pulled over and his reply was "they probably didn't feel like it".
  78. Too much pressure!!!!

    by Irmgard I am a careful driver and avoid going over the speed limit. In order to get my attention and go faster, an Acura cut dangerously close in front of me and tried to run me off the road. I was too shook up to notice the tag numbers. I will never forget the panic I felt that day. Road Rage is happening because there is just too much pressure on human beings to keep up. Not enough time to interact with friends and co workers in order to understand that the way to let off steam is sometimes just a good conversation about those fears and concerns. The work place is another rage infested environment. Any time people have the impression that they have no control , it invokes a sense of helplessness and panic. I have often felt that way in the San Bernardino Superior Courthouse, one judge fell asleep as my life was being decided. After 3 years in the web of the judicial system (a nasty divorce) the rage I sometimes feel is not to be believed.
  79. Unhappy times = Road rage!

    by Monica In response to your question of road rage: I think a lot of people are going thru hard, challenging and unhappy times. They don't know how to resolve financial issues, marital issues, children issues etc. There are a lot of people driving around mad, hurt , scared etc... So when a minor incident or mistake happens people tend to over react and take their bottle emotions out on others
  80. Road rage and the like...

    by Linda I'm so fed up road rage, drugs, guns, panhandlers, people who lie, cheat & steal. Jail is like a revolving door, what a joke!! 99% of people that I know own guns w/o concealed weapon permit. Now we all know the rules that allow the right to carry guns. You may not agree with them, if that's the case, get involved to make a change. If not, don't bitch and moan when and if you get stop and written up for illegally having a gun in your possession. People feel they're entitled and if it doesn't work in their favor then they act out and do not want to deal with the consequences. It's called the PITY POT!! Grow up, talk to your children about drugs, molesters before it's tooooooooooo late. Look out after your neighbors house/street, report any suspicious activity. Start holding doors open, smile at people, say good-morning or good-night. If you see someone in need, maybe all you can do is to pray for the person and that's ok, at least you did something!!
  81. Road rage commute

    by Sandy I commute daily and it is apparent that people are more on edge. I think having instant access to so many things, because of the technology we have has made some people lose their patience. There is also a lot of violence in some movies. There used to be no ratings for movies, now they are rated because some aren't suitable for young people. I think it all is relavant to today.
  82. Road Rage

    by Laura Having traveled a great deal in Europe and Thailand I am able to compare driver behavior better than most. Clearly it is particularly acute in the U.S. There is a frenzy to get somewhere fast evidenced by risk taking, cutting in and out, speeding. Yet, there is no place they have to go in a hurray. Drivers are also isolated from being responsible toward other humans by the insulation of the auto. I am convinced that it is an anxiety level and a tendency to reify others. I also noticed from your program how so many people see themselves as victims, and rather than rely on the law they want 'justice' through punishment of others to make themselves feel better. It doesn't work of course. The need to hurray, victim mentality, treating others as things are all part of a malaise in contemporary society.
  83. Patience is a virtue.

    by Paris Traveling from Maine to Florida on a regular basis, travelers seem more friendly and courteous than locals who are not too patient at red lights, detours, waiting in traffic, etc. Commuters anxious to get to work too much in a hurry and not paying attention. People stressed out trying to juggle work & family. Road rage I have not yet experienced. We would avoid it at all cost.
  84. Entitlement = ROAD RAGE

    by Ceil In my opinion, I believe the generations from the 60's + have grown up in a time when parents gave up their rights and started allowing children to do what they wanted without being held accountable for their actions. It shows in how they deal with stressful situations, work related situations, and others in general,etc. We now see the results of a lack of parental responsibility with society in general paying for the lack of properly educating children about responsibility to others besides themselves. Many people today think that jobs should pay them more than they are worth, schools should give them grades they have not earned, courts should excuse any kind of behavior,etc . Being enamored with themselves by constantly taking "selfies" shows society just how interested they seem to be in other people.:-( . Are we really surprised that this carries over when they are behind the wheel?
  85. Road Rage

    by MaryAnne Growing up in Brooklyn, NY, in a congested area, people cared for one another. You had respect for and felt safe about your neighborhood police officer. Neighborhoods changed and people were forced out of their homes for safety purposes. Police officers hands were tied when approaching criminals. Hardness and resentment became a part of ones nature . So now when someone is on the road and someone cuts them off, it's that hostile nature instead of that caring nature that I grew up with that comes into play. Personalities are not what they were before. If someone got into an accident, it was "are you okay"? Now it's all kinds of curse words. Times have changed and so have people.
  86. Road rage

    by Sylvia I would be interested to know if this occurs as much in other countries. We see videos of unbelievable traffic in other countries. We see serious overcrowding in some countries but I don't believe we see the same road rage. I think part of it is so many people now have a sense of entitlement and others are so stressed by their home lives, by jobs they hate but know they must get to on time in case they lose them. There is so much anxiety in the middle class and those even lower by society's standards that it takes only the slightest thing to send them over the edge. They can't take it out on the boss or their children or spouse but an anonymous "other" is fair game. It's as though that one more person has pushed them over the line of civility.
  87. Observation.

    by Emma There are way more cars on the road then 50 years ago and also life is lived at a quicker pace.. People are too busy feeling too important about themselves while rushing about through their day.People have bigger egos, faster cars ,less patience ...and so on and so forth.
  88. Crazy Road Rage Man

    by Brenda I was with a friend driving home from a party late at night. A car was tailgating us and passed us at the first opportunity, but my friend sped up when the guy was trying to pass us. HUGE mistake! Once he was in front of us he immediately starting pumping his brakes and stopped, forcing us to stop behind him. He jumped out of his car and started pounding on the driver's window and demanding my friend get out of the car. Then he came around to my side of the car and my friend threw the car in reverse and started driving. The guy ran back to his car and we turned quickly around and drove away. The guy chased us for a few miles until the road widened near an intersection. He got ahead of us and pulled horizontally across two lanes to block us as the light turned red. Again he got out of his car. My friend drove around him and his car and through the light. We turned into a neighborhood and into the first driveway and killed the lights and engine. We sat awhile then finally left. Scary!
  89. Remember, we're both human!

    by Sherrie I've mistakenly cut someone off, while driving, and felt badly about it, but the road rage driver is prone to come around and try to cut me off, as if to say, "I know you did that on purpose, so here's how it feels!" Now I've learned, from watching Judge Judy, not to guess or say what someone else is thinking. If that revenge driver knew how crazy they are acting, then he or she would realize that they are endangering their own life, as well as my life, and other drivers around us. Can we realize that we are all human, give each other the benefit of the doubt, and not assume faults are done intentionally?!
  90. Road Rage

    by Karen I've seen this too many times. When I receive the finger wave I wave back and I say, in a load voice: "hi, tell your mother hello and I'll see her soon". I have seen parents raise their children without manners beginning sometime during the Dr. Spock period. I have seen that children with no manners usually do not have respect for others as well. There are so many people on the roads today. Some are in a hurry to get where they need to be for the job or an app't. Then there are others who don't need to be driving to the 7-11 during rush hour. Yes over population is a huge stresser in everyday life. But remember, this road is going in one direction and we are all going in that direction. We all will get to our destination with calmness & politeness.
  91. George washington bridge

    by Carol When I was 15, a long time ago, my family was driving across the gwb when four young men started to come closer to our car. Of course we could not move any further over but they kept trying to push us over to the side of the bridge. My Dad being the smart one slowed down to get away but they did too. When we got off the bridge they pulled over in front of us on the side of the road. By this time my dad was ready for anything as he was so mad. But very carefully he set his glasses on the dash board as the four kids, maybe 25 or 26 years old got out of their car and headed toward us, of course we were all screaming at my dad to stay in the car but he got out slowly with a crow bar in his right hand so until he steped out from behind the door of the car the kids could not see him. When they did spot the crow bar they ran as fast as they could to their car and took off. so this road rage has been going on along time and maybe we are just more aware of it now.
  92. Variety of Factors

    by Kristen First, while not at all an excuse, I think people are so overwhelmed today that they are stressed to the max and have no patience. Second, related to the first, is everyone is in a rush today. Third, there are rarely any consequences -- either for the reckless driver or for those who commit road rage. Since there are no consequences and very few people get "pulled over" by police for reckless driving, people feel the need (wrongly so) to handle it themselves. They don't think twice because there aren't any serious consequences for those involved in road rage. Finally, and this is happening across all areas of life, is this new generation of younger people growing up over the last 10 years or so. So many have a sense of entitlement; no work ethic or morals; and no respect for adults, whether that be parents, teachers or any others in positions of authority. There are no consequences at home for bad behavior. This, in turn, comes from the home. "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree."
  93. It's all the...RAGE!

    by Bri Road rage is practiced out here where I live on a daily basis. I live in a remote area of the high desert in CA. People up here that drive don't want to be 'controlled' so they pass you on the dirt shoulder or in the emergency lane on the freeway. I don't understand why people have road rage. Unless they have some sort of anger issue or drug problem. I don't know but it's scary. People just don't care about other people and their safety. It's all about them and getting from point A to point B. And I see some of these idiots passing other cars in an unsafe manner only to get the red light. So where did it get them? How many minutes did it save them passing those people? I shake my head every time someone passes me and I'm doing the speed limit!!! Ugh I have no idea why people have become so self centered.
  94. slow down

    by diana Hmmmm, well the more advanced our society as a whole becomes, it seems to me the more stressed we become as well. Technology was supposed to make our lives easier but as I see it, it seems to have made us all more stressed out. It's as if we as human beings are expected to keep up but in reality it seems to make us feel more pressure. I have always said "technology will be the downfall of our society as we know it ".
  95. Re: Why All The Road Rage?!

    by Kevin Hello your Honor: I think it's related to our human comfort zones. As more vehicles, including bikers of all kinds, crowd the roads, the more conflicts will arise. Just think about how literally close we all are, next to each other, car beside car, car beside bike, etc., it's a hard-wired response that takes work on all of our parts to overcome and make the effort to share our personal comfort zones a little bit more. All my best, Kevin, Winooski, VT
  96. Road Rage: Displacement or fed up

    by Grady I believe there are 5 reasons and a major one is displacement. This is a term used to describe when a person takes out revenge on another because of a past incident. We simply are tired of the same issue and take matters into our own hands to teach a lesson. Some do it passively and these would be upstanding people you would never think would act that way. Some people had a bad day and use anonymity as their excuse to be a jerk. Plus, the world is getting more crowded and more about me and narcissistic. Hence all the calm down logos and commercials. Society decline in morals as pride takes hold. I am second.
  97. Not a story just thoughts on Road Rage

    by Joy I really believe the 'social media' started the process. Everyone thinks their opinion is solicited and very important. They reply to simple questions & thoughts have led them directly to the traffic lane. They have the Napoleon complex that responds like a hair trigger, which of course some have sitting right next to them on the seat. Makes for very brave, misguided fools who react before the gray matter even knows what is going on. The 'act' is over before the realize often with serious consequences.
  98. Self-important

    by Dorame I think road rage taken to the level that it is has to do with the lack of self control people have. If they don't learn that it isn't all about them, and they have to learn to get along with everyone else out there, then when something breaks into their fantasy world they become upset. Calm down. Get over it. Be happy.
  99. Why road rage?

    by Patricia The discipline given out after 1980 in the family changed. I don't agree with hitting a child, but I think parents gave too much leeway to a child then and now. Justice system seems to go for easy targets, traffic violations due to the monetary system over here for justice, they throw out cases due to not serious enough to bother with, due to time and money etc, traffic court is easy money for the system. Judges in the UK are appointed on experience by their superiors, here it's how much money you have to afford a campaign and get votes to be a judge,( just my view) not a good way to appoint a judge. My biggest thought is, you are allowed guns and I would imagine that would make you "braver" in that persons mind, but rage does not come with common sense, if it did, we would all be law abiding citizens and Judge Judy would not have a tv show..lol
  100. why road rage?

    by Barbara People are far busier and think their "business" is somehow more important than everyone else's. Mom's used to stay home and take care of all the household chores that still need taking care of today, kids used to walk to school and play outside (now they are driven everywhere -they could be kidnapped! and are shuffled from one activity to another - stop at the drive through required as no one had time to prepare a "homemade" dinner, etc... I'm not sure how to make it dissipate since the kids are under so much more pressure than earlier generations.
  101. Mouths have gotten bigger while horns are not used

    by Patt What happened to blowing the horn, when you felt cut off? Why in the world would someone get out of their car to confront another person? Just lock the door and continue. I can see people on their phones while they make driving errors let alone texting and driving.I either quickly pass them or get away from them. Maybe they don't value their lives, but I value mine. I also see more and more cases on Judge Judy where people are driving without a license or on a suspended license along with having no insurance. I really wish the legal system would consider a more severe penalty for at least the license issue.
  102. When will they finally get the message?

    by Tammy I can understand why sometimes people have road rage and that's because there are some drivers out there that just don't respect not only the law but other drivers...Texting I believe is one of the worse causes of road rage because the people that are still texting while driving knowing very well its dangerous, still continue to do it...Not caring of the consequences if they cause an accident or not and that angers many drivers...I know when I see someone texting and driving I let them know what I think of it if there windows are rolled down...I don't have road rage but I say what's on my mind if I see someone putting other lives in danger.
  103. It takes two

    by Nancy I always say there are two sides to every story. I witnessed two people engaging in road rage and I would say both were at a fault but one more so than the other. The person in front would stop and get out of the car and bang their hand on the hood of the car behind. Once that person got back in the car, the person driving the car in back would ride up on the bumper of the car in front and the car in front would slam on the brakes. This went on about four times back and forth. I haven't told you yet the gender of each person so take a minute and guess.....the person in front was male and the person in back was female. So, I feel the female driver was the instigator even though if the athourites were called they might have had a hard time believing that. The male driver was in the wrong too for getting out of his car but it would have stopped if she would have backed off. And for the record I'm female. Just watching him get out of the car scared me, the lady was looking to fight.
  104. Life Has Been Too Kind

    by Kye People get easily frustrated at little things because their life - monetary or time has been a breeze. Some people don't even need to make an effort to survive in our current society. When people have no responsibility - job, their outlook of life becomes childlike. Spoiled is the word that comes to mind. After being entirely spoiled with having all your time to yourself & still managing to enjoy yourself, you start getting upset at little things. Remember that spoiled brat who snatched your stuff or threw shrewd tantrums? And after all that, the word Entitled comes to mind. They say to themselves - I am entitled to money, time & happiness. No one can waste my time or take away my happiness(make me upset). In general, people feel ENTITLED to their own expectations & time. They feel - I expect others to be a certain way & I'm entitled to react in a spoiled irrational way if it does not happen. I'm entitled so no one can treat me this way & I'll dish out retribution!!! Entitled.
  105. Too Much Media

    by Beth These days we see so much "action and adventure" on TV and in the movies we feel that's the way to behave in real life. Unfortunately when we behave like actors we die or end up in jail not back on screen the next week.
  106. Got Road Rage?

    by Beverly Just a couple of days past, I was going to the grocery store when I decided to cut through the parking lot across the parking spots to get to the opposite lane..I know it was a stupid move, one I am guilty of too many times. I was almost ready to turn up the lane when I glanced to my right and there comes a car flying down the lane. She was speeding cause she came out of nowhere! I did get stopped and avoided an accident but she had the nerve to stop her car and turn to me and say "I had the right of way you know!" Well I am southern and my redneck temper flared up and I said "I stopped for you didn't I? I didn't hit you did I? She shut up after that. If she would have gotten out of her car there might have been an altercation because she had so much attitude towards me that I was ready for a fight. I'm not normally a person who confronts others but this woman just set my blood to boiling! Well that's my story and I'm sticking to it! LOL.
  107. Free Speech

    by Joline Is it too hard to hear the truth? What's up with not listening to the real words that come out of peoples mouths? I would rather know who the real person I'm speaking with or listening to than waste my time watching someone put on a mask and try to hide their real thoughts and feelings because of politically correct speech. Only by hearing and listening to the real words that come out of people's mouths can we make an informed decision as to what that person's character is really about. Instead we prefer to demand politically correct speech and then we're left with a world of pretenders because our feelings get hurt when we hear things that we can't accept or don't want to hear. BOO HOO!!!
  108. Road Rage

    by Sheila I believe that stress is indeed a contributing factor to road rage. Times change, and now people live in a more fast paced environment. I also believe that there is a great deal to learn from many underlying mental inbalances that most Americans are under diagnosed. In addition, age is a great factor as to how someone reacts to situations. As a single mother in my middle thirties, I have learned to hold back on road rage for the following reasons: First, because I have come to an understanding that my precious cargo, my son, is worth not being involved in an altercation with another motorist. Second, as we aged, the majority of us, will get wiser. We learn to just let insignificant things go. So what if we missed the light because the person in the front was driving slow. It is better to get to your destination safe, even if it's a few minutes late.
  109. Yes...those were the good old days!

    by BETH The extent of the similarity in mine and Judge Judy's background is minute, our age. However, as I look back through the years, I see such a change in humanity and, not for the good, I might add. I realize that technology has made it easier to be informed. Now, we have world news, instagram, twitter and the like. I think this advanced technology is actually a double-edged sword. Like Judge Judy, I have a hard time reading some of the texts my grand-daughters send me with all the LOLs, LMFAOs,ur and such. Now, don't get me wrong, they are definitely the go-to persons for me to figure out how to do something with my super cool iphone or power point on my laptop. But they must have traded in their manners for their iphones. They will sit at a table in the restaurant and text constantly. This even happens at important functions. I feel certain I am not alone in noting these issues. I'm not quite sure who or what to blame for the demise of morality, but that is a whole different st
  110. It's neither one or the other

    by Steven C Everyone wants to be a hot shot. They're all idiots and road rage has led not only to personal deaths of human beings but a spike in violence in crimes across all age groups. There are Stigmas about the young, the elderly and so forth. In terms of the justice sustem, I don't feel confident they're at fault. However, a fine of some sort isn't out of the question.
  111. RoadRage

    by Mrs Gail We, that is my husband and I, have seen several road rages and we put it down to their attutudes and upbringing. We have been cut through by several idiot drivers as they have been in the wrong lane on the motorway. My husband never gets angry when we see this we just say there goes another stupid idiot he/she will get caught one day.We think they should have a ban for life and have their car licences taken away before they kill someone. We have always wondered how they passed their driving tests. There are t0oo many cars on the roads. I'ts like the drivers are competing against one another to see who has the best fastest car. To me that is just stupid jealousy.
  112. Stress

    by Jason I think today's world tries to do far too much in one day. There's work, ball practice, dinner, and everyone is one such a tight schedule even after work. I'm guilty of probably causing road rage but it wasn't intentional. As I was pulling out if work, I had turned my signal on to go to right to get in the main road through town. As I looked to my left to see if traffic was coming, the sun made it difficult to see but I could see the cars who had some of their lights on. I believed it to clear, however, I was wrong and a small pick up came up on me with no headlights as I was turning. I saw him at the last second and was able to pull over into the emergency lane and a collision was avoided. After I pulled out into the highway, the pickuo driver slowed down to about 20 mph in front of me. I figured he was going to turn off so I moved to the left lane and he shifts over to block me.In the end, everyone got to go home safely. If you feel wronged on the road, call the police, don't play.
  113. Why all the road rage

    by Sue I think, from what I've seen there seems to be lack of courtesy on and off the road. People are wrapped up in themselves and don't have much empathy for anyone else. This mindset goes to the extreme and leads to a sort of anarchy on the road. So, that brings out the worst in some people.
  114. Put the Electronic Gadgets away!!

    by Patricia I think that people are often too preoccupied when behind the wheel today. When people are too busy texting or talking on cell phones to concentrate on the road, they brake too late or drift into the wrong lane, they know they are in the wrong, but don't dare to wave your hands or yell because they will be quick to get defensive and go after you. Even though they were wrong, they will never acknowledge it or apologize, they will turn it around like you did something to them! Playing online games and posting things to social media should not be important enough to take your eyes off the road! Why do people risk their own lives as well as the lives of others just to tweet or update a facebook.status? What could possibly be so important??
  115. Lax Justice System

    by Laura I come from England and I'm 23 tomorrow, and I proudly passed my driving test a year ago. I personally think people have the excuse that they are stressed when it comes to Road Rage. I think this excuse is used because they know they can get away without anyone pressing charges. People in my home town regularly get out of the car and there is an argument if someone makes bad judgment when driving. The real issue is not that they are not stressed, this issue is the police are too afraid to bring them to justice due to it being a lengthy process and paperwork is too much to deal with. The most that will happen is a quick caution and the aggressive driver will be on their way and more than likely do it again before they reach their destination. I think there should be harsher punishments period.
  116. Anonymous pressure release

    by Cathy When you live in a world of full of your own life expectations that aren’t being met and add to that, long commutes, work places that don’t give you a trophy for showing up and an online world where manners don’t matter, people are going to unleash in a way that on its face is anonymous; road rage. They don’t know us, work with us or live with us, so strangers are the new pressure releases. The growing lack of restraint and the growing number of people that have to protect ourselves because the police aren’t out in mass anymore, is when it gets bad/potentially deadly. I understand the police standing down, they get sued just for suiting up, so why bother; so it's up to us. Personally, I kept my head, called my husband, and told him I was being followed. He told me where to meet him and when I pulled up my husband was out of his car waiting. The driver wasn’t happy with what he saw, waved and left. It took a group of men to make a nut who'd followed me 2 miles to stop and turn.
  117. Where have all the morals gone?

    by BETH Hmm, reminds me of an old song. I think the majority of our problems today come from the "garden of indifference". Todays manners and morals are from the toilets. People are so disrespectful and indifferent of fellow man. These people were not born this way, they were raised (or not) this way. Had parents devoted more of their energies to nurturing, teaching and instilling strong moral code in their offspring, we would not have the justice system so overrun with petty, and worse, criminals. Everyone seems to be stuck in their id complex. You remember, that is generally the 4 or 5 year old who can only think of himself and what he wants, irrespective of anyone else. There is no take a breath, think it out, and have a civil discussion about something that's bothering you. It's simply grab a weapon and beat your idea into their head. There's something wrong with this mentality. What in the hell did their parents teach them as a child, apparently nothing of value!
  118. Inner Anger

    by Juanita My personal experience with road rage was with my ex husband. He was an angry man anyway and one day we got behind a slow elderly driver and I thought he was going to come totally unglued. He darted from behind the car, passed it and cut in front of the driver and started hitting the breaks. When he stopped he started to get out of the car and was going to go back to the elderly driver! I was furious! I told him to get back in the car because if he got arrested I wasn't going to bail him out! He got back into the car and we left. I ended up divorcing him over his anger. So many people are just flat out angry. I don't think it has to do with the legal system or the police.
  119. Why all the road rage

    by Franklin I truly feel that if the juducial system would really crack down on the morons that physically attack another motorist for something that has happened in a traffic setting, and I mean REALLY crack down on them then maybe, just maybe they the next person would think of the consiquences of their actions. Thank you.
  120. People stressed and in a hurry

    by Pat Today we rush to get where we are going. The feeling of entitlement is everywhere. And I agree - people are not all that happy with their lives. I remember years ago whenever we were going anywhere we got where we were going when we got there. For myself I have had to learn to just relax and accept the delay, the traffic, that person who insists on cutting in front to get ahead, etc. I purpose to leave earlier because I know the roads are more congested.
  121. Remind Your Road-Rager That They Made That Mistake

    by Heather Many of us have been driving 10, 20, 30 (maybe even more) years. Some not very long at all. What we all have in common is that we have ALL made mistakes while behind the wheel. Yep, true story! Haven't we all cringed at ourselves for taking that wrong turn; or accidentally pulling out in front of someone? There's so much more Road Rage because we forgot how to FORGIVE. This is just in every day life. When I see bad driving, I think maybe they have a loved one being taken to the emergency room; maybe they are sick themselves; maybe they made an honest mistake. I am always thankful when another driver doesn't punish me for being human behind the wheel - so I'm gonna pay it forward every time. Yes, maybe they're just self-centered jerks trying to be 15 minutes faster from A to B today, but I believe most are just trying to do their best. Just keep your defensive-driving cap on. I'm smiling when I get there - how about you?
  122. Weapons and Road Rage

    by Nancy I don't know if it is such a new thing where people are using weapons I remember when I was younger and a driver that threw caution to the wind regarding road rage and I flipped some guy off for cutting me off. Well he got behind me and when I looked in the mirror he was holding up a crow bar and riding my behind. It terrorized me and I didn't know what to do so I drove to the police station. He didn't follow me into the parking lot but I sat there for like 3 hours before I left afraid that the guy would still be waiting for me. I think what has changed from then to now is the amount of traffic has increased and people these days seem to live in the me generation. Their attitude is the world revolves around me so what I do is right and what you do is wrong and if you don't like it well then you deal with the wrath. The guns laws are run rampant and it is so easy to get a gun. There are a lot of outside influences that could be discussed but I'm sure you get my point.
  123. Parenting

    by Jackie I think that it has to do with society. In a lot of current family environments, both parents are working. No one is home to guide the children on proper behavior. I also think people are more attracted to the stories they can tell to put themselves on a pedestal. It's "cooler" to say "I got outta my car and beat the crap outta that female dog," is way more interesting than I flipped so and so off. It's a media crazed society
  124. Road rage

    by Kerri My sister has that and it drives me nuts . She flips people off cause they go to slow or do not use there blinkers ( she does not realize she does the same thing ) I busted her one time ! Lol. It's our job to watch out for the other drivers and react as needed . Not get pissed just chalk it up as a lesson well learned .
  125. Road Rage - a change in the way we live life

    by Jennifer I think that road rage and the related "actions" if you will, are all tied into many things happening now a days. Such as being stressed out due to everyday life - I know as a mom of two (one teenager one baby) and the primary bread winner in my family (my husband is in school) the pressure of sustaining a family while working, cooking, cleaning, etc.....is overwhelming to say the least. I remember growing up and having my mom at home with us - I wanted that same thing for my kids, but the economy and higher prices for everything just don't make that possible for alot of homes anymore. And then even when you do have a job, the opportunity to move up isn't there like it was before. I feel like because families don't have the chance to take vacations and things like they used to, that frustration comes out in everyday life, such as road rage, and higher divorce rates, and marrying later in life, having kids later, etc. I wish there was an easy fix, but it just doesn't seem so.
  126. Pride, Insecurity, Lack of Tolerance, Stress, and

    by Diana As a society we have become busier and busier; however, not everyone who is busy and stressed out gets into a road rage. I truly believe that the first factor is PRIDE. “Why are you doing it to me? Why you cannot be behind me? Why are you going to cut my way, etc. ”? Those are the first things that comes to the mind of road rage people. Why? That is INSECURITY. They "Feel" that they deserve respect and consideration from everybody. They get easily "offended"; therefore, they feel someone is “attacking them or insulting their intelligence.” Now days many people LACK OF TOLERANCE. For some reason people feel entitled to anything and everything. “This is my road and I’m not willing to share it. Get off my way.” Interestingly they never notice when they do the same to others. Another reason is STRESS. Many people work 2 and 3 jobs. Others are sleep deprived due to work, social media activities and violent games, and here is where TECHNOLOGY plays its role.
  127. Living in the mad city

    by Robin I have been a New Yorker all my life. I can remember growing up and watching as a passenger in my Dad's car the outrage from people who were on the road and were in a hurry. I think that it may have gotten worse over the years due to the world being so over populated. People are in a hurry always and seem to be constantly rushing. I think people in general have a lack of patience and don't account for traffic on the road and chose to act in this violent matter. What also makes it worse is the fact that we do not have enough police officers in NYC. Lastly, the laws are so lenient that you can drive reckless and maybe not get caught or even get in trouble if you do get caught.The ticket you may receive is not enough of a punishment in my opinion. They need to enforce stricter rules to keep us people who follow the rules safe.
  128. Road rage

    by Robert I think most of the road rage is because, there are too many people, every place I go, whether it is the shopping mall or the freeway, and people just lose their temper, because of the crowed mall or the freeway or a ball game. I try to avoid crowds by shopping during diner time, this also applys to freeway driving. I also think it is a great idea to carpool with fellow workers, if possible. Robert
  129. Road Rage or Just can't stand Happy?

    by Melanie Similar to the Carol who posted before me..I was first in line at a left turn only signal waiting for the green arrow to proceed left. Spring day, gorgeous weather for Syracuse NY in late March.. nice enough to have the window down, and singing to the radio...yes loudly but who thought the schmo behind me couldn't be happy not to shovel that day? After my aria was over, I finally noticed that I actually was holding up traffic, I waved to the people next to me who were applauding my performance and turned to go on my way. This guy not only was honking his horn uncontrollably for 3 blocks, he followed me so close I got scared and pulled into the drive through lane of a McDonald's..no $ to buy anything, but I pulled up to the window and had the order taker call the cops...some spring day huh? I totally ignored him as I "placed my order" with her..then the cops showed up to assist me.The man was spoken to, and he accused me of ruining his schedule.hmm?
  130. Road Rage

    by Carol My first experience of "Road Rage" was within the first month of me moving to Atlanta, GA from Pittsburgh, PA in September 1985. I had stopped at a traffic light in the right hand turning lane. This particular intersection had a sign stating "No right turn on red." The driver in the car behind me honked his horn a couple of times, trying to get me to turn anyway. My car windows were open and I pointed to the sign indicating why I wasn't moving. He got out of his car, came to my window and proceeded to cuss me out. Another driver from the opposite side of the intersection came over and started to fight with the first driver right next to my car in the street. I put my car window up, the light turned green and I drove away, leaving the two men still fighting in the middle of the road. Generally I think we're more stressed these days and take it out on the actions of drivers on the road, using inappropriate actions resulting in negative results.
  131. road rage uk v usa

    by patricia It seems UK is the world leader in road rage. Is it because we don't have guns,(nor do our police), so we are not afraid of being shot and just are very verbal. Mostly the younger generation makes up those figures. My take is as a coach driver and truck driver in the UK ,(to which we are governed to 55 miles an hour) ,was shocked to see your trucks and coaches travelling at speeds 70 and above, plus driving ridiculously close to a car in front of them even I would get mad at some truck on my bumper at those speeds. we have intolerance for folks staying in the fast lane, tailgaters etc but no excuses for road rage. Stress of life nowadays and lack of harsh sentencing to warn people this is what will happen if you are guilty of road rage, but its he said she said usually, so hard to prove unless you tape it thank goodness for smart phones.
  132. Road rage

    by Kaii Hi judge Judy I celebrate my birthday soon (13th september) I managed to survive to 61 :) But during my years I have noticed that the older we get the more impatient we become with so little regard to others, especially on roads. To find a carpark its nothing unusual to find people arguing over "that spot" when there might have been another spot further a way. I hope we are not going to become a society of lets sort them out attitude through physical violence, but sadly I do see that more and more Anyway this is my story and wanted to share it with you Kaii from Australia
  133. Road Rage Even in a Parking Lot!!

    by Susan I definitely believe all the road rage comes from our society today, thinking they need instant gratification in all areas. No one wants to slow down, wait or take time anymore. I had an incident in a parking lot at the mall a few years back. I was waiting for someone to back out of a parking space, and it was taking some time. When the individual finally exited the parking stall, someone came from the opposite direction, clearly seeing that I had been waiting with my turn signal on, and whizzed into the spot that I had been patiently waiting for. While there was nothing I could do (or should I say, would do), I was angered that someone could be so rude and downright disrespectful.
  134. Brain chemistry

    by L K. Genetically modified food means poor nutrition and depleted vitamins and minerals affecting the body and brain and judgement. Things do not even taste the same and that is because the soil has been modified. There are so many additives and chemicals in food that the body cannot eliminate them, so they are stored in fat cells causing bloat. Why can't people lose weight? Because it isnt fat at all, it is bloat as a reaction to the toxins. Toxins in the body create stressed out people. Things arent the same as before, even with electromagnetic consumption of computers, cell phones, television and video games that many people are glued to fo long periods of time. The people are poisoned!
  135. A Lack of Respect on the Roadways

    by Denise As a Mom you want to be sure your child gets the proper hours of experience behind the wheel of the car. Our state requires parents to do an additional 50 hours of driving time beyond the 30 hours they give them during school hours. Also, new drivers must have a novice driver magnet on the rear of the car to let people aware he is a new driver. I took my son out to give him the experience driving in residential and city settings. I took him into the city to supervise that he would maintain proper speeds, obey crosswalks and that he would obey school zones. While driving, I noticed a car tailgating us and flashing their lights. My child was doing the speed limit. There was no shoulder at the time for him to pull over. Luckily, I knew we were near our destination. When we reached the traffic light by the school, the female senior citizen proceeded to speed around us, beep, yell and give us hand gestures. I was happy that my child did well and followed proper speed despite the road rage.

    by KATHY I know people will not like this but here it goes.One reason I think there is more road rage is because people are all uptight. It use to be that you would leave work, get in the car, grab a beer out of the cooler and light up a cigarette. People would like a 1/2 hour from work or less. Now people move 1-2 hrs away from their job and there is twice as much traffic. When you got home you could sit down to a nice meal since your wife did not work and kept the house clean and made homemade meals. After dinner the husband and wife would enjoy a couple cups of coffee and smoke a few more cigarettes. Everyone was a lot more at ease.
  137. The Age of Morons

    by Mik I think that road rage stems in part from an overall lack of accountability that we're investing in our youth. In high school, I wanted a car so that I wouldn't have to drive the bus. So I got a job, saved up enough money to afford a used car, the insurance, gas money, fees, taxes, and maintenance costs. As a reward, I was able to avoid waking up at 5:30 every morning in high school to ride the bus. My parents taught me that if I want something, I have to work for it, and I often saw my peers who were handed the keys to their parents car, and they would just go joyriding. One day, a genius decided he didn't want to wait in line to get out of the school parking lot, and sped Daddy's Lexus at over 45 miles an hour to get out past the security guard. The same genius then ran over the spikes in front of the exit to prevent people from doing this, and his tires were ruined. He got out of the car and starting cursing at the security guard and saying his dad would sue him. Moron.
  138. American Culture and Society

    by Courtney I think it's actually a cultural problem-- I saw NO road rage like here while I was abroad in other countries! I think the media and history has lead up to it; America has always had a thing for being the top dog; that seems to have seeped into individuals. Society also tells us if you're not the one on top you're not good enough. I believe this has lead to people thinking that they have to be on top in every matter; believing that the have to always be right. I'm definitely no expert on people--I'm a (future) geologist, not a psychologist or an anthropologist, all of this is just my opinion and my speculation and viewpoint.
  139. My take on Road Rage...

    by Donna People are nasty and I believe are looking for the fight. Everywhere you go today if you bump someone they are ready to pounce on you. No one wants to use their words only their hands. And usually with a gun in them. It is a very sad situation for some reason people today are confrontational. If you unknowingly do something wrong to them, you will be chased down. Anger management classes are a joke to say the least. The court system can only do so much, it is the actions of the individual his/her response to the consequences. Most of the time I will ignore the negative actions of people who are confrontational to me, I don't know what they are capable of.
  140. Road Rage City

    by Jeanette Fact is most people do get away with it..there are no consequences most of the time. For every incident that goes to court there are hundreds have no consequences at all. I've been the victim of road rage a few times. I've decided to just smile and let them rant away, it's their problem. But I have fitted a camera to car and am prepared to ensure that there are consequences if anything more serious was to happen.
  141. Road Rage Story

    by Patti I feel part of it is a feeling of entitlement "Its my road" part "I was right" and some of lack of impulse control. In our neighbourhood this happened. Our neighbour D was driving home, he changed lanes and a fellow was exclerating in the other lane so he felt cut off. He pulled in front of D and slowed right down. D moved over to another lane and excelerated to get away from him. The guy kept it up so D stayed back but the guy wouldn't leave it alone. It was aways from home when this started, but they were both going the same way. D started to think he was being followed. He turned into our street the guy went by and pulled into another drive way. D watched him do it then (mistake) got out of the car to confront him. The guy denied part then got angry and when D walked in front of the car he rammed his car into D. In court the guy pleaded down on the hit but because he therefore admitted it D was able to sue and win. They are still neighbours neither has moved.
  142. Road Rage Personified

    by Linda We were driving down I 95 and my husband wanted to change lanes. He saw a red car in the other lane speeding up near us - so he put his hand out the window and moved it up and down slowly so hopefully the other driver would let us in....instead, the other driver took a marble and threw it at our car. It came in thru the window,in front of our faces and went out the other window next to me.....we were unhurt but shaken. I can't begin to know what other people driving next to us have been thru in their lives, maybe they are heading to the hospital, to some kind of emergency in their life. We always try to give other people the benefit of the doubt and thank God we did not get into an accident...but this one time seemed like an act of pure rage -I wish that people would slow down. I wish that speed limits were much less and most importantly, all of us - treat others as we would like to be treated...so simple but so very true. We would live in a different world if that was practiced...
  143. Road Rage - Don't Engage!

    by Phyllis I believe that things have changed so much now. Long gone are the days when you would exchange information and let the insurance handle it. Now people want to beat you over a accident and who has car insurance now. I have had a recent experience where someone came on my Mother's porch and wanted me to come outside. I thought for a second to go outside but I remembered something you Judge Judy said you stay inside and call the police. People think it's cool to hurt others. We are living in some very trying times and people are living in fear. We are under siege by other human beings. It's so sad.
  144. Why there is Road Rage...numerous reasons...

    by Connie There are numerous reasons for road rage incidences. Probably the lack of corporal punishment/consequences/responsibility as children... Most people...(NOT truly parents) use the "feel good/positive - liberal" child rearing. And then, there's all the toxins in the brains of OVER-vaxed children now. (Vaccinosis damage/autism link). As a child, I had consequences for my BAD behaviors...don't see that much anymore. Everyone seems to want to be their kid's best friend...NOT a good thing...IMO Until your child is a full responsible adult. Same in the dog training world...love your dog...but don't use any corrections...sigh.. Give them a "cookie" to get behaviors...yeah, right. AussieAddict
  145. Rudeness=Road Rage

    by Maggie I see so many instances of Road Rage arise from acts of rudeness, selfishness, and inconsideration. People cut you off, drive under the speed limit in the fast lane, tailgate or refuse to let you merge. The increase in traffic and the need to "be first" just fuels people anger. Sometimes it looks like drivers think they are in a video game, not driving a dangerous vehicle. So sad.
  146. Childish Actions.

    by Craig I could write a book about this subject. I was sitting in the prison chapel two days ago. I had three of my students watching a DVD called "Juvies." Mark Wahlberg produced it. The movie brought up an interesting fact, children learn and copy what they have been taught. In the 60's there was a faction of young people that rebelled against authority. It was being driven by adults that wanted to change society. The 60's & 70's these young people started having kids. There was no structure in the homes, maybe a lot of dope smoking. Playing violent video games. 80's & 90's the kids started having kids. Still no structure. But, now there was no moral guidance. Playing violent games, lack of respect for authority. And, especially no empathy for anyone around them. Drug use escalated. Now, we have two or three generations that think it's okay to act out in society, because that is what they have been taught. I see it in my prison class, I teach empathy & forgiveness & reconciliation.
  147. No consequences!

    by Marilyn I've worked in the education/therapy field for over 40 years (I'm a Speech Pathologist) and watched as parents refuse to accept responsibility for their children's action and refuse to have their children accept responsibility. As a result children grow up without the needed recognition that actions have resulting consequences. They have used machetes on each other for a pair of sneakers, they have used chairs against teachers for a "slight" of mispronouncing their names, they have used what ever was handy to demand "justice" for life's little differences. Therefore when they are driving and witness what they believe is a "slight" in behavior they choose to demand retribution regardless of the effects because they are not familiar with the consequences the action may have.
  148. Is it all the Road Rage?

    by Peggy Judge Judy tells us that she has experienced an increase in seriously bad behavior by drivers. We hear/read about this kind of thing all the time. Why are people feeling free to "rage" against each other in public? Why all the anger? Perhaps as we "share" more so-called life experiences together via media, public or private, some of us feel compelled to share more emotions as well. Some folks go on Springer and tell secrets that are truly TMI! Some commit small sins to feel power over something/one else. Perhaps road rage is another way that some folks think they can "share".....let others know how they "feel"...how they "think",,,,maybe even someone will film them for the news! My view of sharing the road is: slow down, stay back, and let the idiots fight it out among themselves. (smile).
  149. Overcrowding and Parental Leniency!

    by Sandy I think there is more violence not only on the road but elsewhere as well because of overpopulation. This was predicted in the 1970s. Overcrowding causes people's emotions to boil over, especially in bumper to bumper traffic. Also children are no longer told "no" so as adults, they think they can do whatever they please. Back when I was a child in the 1950s, we'd get our butts paddled for behavior I see everyday in stores and restaurants.
  150. More Traffic!

    by Bobbie I believe that the cause of increased road rage is the result of more traffic and longer commutes. Housing near employment centers is often unaffordable, so people must commute further and further from work, increasing time spent behind the wheel, and with increased frustrations that result. It's that simple. Bobbie
  151. Freedom of expression

    by judy I too agree that there is more overt expression of all behaviors than when I was young and my personal opinion is that many folks are taking freedom of expression to outrageous lengths and I think it is a very complex situation.
  152. Help!! My wife had road rage.

    by Bernadette From watching my wife, who gets very angry while driving, I truly believe that people with road rage are just in too much of a hurry when there is no need to be. Our world has sped up since I was young, and everything has to be instant. No body takes Sunday drives any more, or stops to smell the roses. Our society is to blame..

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